My Identity Teasers May 2021

My Identity Teasers May 2021

My Identity Teasers May 2021 Starlife.

Saturday May 1 2021

Episode 273.

Neil tries to get romantic with Avni. Shweta tells Riya about his plans to separate Neil and Avni!

Episode 274.

Shweta aims to mislead the Avni about Neil and Juhan’s relationship. Avni tried to make Neil celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi, but he walked out of the celebration.

Sunday 2 May 2021

Episode 275.

Neela was surprised to know Harleen’s plans and Shweta. Neil and Avni failed to pay attention to Juhi during the Puja Ganesha and then, visit Harleen. Why?

Episode 276.

Harleen slapped Shweta. Neil and DD are ready to expose the culprit behind the bomb explosion. Will they learn secure secrets?

Monday May 3 2021

Episode 277.

Neil tells Avni about Juhan and his tragic incident. Guruma trapped Juhi in his plan. Will Neil learn that Juhi is still alive?

Episode 278.

It is safe to steal money from home and give it to Dayawanti. Dayawanti tells Guruma to attack Avni if ​​he wants to defeat Neil. Will they move?

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Episode 279.

Avni and the others ate the candy that Ali had bought and fainted after consuming them.

Episode 280.

Neil and DD discussed how to find kidnappers. Safely tried to hide the kidnappers before Neil found it. But, Avni found a telephone and gave it to Neil!

Wednesday 5 May 2021

Episode 281.

Shweta and Riya accused Ali trying to kill Neil and Avni. Dayawanti and safely succeed in their plan. What’s in the store for Avni now?

Episode 282.

Neela and Avni struggled to prove Ali’s innocence after Shweta and Riya beat him. Neil suspects Avni to support Ali.

Thursday May 6 2021

Episode 283.

Avni destroyed the Ali video message. Will he know that he is stuck?

Episode 284.

Ali tried hard to get out of his captivity while Juhi fell into the trap of the Dayawanti. Shweta is on a mission to separate Neil and Avni. Can Neil find out Avni?

Friday May 7 2021

Episode 285.

Neil found Avni in critical condition and both of them were destroyed about brutal attacks on Ali. Did Ali die or live?

Episode 286.

Neil tells Shweta how much he loves Avni. DD agreed to help Avni find the truth about Juhan’s death.

Saturday 8 May 2021

Episode 287.

Juhi shared his sadness with Ali. Neil looked at Juhan and didn’t believe he was still alive!

Episode 288.

Neil and Avni were happy to know that Ali was still alive and set out to save him and Juhank. Safe and Dayawanti fall into the trap of the Guruma.

Sunday 9 May 2021

Episode 289.

Guruaa and the power of the plot against Avni. However, Avni disguised himself and visited Den Gurumaa.

Episode 290.

Avni learned that Juhi was trapped in human trafficking and decided to release him. Neela suspects safely. Will he learn the secret?

Monday 10 May 2021

Episode 291.

Avni wants to free Juhan and warn the Dayawanti for not having a trouble Neil. Neil and Avni Discover the identity of the Pandit Ragini.

Episode 292.

In learning that Ragini Pandit quietly returned to prison, Neil executed the secret plan to trap him. Will he work?

Tuesday 11 May 2021

Episode 293.

Avni fell into a ballu trap when he tried to save Juhank. Harleen and Shweta were surprised to know that Juhi was still alive!

Episode 294.

Juhi was shocked to learn that Avni was Neil’s wife. Neela and Harleen were upset with Shweta for trying to damage the life of Avni, while Avni wanted to reply to the power to her mistakes.

Wednesday 12 May 2021

Episode 295.

Avni and Ali failed to get out of Rang expensive and fell into the ballu trap and Ragini. But Neil caught Ragini and took him to his detention.

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Episode 296.

Neil and DD failed to collect evidence against Ragini and Dayawanti. Where did it leave Neil and Avni?

Thursday May 13 2021

Episode 297.

Neil found a clue about Avni. Neela attacked Amol, learning that he was responsible for the abni kidnapping.

Episode 298.

Ragini and Dayawanti planned to trap Avni and Juhi in the case of human trafficking. Neil and DD departed to save them. Will they work?

Friday May 14 2021

Episode 299.

After saving Juhi and other girls, Avni went to find Ali. But, Ragini caught and hold Juhi in Gunpoint!

Episode 300.

Avni tell Neil that Ragini and Dayawanti will only stop after destroying it. DayaWanti and Ragini humiliated AVNI. Is Avni planning something?

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Episode 301.

Avni was surprised when safely appointed weapons in Neil. He became angry and vowed to kill safe and Dayawanti. Will he?

Episode 302.

Ragini was accidentally killed when trying to escape Juhi. Avni was shot while trying to save Amol from Dayawanti.

Sunday May 16 2021

Episode 303.

Safely burns the power of life. Neil caught him because of his violation. Safely apologized to Avni because of his actions while Neela praised him for admitting his mistakes.

