Money Heist Season 4 Episode 2

Money Heist Season 4 Episode 2

Episode 2 Season 4 Heist Money began with Tokyo made his choice and decided to continue the operation. He managed to take the bullets and chunks of the lungs but without instructions from the doctor in the video, Tokyo and the others remained in the dark around whether they really saved or killed Nairobi by doing this.

Angel took Lisbon back to the dressing headquarters in police equipment. When he removed his mask, he found himself dealing with Sierra.

Meanwhile, Artura was patched by Amanda while Denver watched from afar. Rio took him to the side and talked with Denver about his patience, told him to stay controlled. Denver bit back, calling him stupid because he broke up with Tokyo and compare it with a Maserati.

Palermo packed his belongings and decided to leave the bank. After lowering a few Claymores by the entrance, he saw to open the door but Tokyo did not have it, fired his gun before he could press him. When he refused to get involved with him, he pointed at the gun on his head but Palermo had his hands up, showing the remote control for the bomb.

Helsinki controlled the situation, grabbed Claymores, and walked towards Palermo. After hugging him tightly, Tokyo took remote control of his hand when the tension disappeared.

With Palermo tied, Radio Tokyo to Professor and update it in this situation. He begged him to take control and save everything on the right path. After he called him the angel guard, they talked about Lisbon and how he died.

Tokyo keeps the head level in the midst of his explanation and tells him that there is nobody and it is not moved, Lisbon is still alive. The professor suddenly realized the truth and rushed back to his bicycle with Marseille.

They managed to bank and professors, disguised in familiar Dali masks, watching like all evidence parallel to what Tokyo said – Lisbon was still alive and interrogated. Professor managed to find a mole in the form of Inspector Murillo and assigned him by infiltrating the police tent. However, he jumped out the window and plunged in the bottom pool below.

Sierra began interrogating Lisbon and issued a lot of professor properties, hitting it right in the heart of his insecurity. This brings us back to when he is called a weak link from the team and seems to pass it. Sierra goes further and offers to destroy all the evidence they have in Lisbon in exchange for compulsion. He refused but Sierra promised to leave after his family, gave him a choice of 5 years in prison compared to 70. When he told him his choice was his, Sierra made him boil this choice.

Money Heist

Season Number: 4

Episode Number: 2

Episode Title: Berlin’s Wedding

Air Date: Apr 3, 2020

Source: Money.Heist.S04.1080p.WEB.x264-GHOSTS[rartv]



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