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My Heart Knows Wednesday 6th July 2022 Zee World: The Episode begins with Kalyani let Sarthak know that in the event that she needs to pick between DM post and being a mother, she will decide to become a mother. She tells that she will document formal abdication letter to the Ministry and requests that the official go. Malhar stops the official and asks Kalyani for what valid reason is she frantic to isolate Sarthak and Mukku. He says I won’t allow you to lose a challenging task. Kalyani says we will get our Pillu one day, I have hung tight for him since numerous years and tells that for her, her child starts things out for her. Anupriya says you have really buckled down for this post. Kalyani says I know, I have buckled down for this post, however the detachment from my child is more than this torment. She says I would rather not get the post, losing my child. Mukku asks what is this acquiescence. Sarthak says it is elderly folks’ discussion and requests that she accompany him and have chocolate. Mukku inquires as to why you individuals yelling at Aai fi, on the off chance that she won’t converse with me once more. Kalyani requests that she proceed to have chocolate. Malhar says I won’t allow you to go close to Mukku. Avni inquires as to whether your nurturing love dramatization will end and says don’t show counterfeit love for step child. Kalyani turns her hand and says you can’t comprehend my adoration for my child and says I have left the work, not preparing.

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My Heart Knows Wednesday 6th July 2022 Zee World: Anupriya takes Kalyani to side and says my girl is the DM of the city. She says she needs to see her in more difficult task and says Malhar has the fantasy to see you in the greatest position. Kalyani says the joy which she gets being her girl, is something similar to be Pillu’s mom. She says others can land DM position, yet it’s not possible for anyone to turn into Pillu’s mom. She says she feels pleased that her child means quite a bit to her than anything. Anupriya second thoughts to bring Moksh as Mukku there and feels terrible that her girl is losing her employment. Kalyani says it involves accomplishment for her, on the off chance that she becomes a decent mother for Pillu. Malhar calls Kalyani. Kalyani asks what was the deal? Malhar requests that she check assuming she really wants any more stuff to go from that point. Kalyani asks your meaning could be a little clearer. Malhar says we are going from here, you can’t remain with Mukku. Anupriya helps Malhar to remember the rounds and commitments. Malhar asks her not to tell him. Kalyani tells that she won’t disappear from her child and will hang tight for her Pillu here. Malhar says you don’t have some work now, Kaka won’t allow you to remain here and asks where will she go? Mukku returns with Sarthak and says I won’t let my Aai fi go. She rests on Kalyani’s way and says if she has any desire to go then she has go over me. Sarthak asks what is this new show and requests that she get up, says I will give you chocolate everyday. Mukku says I simply needs my Aai fi. Sarthak requests that she get up.

My Heart Knows Wednesday 6th July 2022 Zee World: Avni takes a gander at the nail in the entryway, going to hurt Mukku and grins. Kalyani sees the nail and gets over Malhar’s hand, hurries to Mukku and saves her. She gets injured by the nail. Avni denounces Kalyani for putting Mukku’s life in extreme danger at serious risk. Sarthak requests that Mukku come. Kalyani lets Mukku know that she isn’t going perpetually and embraces her. She embraces her and says we need to dominate the match as well. Avni sticks biting gum to Mukku’s chappal with the goal that she tumbles down. Kalyani makes Mukku wear the chappal. Mukku strolls in reverse and tumbles down the steps. Her knee gets harmed. Avni reproves and charges Kalyani for harming Mukku. Sarthak asks Malhar for what good reason his significant other needs to take her little girl’s life. He takes her inside. Malhar lets Kalyani know that now he is certain that she can’t remain here in this house. He takes her to the plant and says you won’t step inside the house. She says Kaka was correct, you incite her against Kaka.

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My Heart Knows Wednesday 6th July 2022 Zee World: Kalyani says let me see her once. Malhar cautions her and says this is your home at this point. She says Kaka will be her dad generally. Later Kalyani converses with Anupriya about Moksh and requests that she apply treatment to her. Kalyani says until when we will conceal the mystery, what that kid could have gone through. She says she can’t see her child enduring and asks when we will allow him to carry on with the phony life. Anupriya requests that she figure how Malhar will manage Pillu and her. Malhar looks for Kalyani and emerges from the production line. He calls Kalyani. Kalyani is as yet conversing with Anupriya. Malhar comes there and tracks down her remaining there. He says I asked you not to firmly go out and holds her hand. Kalyani gets over his hand and says you asked me not to go inside the house, but rather I can go out. She says she will leave her DM post authoritatively and says she will leave all that and will hang tight for her child, and be a decent mother for her child. Malhar looks on. Anupriya hears them. A person is seen hearing them and leaves. Anupriya comes to the room and finds Mukku missing. She calls out to her. Sarthak comes there and looks stunned. Godaveri calls Kalyani and tells that Mukku isn’t at home. Kalyani requests that driver bring U turn and bring her back home.

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