Episode 304.

The episode continued on My Identity Teasers May 2021 as Juhi was restless when he remembered the words of Ragini about ‘Jaan’nya. He also received Chit mentioning the thing he was looking for. But what is he looking for?

Monday May 17 2021

Episode 305.

Avni proposed to Neil but he was stunned by the answer. How will Avni bear this truth?

Episode 306.

Neil surprised his family by telling them about Juhi’s daughter. Avni promised Juhi that he would find his child.

Tuesday 18 May 2021

Episode 307.

Avni and Neil decided to look for Juhi’s daughter. They disguised as NGO workers and looked for the child.

Episode 308.

Neil left a wedding anniversary when he heard about Juhi’s suicide attempt. Then, he promised Juhan.

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Episode 309.

Neil and family felt depressed because Neil read a letter written by Avni. Avni tries to help strangers on flights. Who is this stranger?

Episode 310.

Neil missed Avni and became emotional when he called him. Will he reveal the location to him?

Thursday 20 May 2021

Episode 311.

Vidyut assigned Avni to become a caregiver of Mishti. Ali Avni Spots in Goa and notify Neil about it, but Neil has a different plan!

Episode 312.

Avni told Mishti that they would pretend to be enemies before Vidyut. Neil promises Neela that she won’t let Avni suffer the same fate as her mother!

Friday 21 May 2021

Episode 313.

Mishti asked Avni to convince Vidyut to let him attend the camp. Ali continues to look for Avni using leaflets. Will he find it?

Episode 314.

Neil Stuns Avni arrived at the camp in Goa as a new coach. Vidyut got a call from the ballu. How are they related?

Saturday 22 May 2021

Episode 315.

DD tells Neil about the ballu coming out with a guarantee. Avni and Neil quietly planned to save Mishti from Vidyut’s grip.

Episode 316.

Avni tried to avoid vidyut questions. Then, Neil was surprised to see the missing Avni pamphlet distributed everywhere.

Sunday 23 May 2021

Episode 317.

Ragini escaped from the hospital after killing a nurse. Meanwhile, some criminals attacked Khannas and turned off Juhi’s throat, killing him instantly.

Episode 318.

DD and Neil faked Juhi’s death to save him from Vidyut and were on a mission to catch Ragini. Neil failed to make Mishti away from Vidyut.

Monday 24 May 2021

Episode 319.

Vidyut told security staff. Neil masked was stopped by security. Will Vidyut catch Neil?

Episode 320.

To mislead Vidyut, Avni made Mishti follow the plan. Will the AVNI plan work?

Tuesday 25 May 2021

Episode 321.

Vidyut failed to get details about Mishti and Avni from Neil. Then, Avni and Neil managed to cheat the bodyguard and escape from the warehouse. How?

Episode 322.

Neil and Avni tried to escape with Mishti but vidyut and his men find them. Will Neil be able to save them?

Wednesday 26 May 2021

Episode 323.

Juhi rejoiced to know that Neil and Avni saved Mishti. He visited the hospital by disguise to see Mishti.

Episode 324.

Neil met Vidyut directly and warned him about the consequences. The doctor remained confused by Mishti’s blood report. Why?

Thursday May 27 2021

Episode 325.

Mishti refused to accept Juhi as a family member. Vidyut sneaks into Neil’s house and finds Mishti!

Episode 326.

AVNI learns about intruders and tells everyone. Juhi gifts a new doll to Mishti. Will he accept the prize?

Friday 28 May 2021

Episode 327.

Neil surprisingly Avni by giving her a new car and a white dress. Avni wore the dress and prepared to see Neil, but the police arrived to arrest him. Why?

Episode 328.

Neil faced vidyut for his mistake and arrested him and Ragini. Elsewhere, Avni prepared to send Mishti and Juhi to Canada.

Saturday 29 May 2021

Episode 329.

Neil helplessly released vidyut from police prisoners. Avni brought Juhi to shop. Will Vidyut see it?

Episode 330.

Vidyut wants to get Ragini who is released from prison and vows to take revenge. Neil ventilation frustrates, while Avni feels bad for hurting her sentiment. Will they reconsiberate?

Sunday 30 May 2021

Episode 331.

Right when Neil thought everything was under control, Avni would be disappointed with him because he considered Juhi’s request. How does Neil clean the air?

Episode 332.

Vidyut brought Juhi with threatening to reveal the truth about Mishti’s father to Neil. He asked him to save Ragini by expressing the truth!

Monday 31 May 2021

Episode 333.

Juhi made Neil and his family feel that Shweta forced him to leave home. Neil rebuked Juhi because he was not responsible. Then, Ragini has an idea.

Episode 334.

Khannas prepares for a late Diwali celebration. Vidyut sent DNA reports to Juhi who said that he was Mishti’s father. Then, Shweta plans against Juhi!

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