Monday Update on Lies Of the Heart 24th February 2020

Lies of The heart wednesday 25 March 2020 Update
Lies of The heart wednesday 25 March 2020 Update

This is Monday Update on Lies Of the Heart 24th February 2020.

Monday Update on Lies Of the Heart 24 February 2020

Urmi’s family is shown to be excited preparing for her wedding, and all geared up and excited, from the gents to the ladies. all are having fun and engage in friendly banter, while the marriage related teasing go on. Granny too comes and gives the relatives some last minute advise, on getting the first ritual in the series of marriage.

Monday Update on Lies Of the Heart 24th February 2020
Monday Update on Lies Of the Heart 24th February 2020

They are angry as one of the relative has forgotten the list at home only. a girl named trisha, is to come today, whose pciking up is being discussed. urmi’s brother is reprimanded for going to the office on the day, that his sister’s marriage rituals start.

his wife comes in to give some cards to be distributed on the way, while bantering nonsensically. he hesitates, but his mother advises him to listen to his wife, as she is very mature, that she has selected Urmi’s husband, who happens to be her Buaji’s son.

The wife again emphasises on how good a person Samrat is, a little sarcastically, that she got way beyong her reach, by landing such a good catch. all are irritataed but dont say anything. they begin searching around for urmi, and is told by granny that she must have gone to Shiv’s temple, that she goes every saturday.

Urmi is thankful to the lord for making all her dreams come true, and getting such a wonderful match. she says that she wants one more thing, that despite loving, she also gets respect from her husband, and together they create a new example of faith and trust. Her sister comes in and asks her to stop talking to the Lord now, as he too must be bored by now. She shows Urmi how the wishing tree is loaded with her wishes only.

Monday Update on Lies Of the Heart 24th February 2020

They also discuss Trisha’s arrival, and assume that her train must have come. she calls up Trisha, who says that she has entered Jhansi. She says that she has already taken an auto, and is reaching home, and asks urmi also to return home to dress up for the ritual. urmi complies and cancels the call.

Meanwhile, trisha’s auto breaks down, and she has to hanker for another auto. While she is bargaining with the other auto, she is confronted by some goons, who evetease her, and finally she is unable to control herself, and goes on to call the police, while the crowd sees it and is amused.

The traffic comes to a jam particularly irritating a person in the car, who comes out to find whats the commotion, after being told that a girl has held them all up. He gets down, and finding his way through the crowd asks whats the drama and commotion all about.

Trisha tells her plight. He takes off his sunglasses and faces the goons with a stern look.

Then he gives a cursory glance at the girl and tels her not to be dressed like that so as to provocate the boys. she is stunned and tries to counter him, but in turn he tels her not to create a drama and move on. She reprimands him that he too is like others but with a different attire.

He says that she and all females want to be equal and hence should try and face all of this alone. she is stunned into silenece, while he disperses the crowd and drives away with his car.

Location: Urmi’s Residence
Granny is reprimanding urmi for working when she should be resting, and her sister to work, who’s resting. They are all fussy over her to beautify her, as its her special day.

urmi’s Bhabhi is unable to stand this, and starts taunting, but all laugh it away. Urmi is told to sleep, while she adamantly says that she wont and would do so only after trisha comes and she meest her.

King of hearts update Sunday 23rd February 2020

But granny doesnt let go of her, and is about to take her away, when trisha walks in through the door. urmi is excited and goes on to hug her and asks whats took her so long. Trisha congratulates her, while all ask if she had any problem in the way.

Trisha takes everyone’s blessings. They find that she’s tensed and ask her what happened. Trisha goes onto relate what happened to her and her encounter with that obnoxious man, how he turned into something completely opposite from what she had expected him to be.

urmi is tensed. She also tells urmi about his opinion on her dress sense, and wonders how his wife would be supporting him. Urmi too says that same thing, that the woman who marries such a man would be very unlucky.

Dadi says that most man are like tht..dadi says to babhoo to give ladoo and water …to trisha..urmi takes trisha to her oom…dadi says to nirmala not to make her daughter so bold…

Urmi puts face pack on her face..trisha asks urmis sister to show jijus face…urmi refuses…says that trisha will see her jeejoo at the function..she asks her sister to show the photo..her sister says she wills show…she makes her foll and shows her jewellery…sister says what gift trisha brought for urmi..she gets her laptop…trisha starts her laptop…she shows her some nighties..or lingeries…urmi feels awkward..trisha says they are wear…trisha and anu make fun of urmi… Trisha asks urmi which lingerie to order…
Dadi comes as all girls shout..she asks urmi to take rest…else by evening thy will look tired..trisha says already jijaiji has selected her…nirmala comes and says woman should look beautiful else men will go stray,,dadi talks abt olden days and how thy used ubtan.. and hw thy have beauty parlour nowdays..

She says woman have to adjust.,.mom says to urmi thy shld do all duties with full dedication…dadi says woman should have lott of pateince…trisha says what all only urmi will do jijoo will do nothing… urmi feels shy and thy make fun of her…mom says urmi not to dream if they are shattered she will fell bad…Nirmala says that damadji will treat urmi as queen

Bro says to catering fellow to chk everything is ok..and to keep tanddor later…urmi sister gives keys to dadi..dadi sees if all work is asks light fellow to checklighting… urmi gets ready for her engamement… trisha says urmi thats she is looking pretty..

