My Heart Knows Tuesday 9th November 2021 Zee world

My Heart Knows Tuesday 9th November 2021 Zee world

My Heart Knows Tuesday 9th November 2021 Zee world: On My Heart Knows Tuesday 9 November 2021, The Episode starts with Gowde Kaku telling Anupriya that Kalyani has the same values as she and she is her daughter in real terms. Anupriya says I have no daughter, and you people don’t have to work for free, I am mortgaging my side of the house. Vivek and Pallavi smile. Anupriya says you will get your salary by tomorrow and asks them to wait. She brings the papers which Vinay has given her and signs on them. Kalyani is shocked. Anupriya says you will get your salary by tomorrow and asks the workers to leave. Aao Saheb asks Vivek who asked you to do this, and asks if he is mad? She says if we don’t repay the loan then we have to leave this house.

Anupriya says we will repay the loan somehow, but the outsiders shall not interfere. Later Anupriya thinks she risks everything which she had. Kalyani scolds her for signing on the papers and asks her to tell. She says you must not have read the papers and asks why she is becoming Mangal Pandey. Anupriya prays to God. Kalyani says I am talking to you and asks her to answer and asks her to try to understand.

She says Chacha and Chachi are fooling you. Vivek tells Aao Saheb that workers can again threaten to file cases. Anupriya comes inside. Pallavi asks if Kalyani said something and says she will handle her. Anupriya asks did I ever interfere between Godaveri and you and asks her not to talk about Kalyani. She worries for Kalyani and thinks doesn’t know what Malhar will do. Kalyani thinks about why Aai has so much ego and becomes Sunny Deol. She thinks she didn’t talk to me since I got married. She thinks shall I tell her that I married Malhar to save her life and tells that even she gets angry like her. She hits her hand on the wall. Malhar comes and keeps his hand on the wall. He asks what are you doing? Kalyani says practicing for boxing. Malhar scolds her for the tamasha which she did in the Police station and tells her that the police commissioner is coming home and asks her not to insult him infront of her. He asks her to wear some nice clothes. Kalyani looks on.

Kalyani asks Billu to help him choose clothes for her. Billu touches jeans and touches them. Kalyani says jeans. Commissioner Madam comes to Malhar’s house. Kalyani comes wearing a saree and tells the baby that their choice is the same, but Malhar’s choice is different. Kalyani greets commissioner madam and sits there. She tells about herself and tells that she wants to become a lawyer. Commissioner madam says she is cute. Malhar looks on. Commissioner Madam tells that she heard whatever happened with him and says he shall get Deshmukh family arrested. Malhar says I want to get Anupriya punished first. Commissioner says once Atharv and Sampada’s bodies are found, we will get her punished. Kalyani drops teacup shockingly. Malhar shouts at her.

Commissioner Madam asks Malhar not to scold her. Aao Saheb hears all. Pallavi thinks once Vivek gets the money, we can leave for Pune. Aparna comes in Malhar’s jeep and tells them that she brought stuff for home. Pallavi says we will also have good food and says Malhar has made you Servant. Aparna pulls her head. Aao Saheb comes and says that’s why we don’t keep pet animals at home, as you both are enough. She says your brother and your daughter insulted us so much. Aparna tells Pallavi that malhar still thinks of her as his saas and tells that he has not accepted Kalyani as his wife and doesn’t talk to her. She says when Sampada will return, she will take back her place. Aao Saheb gets an idea to take revenge on Malhar.

My Heart Knows Tuesday 9th November 2021 Zee world: Kalyani asks Malhar why he said that he will get Anupriya punished and reminds him of the deal. Malhar says I told then and left her, but I will punish her if their bodies are found. Kalyani says you are doing wrong. Malhar keeps his hand on her neck and tells that he will get Anupriya punished if she is guilty and if she is innocent then he will get her freed. He says you all have snatched my happiness, but I will not forget my duty. He asks her to decorate the house using old house stuff and says if the stuff gets a scratch then.

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Kalyani steps on the stool to keep the crockery things on the shelf. She tells Billu that Malhar bursts on her angrily always. She is about to step on the kitchen platform when she slips and the crockery falls down from her hand. Kalyani falls down, gets up and comes to Billu worriedly. She asks if he is fine. Malhar comes and scolds her. He asks her to take Aparna’s help. Aao Saheb hears him and thinks she will prove now that Malhar has become inhuman and taking advantage of his uniform.

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