My Heart Knows Monday 25th October 2021 Zee world

My Heart Knows Monday 25th October 2021 Zee world

My Heart Knows Monday 25th October 2021 Zee World: On My Heart Knows Monday 25 October 2021, The Episode starts with Pandit Ji telling Aao Saheb that Kalyani and Atharv’s kundalis have dosh in it, saying this marriage can’t happen. Pallavi thanks, God. Aao Saheb looks at her angrily. Atharv asks what is the dosh? Pandit ji says there is a mangal dosh in the kundali. Pallavi asks if this girl is Manglik and says my brother can die after marriage and tells Aao Saheb that he will not marry her. Pandit ji says Atharv is Manglik and not Kalyani, and says if Atharv gets married to the tree then this trouble can end. Anupriya thinks of talking to Pandit Ji and seeking his help. Atharv tells him that today is his marriage with Kalyani.

Pandit ji says marriage can’t happen today. Anupriya says we can’t risk her life. Rao Saheb says they can’t risk Kalyani’s life. Aao Saheb asks Pandit ji to get Atharv to marry the tree first. Atharv says I will marry Kalyani today itself. Kalyani asks Atharv if he will be able to live without her if she dies. Rao Saheb tells Atharv that he will get him married to Kalyani after 4 days. Aao Saheb says ok and declares their wedding after 4 days. Kalyani thinks I will go and free Sampada till Atharv marries the tree. Anupriya asks what she will do. Kalyani says I will go and free Sampada just as I get a call. Anupriya says will you go alone. Kalyani asks her not to worry and asks her to call her when Atharv leaves from here. Pandit Ji asks Atharv to marry a tree.

Kalyani asks Atharv to wear the groom’s clothes first. Atharv says this is not the real marriage. Rao Saheb asks him to go and get ready. Kalyani asks Anupriya to keep an eye on him and inform her. Pallavi says the girl’s mum brings water from the well and asks Anupriya to bring it. Anupriya says ok. Pallavi thinks I have to cancel this marriage anyhow. Anupriya says ok. Kalyani signs her. Anupriya is about to go, Aao Saheb stops her and asks her to go to well barefoot according to customs.

Kalyani opposes this custom and asks what is it? Aao Saheb asks if you are a panditayin to know all rituals. Anupriya leaves her chappals and goes to well bare feet. Kalyani feels bad. While Anupriya is bringing water, Pallavi breaks the pot while hiding and asks her to bring another pot. Kalyani throws stone on Pallavi’s back. Pallavi says I will not leave Kalyani. Kalyani brings a pot filled with water. Anupriya says it is not according to the custom. Kalyani says she will end the chapter and says she will get some clothes of Sampada first from Godaveri’s room. She comes out of the house and thinks to reach there anyhow. Malhar comes in his jeep.

Kalyani says nobody is at the house and tells that Atharv is marrying a tree. Malhar asks did I ask you? Kalyani asks what are you doing here? Kalyani thinks to take Malhar to Sampada and thinks I hope Malhar will understand Sampada. She tells him that she wants to go and meet her friend and asks will you drop me. Malhar sits in his jeep and asks her to sit.

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Kalyani sits and thanks to him. Atharv comes ready as the groom. He asks about Kalyani. Anupriya says I sent Kalyani as it is inauspicious to see would-be husband’s marriage. Pandit Ji asks Atharv to take rounds with a tree. Atharv realizes Anupriya is tense and Kalyani went somewhere. Malhar and Kalyani are in the jeep. Kalyani asks Malhar about the dog. Malhar says its name is Durga Prasad, it is a sniffer dog. Kalyani apologizes to him. Malhar says I think you will not change. Sniffer dogs barks and signs at the bag which Kalyani is holding. Malhar checks her bag and says it is Sampada’s clothes. Atharv takes rounds and thinks Kalyani must have gone out. He thinks to leave from there. He takes rounds and leaves from there.

My Heart Knows Monday 25th October 2021 Zee world: Anupriya thinks she didn’t bring the phone. Malhar asks why she is having Sampada’s clothes. Kalyani says Sampada gave this to Godaveri. She asks why the dog barked. Malhar says Sampada loves Durga Prasad and he too loves her. Kalyani thinks she can’t tell him but will seek Malhar’s and the dog’s help. Kalyani asks Malhar to drop her at the lodge. Malhar says it is closed for 2 years. Kalyani says my friend called me here and gets down from the jeep. Malhar thinks why did Kalyani’s friend call her here. Kalyani thinks Malhar shall doubt on me and follow me. She asks Malhar to wait and knocks on the door. A girl opens the door. Malhar sees her and thinks why did she befriend her.

Kalyani asks the girl where is the girl whom they have kept captive. A man comes and holds her to kidnap.

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