My Identity Sunday 4th July 2021 Update Starlife

My Identity Sunday 4th July 2021 Update Starlife

My Identity Sunday 4th July 2021 Update Starlife: On My Identity Sunday 4 July 2021, Avni asking Ali did he get what she asked, did she check pics and videos well, she wants Prakash and Shweta to get happy. He gives her a CD. She thanks him and says I know you will always be with me, even if everyone gets against it, keep this with you, guests may come, I will get ready. Riya asks where did you get lost, come we have to check this DVD. Dayaben sits praying in the cell. The ladies ask her to come. Dayaben says when I do Mata puja, everyone has to wait, go and tell your Gurumaa.

Gurumaa comes there. Dayaben finishes puja. She sees Gurumaa. Gurumaa takes the aarti and says I got to meet you today, how did you know my pandit ji is in Coorg. Dayaben smiles. Gurumaa says you like to do social work so you are here. Dayaben says I have reached here while saving the earth from devils, I have Lord’s blessings. Gurumaa recalls….

Dayaben hears Gurumaa talking to someone. She gets to know Neil is going Coorg and says pandit ji is also there. FB ends. Dayaben says it’s your good luck that your pandit Ji got saved. Gurumaa says it was fine if it was about good luck, I can’t take anyone’s favor, you have alerted me in time, thanks, pandit ji is glad and asked what do you want, nothing is impossible for him, Devi Maa’s blessing is on us also. She goes. Dayaben thinks pandit has to pay back favor when the right time comes.

Shweta says Avni did black magic on you, you are helping her plan a romantic date, why did they come back from their honeymoon, Avni is not innocent. She gets a dress. Prakash asks shall I say something. She says no, you got this gift for Avni. He says why will I get a gift for her, I got this for my wife. She asks why. He says it’s a costume party, its marriage theme, please do this for me, not Ananya.

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Riya checks the DVD. Ali asks her to understand, Avni’s house can break if her truth comes out. She says she will need your support then, we all know her happiness is with you, will image come clear in the projector. Bebe comes and asks what are you both doing here. Amol comes and says pandit ji has come. Ali takes Dvd. Bebe and Riya go. Amol says I want your help Ali, I know Avni is annoyed with me, but I don’t want to lose her, I want Avni to tie this rakhi to me. Ali says you know what’s meaning of this rakhi for her. Amol says yes, I also know the responsibilities, you matter a lot to Avni, just tell her. Ali agrees.

My Identity Sunday 4th July 2021 Update Starlife: Neil comes to Avni. Avni asks him to help. He holds her close and pulls the back zip of her dress. Music plays…..He says you were saying something. She says I forgot. He asks her to eat badam to sharpen their memory, I have a surprise for you. She asks what. He says not now, I will say when the right time comes, the family will accept you as Avni, it’s my promise.

DD says I can’t disturb Neil today, take this man for interrogation. Neil gets Shweta. She says I m not used to such heavy clothes, see the darkness, why did you do all this. Neil says such happens on a romantic date, you are my first love. She says stop flattering. Neil takes her to show surprise. Prakash comes and asks will you marry me. Lights come. Shweta asks what’s all this. Avni says sorry, its my mistake to lie to you, else how could we give you surprise, this is real romantic date of you and Prakash. Neil asks Shweta not to reject his dad’s proposal. Prakash says yes, I will be bachelor. Bebe says I will get a line, Shweta will you become my bahu. Shweta hugs Neil. Maddy says Neela ji, your daughter has magic. Neela says its Ananya’s duty, you all are her family now. Ali recalls Riya’s words. Avni calls Riya.

Riya plays the DVD and signs Shweta. Ali switches off the power and says I can’t cheat you Avni, I was wrong, even if Avni becomes mine or not, I can’t see her getting insulted. He turns and sees Shweta. Shweta scolds him. Ali says I will not support you in this bad work. Shweta argues. Ali says I can’t fall in my eyes, if anything happens to Avni, you will find me protecting her. Shweta says you think its easy, what you started, you have to end it. He refuses and says I won’t let you or anyone do anything, its my responsibility that Avni’s birth certificate doesn’t come in front of anyone. They see Avni and get shocked.

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