My Identity Sunday 11 April 2021 Update Starlife

My Identity Sunday 11 March 2021 Update Starlife
My Identity Sunday 11 March 2021 Update Starlife

My Identity Sunday 11 April 2021 Update Starlife: On My Identity Sunday 11 April 2021, Avni and Aladin reaching her secret place. She worries for Aman. Aladin says he is here, don’t worry, I m thinking how can Lord do this, I will have complained that Lord snatched your childhood and grew you soon. She says Lord loves me, so he has sent Aman so that when Mumma goes, I don’t feel alone, I will live childhood again with Aman. He asks her to be happy and not get scared of anyone. She asks why so many wishes and lectures today, are you leaving again. He says no, I just said. She says fine, I will always be the same, like you all wanted, happy and smiling. She hugs Aladin.

He asks don’t you get hungry, I m hungry, if Ali was here, he would have eaten 10 samosas. She says yes, I’m a bit hungry. He says I will get food for you and milk for Aman. She asks him to get some nappies for Aman. He says I will go. She says say you will go and come fast. He says yes, I will go and come soon, keep this new sim, in case if I don’t return. She says don’t say that. He says fine, take Aman.

Dayaben asks Ashish did you find out, I want Aman back, don’t show me your face. Neela hears her and asks what happened, so much tension that you are ready to sacrifice Ashish, did you not get Avni. Dayaben angrily slaps Neela. Neela says even I can raise a hand, my dad’s values stop me, you are after a little girl, see your age, you are an old woman and she is a little girl, how much will you hurt her, you killed her mum and put blame on her, you forced her to run away and want to send her to jail, you don’t care for your son.

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He left his true love and family for you, what did you do, you killed his love and made him drunkard, today you made him against Avni, I will tell world that your true face is so ugly, I know Avni, if you have courage, find her, you can’t do anything, I m always with her. Dayaben says so you are her mum now, it’s good to know, you challenged the wrong person, you, Avni or Lord can’t come between me and Amol. Neela says find her, I will do anything to save her, we will see who wins, Avni’s love or your hatred.

Avni thinks of Ali and laughs. She calls Ali and her his phone off. She calls on the landline. Constable answers call. Avni does not talk. Ali says police uncle, it will be called for me. Avni hears this and gives a sign to Ali. Constable gets puzzled.


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Ali says Avni I know where you are, I m coming there soon. Avni says Aman, milk will come for you, even Neela will come to meet us, don’t worry, we will go away, I will make you a good person and teach you good things which Mumma taught me, you are Aman Aisha, my brother. Aladin stops seeing the police and Ashish. He drops the food packet. Ashish asks him about Avni. Aladin says Avni is innocent, you are doing wrong. He fools Ashish and runs. Ashish shoots Aladin. Aladin falls. Ashish asks will you say now or not. Aladin signs no. Ashish beats him.

Avni shouts Aladin and wakes up. Aman cries. Avni asks Aman to wait, Aladin will get milk. She sings Aa leke chalun mai….. She thinks of Aisha and sleeps. The police take Aladin. Ashish calls Dayaben and says we got Aladin, we will get Avni. Dayaben asks him to do anything but get Amol. Ali comes to meet Avni. Avni hugs him. Ali says now you can relax. She says I missed you, you don’t know what happened.

He says police came my home, I know how I came. She says did anyone see you coming here. He says no. I added jamolgota in constable’s tea, he was in the washroom and I came here. He gives milk to Aman. She says Aladin went to get food and did not come till now, I m hungry, what did you get for me. Ali says I knew it, I got laddoos for you. She smiles. He says you look good when you smile, I missed you, you left me. She says sorry, but there should be someone at home to take care of Fatima and Tiku, you are my best friend.

My Identity Sunday 11 April 2021 Update Starlife: Ali says have more, I got the laddoo recipe, if we have to run, we can make laddoo, this time I will not leave you alone. He feeds her laddoo, our secret place is good, we will not forget this. She says yes, we have many memories here, I have an idea, when we grow up, we will open a big cafe here. He says wow, nice idea, I can see the cafe board, Ali Avni cafe, we will see your fav laddoos. She says you will eat all laddoos. He jokes. She smiles. She asks will everything get fine, will we get happy again. He says yes, nothing wrong can happen with you, I won’t let that happen. The police come there. Avni asks will you not leave supporting me. Ali says Chamko, tell if anyone else loves Avni more than me. Chamko jumps. Ali says see. Avni hugs Ali. The police find them. They get shocked.



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