My Identity Sunday 28th March 2021 Update Starlife

My Identity Sunday 28th March 2021 Update Starlife
My Identity Sunday 28th March 2021 Update Starlife

My Identity Sunday 28th March 2021 Update Starlife: On My Identity Sunday 28 March 2021 Update, The Episode starts with Neil checking the pendant and thinking it’s not that pendant. She pushes him and asks why did you stop, check me, without any lady police officer, you did not think how will I feel. He says sorry. She asks is police for troubling people, you and your system, your intentions are bad, learn to respect women, I will break your hand if you touch me again. She goes and thinks about how she spoke to Neela about the pendant. She says Neil is doubting me, I won’t let my truth come out. FB ends.

Diksha attends Shweta’s call on Neil’s phone. She says your son is in Riya’s arms, you lost him. Shweta says he is my son, I trust him, he won’t leave me. She ends the call. Shweta says Neil broke my heart again, how can he do this. Ali says it was a good chance to know Ananya’s truth, where did she go, I will go and talk to Fatima. Neil sees Avni and stops her.

He says I know it’s my mistake, I m sorry, listen to me. She says stay away, else you have to begin court to prove your character. She turns and stops. She sees her bag stuck there. Neil frees it. Shweta comes there shouting Neil. Riya comes to them.

Shweta says great Tillu, you proved you have no importance of me in your life, I asked you to choose between this family or mom, you chose them and left me, I can’t force you. He says no, please listen to me. She says I will not accept your decision, but I can make my own decision. She shows a poison bottle. Neil gets shocked and runs to her. Shweta drinks it. She faints. Neil holds her.

She asks her to get up, what did you do. He asks DD to call the doctor. Avni and everyone looks on. Shweta expels some foam. Avni recalls Aisha’s death and cries. Dayaben comes there and gets shocked. She asks Neil to take her to the room. Neil lifts Shweta and takes her. He tries to make her conscious. DD gets a doctor. Doctor asks them to go out, he will check her.

Neil cries. Doctor checks Shweta. Dayaben imagines Neil breaking the engagement, and Prakash canceling the deal. She thinks my house will get a new life if Shweta survives, Neil should be on our side. She says I won’t let anything happen to Shweta, I will get her treated best. Neil asks them to leave him alone.


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Avni goes to him. She is about to hold him and stops hearing the doctor. The doctor says she is out of danger. Riya asks where is Neil going, and goes after her. Hetal worries for Riya and Neil’s relation. She asks if Neil changes their decision then… Dayaben says go and see him, I will meet Shweta. Diksha taunts Dayaben. Dayaben asks her not to do any drama. Diksha says just mums do drama, you did such drama and convinced Ashish to leave Aisha.

Avni falls down while stopping Riya. She checks the bottle and smells it. She says it has no smell, what’s this. She tastes it and understands. She says it’s glucose. Diksha asks Dayaben is history repeating itself. Will Neil break relation and go with his mum, I m feeling bad. Prakash comes and asks how did this happen. Dayaben says I m also shocked, come we will go to Shweta. Avni thinks this bottle has glucose. She asks the nurse about medicine to Shweta. The nurse asks are you a doctor. Avni says no, you are with the doctor all the time, tell me. The nurse says Shweta had drunk poison, so we gave medicine for that. Avni scares her of the police. Nurse says Shweta told us to do all this. Avni asks what. FB shows Shweta telling doctor and nurse not to tell anyone, I will give you lots of money, sit here and go out after some time. FB ends. Diksha hears the nurse and smiles thinking the Bollywood theme has everything, the climax will be great.

My Identity Sunday 28th March 2021 Update Starlife: Prakash asks Shweta why did she take this big step without thinking of him and Neil. Dayaben apologizes. Shweta asks her what would you do if your son did this, answer me. Prakash says tension is not good, we should go home. He asks can I take her home. The doctor says sure, she is out of danger. Prakash says thanks, I will call Neil. Dayaben asks Shweta to take care. Diksha comes and says glucose water gives strength, right Shweta, that bottle had something else. Shweta worries.

Dayaben asks what nonsense. Diksha says what treatment is going on here, tell me, doctor. Dayaben says shut up, else I will slap you. Diksha says Shweta did not drink poison, it was glucose water, I have heard saying this, Ananya threatened the nurse, the nurse told the truth. The doctor says it’s your family matter and leaves. Dayaben smiles and says parents have to do a lot for children, I can understand what you did, you were asking what would I do if my son did this, I would have done this, our dear ones hurt us always. Diksha says if Neil knows this truth then…… Neil cries being somewhere.



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