My Identity Tuesday 15th June 2021 Update Starlife

My Identity Tuesday 15th June 2021 Update Starlife

My Identity Tuesday 15th June 2021 Update Starlife: On My Identity Tuesday 15 June 2021, Dayaben throwing the fire torch and lighting the woods. Avni gets shocked. She struggles and thinks this can’t happen, Dayaben can’t win, just truth will win. Neil shouts where are you Avni and cries. Avni thinks everything is in Maa’s hands, I have seen injustice winning, today don’t let a devil-like Dayaben win. Avni’s rope catches fire and breaks. Avni pushes the woods and jumps out. Everyone gets shocked. Avni runs and gets the weapon from the idol’s hand. She applies the kumkum on her forehead. Dayaben asks Diksha to stop. Diksha runs. Dayaben and Ketan also run. Avni runs after them. Neil and Neela ask Avni to stop.

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Dayaben asks Diksha to save her. Diksha pushes her down and runs. Dayaben falls down. Avni goes to hit her. Dayaben holds the sickle and pushes Avni. DD and Ali stop Ketan and Diksha. The police come there. DD shows handcuffs. Dayaben says Amol, she will kill me. Amol asks who. He sees Avni and runs away. Dayaben holds a fire stick and asks Avni to stay away. Avni pushes and steps on her. Amol looks on. Avni recalls Dayaben’s tortures. Neil shouts at Avni and stops Avni.

Avni rages. Neil shouts at Avni and gets her to their senses. He signs no. Avni gets back. He says don’t let her blood color your hands, calm down. He hugs her. He says you are not a murderer. Neela looks on. Dayaben tries to get stick. Neela stops her and says Avni is my daughter, I gave her much love, you snatched my husband, I will not let you snatch my daughter. Neil says arrest Dayaben and takes her. Dayaben asks will you arrest me, Avni was trying to kill me in front of everyone, and you will arrest me, husband and wife relations got over laws. Neil says no, laws don’t punish any criminal without proof, whatever Avni did, you forced her for this, the people don’t know everything, why don’t we tell them your crimes. Dayaben asks what do you want to say. Neil says give me a minute. He sends DD.

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They see a video of Ashish confronting Dayaben for killing Aisha. They get shocked seeing Ashish dying. Amol looks at Dayaben. Amol asks what’s all this. Dayaben says they are trying to frame me, you are my son. Amol stops Neil. Neil asks Amol to just see this, else he will be arrested too, you can’t deny this Dayaben, you got proof or want anything else. Dayaben says this is a lie, Avni made this video to frame me, she is like her mum, characterless and clever. Avni says enough, you know she is talking about your mum too, you are my brother, and one who was not true to her children, what will be loyal to you. Dayaben says stop it, don’t try to make him against me, he is not an orphan like you. Amol gets shocked and holds a knife at Dayaben’s neck. Dayaben and everyone get shocked. Amol asks Dayaben where did she bury his dad. Neil asks him not to take laws in hand, leave her. Amol says I will kill you. Dayaben says fine, then goes to jail. Amol says you provoked me to kill Neil today, did you not worry for me then.

My Identity Tuesday 15th June 2021 Update Starlife: Dayaben says I gave you everything you wanted. Amol says I did not forget it, but I can’t forget that you made me an orphan. Dayaben says she was a Daayan. Amol shouts enough, if you say a word against my mum, I m ashamed that you have raised me. Neil says your punishment is death, if you tell me where you buried Ashish, I can request for your punishment to get less, if Ashish’s dead body is not found at the spot you said, you will do another crime to mislead police. Amol says my blood is not bad, maybe your upbringing made my blood bad. Ketan says I did not do anything, mum did this. Neil says a man supporting a criminal is also a criminal. Diksha says I will go.

Ketan says you have killed Hemant, you added poison in the tea. Diksha says no, I added poison in the water. Ketan tries to run away. Hetal comes there and stops him. Hetal apologizes to Neela. Ali says Avni, it’s your responsibility to make Ashish reach its last place. Neil asks DD to make a report of the crime scene. Bebe says I feel Maddy is in problem. Prakash says maybe Maddy came. Shweta gets an urgent courier. Prakash says it’s from Kulbhushan. Bebe reads the letter and gets angry. He writes he will be alone after Maddy and daughter go away, send my best friend, you can send money by cheque or online, you can see your daughter’s tears and decide the price of her tears. Bebe cries and asks Prakash to call Neil. Neil says I m coming. He tells Avni to take care, he has to go home. Ali says I m with Avni, I will never leave her alone. Neil thanks him. Neela thanks, Neil. Neil says it was my duty. Neela says it was due on me. Neil asks Avni to call him if she needs anything. He goes.

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