People frm boys family come…urmis bhabhi says as they are rich thy came with band baaja..moms says for engagement thy come with band baaja..all are excited…trisha asks anu to make urmi wear bangles as she wants to see urmis dulha…
All are urmi home… …urmi sil is to touch dadi feet..dadi says not to touch as she is pregnant..dadi says the way she walks she will have a baby girl…urmi dad says that daughters take good care of parents… Ishaan come and light falls on him…dad calls for help…he makes sure that lighting is fine.

dad thanks the guy… trisha see ishann and thanks its urmi fiance.. anu says did trisha see jeeju..urmi asks did she like jeejoo.she says teekh hain… trisha says the boy is perfect for urmi..she says she is happy for her…

after break… samrat mom calls for urmi… Ishaan see urmi and he says she is beautiful…samrat mom asks urmi mom to bring urmi… mom takes urmi and makes her sit..paditji starts the pooja… urmi gets blessings frm samrats parents,., they say she looks beautiful.she is fit to be samrat wife… urmi dad introduces trisha..urmi is asked to sit for rasam… urmi mom asks for samrat… ishann is asked to call for samrat as he is always busy… ishann introdues samrat to all… samrat sees trisha… trisha recooelcts what happned last day enroute to her house… samrat sits down… trisha says is he dulha… urmi smiles… trisha is upset

The Rasam is completed… ishann calls samrat ..but he is busy with his phone…bhabhi asks saurav to get milk to make boys parents..are rich…pandiji asks samrat mom to make her wear chunri…she says its mehar matats chunri…thy give her shaddi ka jooda…she says become dulhan soon… samrat dad gives urmi jewekls and blesses her…samrat mom calls elder bro of samrat and he gives jewellery to urmi…urmi sil gives her jewellery and it falls down..and asks her to be careful..samrat mom says thy will give her lott…urmi dad says urmi future is bright… Urmi sees samrat..and she feels shy..

Location: Urmi’s residence
The entire family is engagng in family banter, while the groom, samrat and his friend are getting restless. urmi’s young sister asks whats he getting for her as a gift. He defiantly says that all this is from his side only, then whats the need for a new one. All are tensed at such a rude answer.

His friend makes up for it, by saying that he has planned something special for her later, and asks urmi to tell him what she wants, as he is a little weak in this matter. He decides to give her his gift.

A relative tells him to address her as Bhabhi. While he talks of preserving a woman’s individuality and her self existence, he says that he wont do. all are impressed. the lady says that its true, but a new identity is born too.

He says that whats the use of While she continues, samrat’s mother tells her to stop arguing as he wont let win. samrat is getting restless, while urmi is shyly and happily accepting the gift. Ishaan gives a diary to urmi, to pen down every memeory of her new life that is to start. all are excited at the idea behind it.

urmi too likes it. Ishaan sits by samrat’s side. Samrat’s mother gets rose infused milk for urmi, for her to bathe till the day of marriage. Urmi’s bhabhi doesnt let this chance go by to emphasise that its all due to her. Samrat gets restless, and trisha is tensed.

All sit down and discuss as to how much they have spent in the gifts and they have to reciprocate it too. They tease urmi a little on that too and marvel at urmi’s luck.

They continuously marvel at the expenditure. urmi’s brother says that he is in tension, as to how would urmi carry all this, and tease her by breaking ito fits of laughter. All start guffawing. urmi sits by her brother’s side, while he talks of her going away very soon, and gets nostalgic at the thought of missing her after she gets married and is gone.

Urmi says that she wont forget them, and wouldnt leave him, as she is in the same city. All get emotional. All find trisha tensed and ask her what happened. But she makes an excuse and says that everything is alright. She is asked how did he like samrat. They start talking about how urmi is very lucky to have landed such a god catch, while her bhabhi doesnt stop taunting and teasing her, in the garb of sarcasm.

Trisha says that only finances dont determine what kind of a man he is. All are tensed and ask what does she mean. bhabhi takes it personal, and is asked not to do so.

Urmi is tensed. Her mother says that as he doesnt talk much, hence she must have got that opinion. Bhabhi again gets to defending him. Trisha says that she just wants urmi to be happy with him, and money cant buy tht. For a relation, money doesnt matter, respect and trust does. She leaves, while urmi is tensed.

While all return home tired and exhaisted, samrat returns home nonplussed. They discuss if there were any shortcomings. Samrat says that there wasnt anything, as all has been already given, and there’s not much space too. His mother favours him too. When samrat finds what they have been given, his mother starts comparing that they gave much more than what they have got. ishaan tries to get their mind off the money, and think about the quality of the bride that she’s getting.

Samrat teases him for changing sides, aftre having been there. While samrat is told that urmi would bring a change, samrat is furious and says that he would never change for anyone. Ishaan says that he would have to, and he wont even know it. On his opnion, ishaan says that he cant handle arranged marriages. Samrat says that love isnt for him. ishaan says that once he marries, he would fall in love. They keep discussing about marriage, each teasing the other.

The drama continued to unfold on Monday Update on Lies Of the Heart 24th February 2020.

As trisha goes to the roof, urmi comes too and joins her. she asks trisha what happened. Trisha doesnt respond. Urmi asks if she didnt like him. Trisha says that she didnt, as she thought Ishaan was Samrat, but when she got to kn ow the truth, she didnt like it. Urmi asks how did she find out in the first glance.

Trisha says that she knows samrat better than her. She says that samrat isnt the right man for her. urmi asks how. She asks if she can be happy with a man who always values money, over relations, and canmt respect woman and her dignity. urmi asks her to explain everything. Trisha tells urmi that samrat was the same man, who she was talking about erarlier. urmi is shocked.

This is the end of lies of the heart Monday 24th February 2020.

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