My Heart Knows Friday 12th November 2021 Zee world

My Heart Knows Friday 12th November 2021 Zee world
My Heart Knows Friday 12th November 2021 Zee world

My Heart Knows Friday 12th November 2021 Zee world: On My Heart Knows Friday 12 November 2021, The Episode starts with Aparna telling that stepmom is the enemy of the baby. Malhar tells her that baby’s mum doesn’t have any worry for them else she wouldn’t have eloped with a stranger man. Kalyani smiles. Aparna goes. Malhar scolds Kalyani and asks her to let the kid sleep peacefully. Kalyani says I will go out and study. Malhar says no and says he will not compromise on his child’s upbringing and tells that he doesn’t know, she has to get good marks, and also she has to take care of the baby. The Godavari is teaching Anupriya when Pallavi comes and takes her with her. Kalyani comes near there while trying to learn. Aparna scolds her and calls Malhar.

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Anupriya hears her and thinks doesn’t know how she will take up this responsibility. Kalyani asks Malhar to see before scolding and shows the rope with which she tied herself to the cradle of the baby. She asks Aparna if she has a problem now. Malhar asks her to keep the cradle moving. Kalyani helps Anupriya study indirectly and recites the answers loudly. She sees mosquitoes biting her and asks them to suck her blood. Malhar comes there and makes her cover shawl and sprays something. Kalyani is touched and thanks to him. Malhar tells her that the spray is to attract mosquitoes and black shawl also attract it. Kalyani asks why did he do this? Malhar says he has enmity with her and her partner (Anupriya). Anupriya thinks about how to clear his misunderstanding. He takes the baby to the bed but asks Kalyani to make the cradle swing move. Later in the morning, Malhar asks her to get baby polio drops and go to the exam. Aparna thinks Polio guys will not come as I told them that there is no child here. She comes to Kalyani and tells them that she can’t go without getting the baby vaccinated.

Anupriya comes to the exam center and sees Kalyani’s empty bench. She gets worried for her. Kalyani checks and thinks to get the Polio at the nearest camp. She takes the baby. Aparna fumes. She returns home and tells baby took drops happily. She thinks to drop the baby with Aparna and leave immediately. The Godavari tells her that Aparna said that she left for some urgent work and asks her to take care of baby. Kalyani gets worried and thinks if she doesn’t write the exam then Malhar will get angry at her. Exam starts. Anupriya also gets worried. Kalyani reaches college with the baby.

My Heart Knows Friday 12th November 2021 Zee World: The examiner tells her that exam started. Kalyani says I was helpless and have no option. She says she couldn’t leave the baby at home so she brought him and tells him that her baby is very silent. Examiner says I can’t change rules for you and asks her to take Principal’s permission. Kalyani says if I don’t write the exam then my one year will be wasted. Examiner asks her to go now and come next year after making arrangements for the baby. Anupriya thinks Malhar will make Kalyani’s life miserable if she doesn’t write her exam. She thinks what Kalyani would do in such a situation and tells the examiner that she made his video and will make it viral on social media. She thinks you will lose your job. Examiner asks how can you record video in examination hall. Anupriya says why can’t a mother write the exam and says your rules have to be changed. She says there is no such rule that a mother can’t write the exam. She asks her to go and bring that girl. Examiner says ok and sees Kalyani standing. Kalyani says I came to get I admit card. Examiner says you can write the exam. Kalyani smiles.

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