My Heart Knows Saturday 9th July 2022

My Heart Knows Sunday 3rd July 2022

My Heart Knows Saturday 9th July 2022: The Episode begins with Malhar telling Moksh not to stress and tells that he will save him. He finds somebody coming there and points weapon. Kalyani comes there. He asks how could you come here? Kalyani shows the GPS beacon around Moksh’s neck. Malhar requests that she accompany him. They head off to some place.

My Heart Knows Saturday 9th July 2022: Malhar tells Kalyani that Kaka will send Moksh to adolescent home and he can’t bear it. He tells that he will pass on, yet won’t allow anything to happen to him. Kalyani asks him not to talk like that and says we need to live as a family, similarly as our family began. She says I won’t allow you to do misstep and takes regulation in your grasp. Malhar says I understand regulation better than you and realizes Kaka well as well. He will control the law and send Moksh to Juvenile. He asks her not to come inbetween them and says I have nothing significant than Moksh. Kalyani says you both are vital to me and requests that he leave the weapon. Malhar requests that she leave the firearm. Moksh asks them not to battle and says he needs to remain with both.

Malhar says we as a whole will remain through and through, yet your Aai won’t comprehend. He is sorry to Kalyani and makes her oblivious, squeezing her neck nerve. Moksh asks what befell my Aai fi. Malhar says nothing happened to her, we need to go from here. He runs with Moksh. Kalyani acquires awareness and looks for Malhar and Moksh.

My Heart Knows Saturday 9th July 2022: All of a sudden she hears Malhar’s voice in torment and yells his name. Her mangalsutra stalls out in the tree and the pearls tumble all the way down. She picks some and runs towards Malhar. Anupriya is seen holding the blade wounded in Malhar’s chest. Malhar sees her in shock. Anupriya takes out the blade. Kalyani observes this and gets stunned. She races to Malhar and holds him, as he falls. Moksh is taking cover behind the tree and witnesses everything. Kalyani asks Malhar, how did this occur.

Anupriya looks stunned. Kalyani says Malhar ji can’t leave me and asks Ganapati Bappa not to take Malhar ji from her. She remembers to call a rescue vehicle, yet call isn’t associated. She keeps her pallu to stop the dying, yet it doesn’t stop. Kalyani embraces him and says I won’t let you go anyplace and gives her swear. Malhar shuts his eyes stunning her.


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