My Identity Friday 12 March 2021 update Starlife

My Identity Friday 12 March 2021 update

My Identity Friday 12 March 2021 update on starlife: On My Identity Friday 12 March 2021 update, The Episode starts with Avni hiding in Dayaben’s room. Dayaben comes there and says why am I seeing her. Avni says who is she seeing. Dayaben says how can I see a dead person, how can this happen.

Aisha holds her and asks what happened. Dayaben says you came here again, how, is this my hallucination, you can’t come here Aisha, go from here. Avni hears this and cries. Dayaben says go from here. She leaves. Avni looks for Aisha and asks are you really here, come in front of me, where are you, why are you not calling me, call me Avni once. She shouts Mumma and cries.

She says Dayaben is hurting Mumma again, I won’t let this happen. Avni goes to her room and tells Neela that Dayaben has seen Aisha, she has thrown jug at Aisha, she will kill her again. Neela asks how can this happen. Avni says she is my Mumma, she loves me, why did she not come in front of me. Neela says listen to me, nothing will happen.

My Identity Friday 12 March 2021 update: Avni calls Ali and says Dayaben is seeing Aisha, she is hurting Mumma again, we have to stop the medicine dose. Ali says maybe she will confess the crime. Avni says I can’t let her hurt Mumma, come with Akash. Ali calls Akash. Dayaben reads Geeta. Diksha comes and taunts her. She scares Dayaben of Aisha and laughs. She says all night you took her name, what happened, did you see Aisha. Dayaben says you are having fun, will you keep fast again.

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Diksha asks is your Lord annoyed with you, Aisha came to punish you for your sins. Dayaben asks her to be quiet. Diksha says how will you make spirit quiet, Aisha’s spirit knows our address. Dayaben acts to be strong. Diksha says Aisha will come to take revenge. She jokes.

Avni asks Akash to stop the medicines, else Dayaben will hurt Mumma again, I m scared for her. Akash says sorry, I did not know Dayaben will see Aisha in her fear. Neela calms down Avni and asks do you trust me, listen to me, none can hurt Aisha now, she is in a fairyland, Aisha is not here, Dayaben is afraid and seeing Aisha. Akash says we wanted this to happen, that Dayaben accepts her crime. Ali says if we give up, Aman will call Avni a coward. Neela says Avni is no a coward. She tickles and makes Avni laugh.

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Jamla ties a thread to Dayaben. Dayaben asks will spirit getaway now, Aisha is not leaving me even after death. Ketan comes and she gets tensed. He says I came to ask if Avni did anything. Dayaben says no, what will he do. Aisha says my Avni will not let you win, your sin pot is full, Avni will break it. Dayaben gets shocked. Aisha laughs. Dayaben shuts their ears. Ketan asks are you fine. She asks Ketan to leave. Ketan goes and collides with Diksha. Diksha asks did you also see anything like I saw a tiger in the cat, Maa is seeing ….., this time we have to admit her to a mental hospital. He asks are you mad.

She says what’s Jamla doing, you go. Ketan says Hetal is waiting for me. Jamla fills some smoke in Dayaben’s room. Jamla goes. Dayaben sees Asha. They both argue. Dayaben asks what will you do after you died. Aisha says yes, but you don’t know a mother’s strength, you can see Ashish ruined, I can’t see my daughter’s life ruined, I have every reason to ruin you. Ali and Avni come there. Dayaben asks Aisha to do anything. Aisha says I will do that work now.

Dayaben says leave before….. Aisha says I m in front of you always, I will stay here with the right, you can’t make me leave, if you try to make me leave, you have to come with me. Dayaben says shut up, get out. Ali and Avni do not see anyone. Aisha laughs. Dayaben shuts their ears. Avni says mumma is here. Ali says it’s just Dayaben’s illusion by medicine fear. Avni says I also want such an illusion by which I can see and talk to Mumma.

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