My Identity Monday 29th March 2021 Update Starlife

My Identity Monday 29th March 2021 Update Starlife
My Identity Monday 29th March 2021 Update Starlife

My Identity Monday 29th March 2021 Update Starlife: On My Identity Monday 29 March 2021 Update, The Episode starts with Avni hearing Dayaben. Dayaben gets flight details and says Amol is coming by a different name. Avni thinks Aman is in some problem, Neela was right. Dayaben asks when did you come, how is my house looking, Amol is coming, he is very imp to me. Diksha says we have to distract Neil. Riya says it will be wrong. Diksha says just do what I tell you, then see how he comes to marry you. Riya says I m scared, fine I will do. Diksha says once Amol comes, no one will have time to think for you. Riya says fine, I m ready.

Diksha says call Neil home today evening, I will tell you what to do. Avni says I came here as I started writing the book, I wanted to show it, oh no my phone battery got dead. Dayaben says fine, we will see later. Avni asks can I use your phone. Dayaben says sure, it’s on the table. Avni checks her phone. She reads the message. She says Aman is coming back and gets emotional. She thinks to forward the message. Diksha holds her.

Diksha says you always spy and takes the phone from her. She asks what were you seeing. Avni says I took it for… Dayaben says you are spying on Diksha, not her, I told her to use my phone, go and see Amol’s room. She gives the phone to Avni. Avni forwards a message. Riya comes and says it’s good you are here, I have imp work, come. Avni says I will give this phone to Dayaben and come, my phone is on charging. Riya takes Avni’s phone. Avni returns the phone and says even my brother is coming from London, I m excited to meet him. Dayaben asks really, when is he coming. Avni says very soon, I will meet Riya and come.

Shweta asks Neil to have food and shows his fav things. He asks why are you doing this, you did a mistake, how will you react this way. She says I know I have hurt you a lot, you went far, I had to do this. Neil says I m always with you, you want things to be exactly the way you want, you wanted me to marry Riya, when I agreed, you are trying to stop this marriage why. She says for your betterment, I told you to break the relation. He asks why did you take a big step, you could have spoken to Papa.

Avni asks how can I call Neil. Riya says I have to talk to him, I have cooked food for him, please call him, I m worried. Avni hears Dayaben leaving for the airport. She agrees with Riya and calls Neil. He says I think the punching bag worked. She says Riya wants to meet you, she is in tension. He says it was not her mistake, I m reaching in some time. Avni says he is coming. Riya hugs her and thanks. Avni says I m getting much late and leaves.

Riya says Neil is coming but how will I do all this. Neil says I won’t lie to you, I m going for dinner at Riya’s place, I hope you won’t create any scene, don’t break my trust. Shweta asks him to go and enjoy. Neil goes. Servants get Aman’s pic. Avni holds the huge pic frame and sees him. She thinks it said elder sister has mum’s Ansh, you did not get mum’s love, I will fill her place, I won’t let anything happen to you, I have to meet you.

My Identity Monday 29th March 2021 Update Starlife: Neil is on the way. Avni leaves from there. Neil comes home. Diksha asks Riya to make Neil have this spiked juice, then everything will be fine. Riya says this will be wrong, I m feeling bad to do this. Neil calls out Riya. Diksha says relax, you have to do this, control you would be husband. Neil comes upstairs. Riya hugs him and thanks to him for coming.


Neil says I promised you, trust me, I will make everything fine, come on smile, cheer up. Avni stops the car and says I will call Neela, I m sure she reached the airport. She looks for her phone and recalls keeping the phone on charging in Dayaben’s house. She says how can I be so careless. Riya gives the juice to Neil. He says thanks, you are not having it. She says no, I just had green tea. He drinks.

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Riya thinks of spiking the juice and worries. He asks what’s going on, there are many decorations. She says it’s a special day for Dadi, Amol is coming back. He says great, I will get a chance to meet him. She says Dadi will forget me once he comes. She gives him another glass of juice and says Dadi loves Amol a lot. He asks are you fine. She says yes, I got a partner like you, I was thinking I will get a loving family after marriage. Neil says don’t worry, I will talk to mom and make everything fine. He gets dizzy. He drops the glass and falls on the bed. Riya gets tensed.

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Neela waits at the airport. She calls Avni. She says Dayaben and Hetal came to take Aman, why did Avni not come. Diksha signs Riya. Riya gets close to Neil. She gets away and worries. Diksha pushes Riya over Neil. Avni comes home. Diksha signs Riya. Avni looks for her phone. Diksha sees Avni’s phone ringing and sees Maa’s incoming call. Diksha thinks to click photos on Ananya’s phone. She disconnects. She signs Riya to get close to Neil and takes their pictures.

Avni says where did my phone go and asks the maid to find it. She calls on her number. She hears the ringing. She goes to see. Diksha drops the phone and goes. Neil’s hand strikes the jug. Waterfalls over his face. He gets conscious. Diksha runs to her room. Avni enters Riya’s room and sees Neil and Riya. Neela calls Avni again. Avni goes to take the phone. Neil picks the phone and sees Riya and his picture clicked. Avni asks him to return her phone. He looks at her angrily.



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