My Identity Monday 14th June 2021 Update Starlife

My Identity Monday 14th June 2021 Update Starlife

My Identity Monday 14th June 2021 Update Starlife: On My Identity Monday 14 June 2021, The Episode starts with Diksha saying Ketan has gone home to keep an eye on Hetal. Dayaben asks her to make smoke by putting wood sticks, I will get her. Avni pushes Dayaben. Dayaben and Diksha tie Avni at the woods. Dayaben says you should be happy, you are used for good things, I will sacrifice you to Kaali Maa. Diksha says Amol… Dayaben says Avni, give my message to your cheap mum, you came to make Amol Aman, tell her I made him like me, you will see him becoming devil, you will see your husband dying by Amol’s hands. Avni gets shocked.

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Dayaben says Amol has grown up, it’s time to give him responsibility. Diksha says police…. Dayaben says we have to do something. Neil tries to find Avni. Dayaben cuts her hand and shouts Amol. He asks her who did this. She says Ananya will kill me, see what she did, save me, I don’t want to die, she made Neil agree to kill me, these policemen came with Neil, Ananya wants to kill me, as I know her truth, she is afraid I can tell this to police, save me, she is dangerous girl, she made Neil against me.

Avni looks on. Dayaben reminds him what Ananya did to him, Neil is a policeman, he will save them, what shall I do. Amol/Aman gets angry. She says I don’t want to die, if Neil reaches me, he will not leave me alive, if anything happens to me, promise me you will take care of everyone, go somewhere far. Aman says no, nothing will happen to you. Avni recalls Neil’s words. Aman says tell me what to do. Dayaben says I would have not left Neil and Ananya alive if I had power, now I got old, see how she has hurt me, no I will not let your hands get colored by blood, I wish Ashish was here, he would have stabbed them and taken revenge for this torture on me. Amol picks the knife. He says don’t worry, what if your son is not here, your grandson won’t let anything happen to you. He hugs her.

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Dayaben says I knew you are mine. Aman stares at Neil. Avni thinks no Amol, don’t come in her words. Avni sees Neil. Aman goes to Neil. Neil goes to keep a wood stick. Aman strikes. Neil keeps the stick property. Dayaben smiles. Neil goes to look for Avni. Neela comes and shouts Dayavanti. She recalls Neil’s words and asks till when will you run, your end is definite today, it’s the right day for your end. Dayaben says Maa’s blessing is with me. Neela says you call yourself a mum, you killed your son, you killed my Ashish, you always snatched his happiness and love, you are a stain on mum’s name. Avni looks on.

My Identity Monday 14th June 2021 Update Starlife: Neela says you could not become a good mum and a good person. Dayaben says I did not kill him, it was an accident, it happened because of Avni, I will kill her. Neela shouts where is Avni. Dayaben says your dreams will get burnt, you can’t do anything, evil has much power, see what I m. Neela warns her. Dayaben goes. Neela dances angrily. Dayaben and Diksha hide and see Aman going to stab Neil. Ali worries and says where did Avni goes if anything happens to her. DD says don’t cry, we will get Avni. Aman strikes Neil. Neil bends to pick locket and Ali gets hurt. He goes. Neil asks who attacked, did you see his face. Ali says this is Avni’s locket, it means Avni is here, we have to find her Neil. Dayaben throws the fire torch towards the wood. Avni gets shocked.

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