Monday Update On The Inseperables 24 February 2020


This is the Monday Update On The Inseperables 24 February 2020.

Monday Update On The Inseperables 24th February 2020

The episode started when chachù stops his car on seeing the policemen leaving. He asks watcher what happened. He replies he doesn’t know. They came asking for virat. And i directed them there. There was lot of noise coming from there. Chachù gets tense and inform everyone at vadhera mansion.

Monday Update On The Inseperables 24 February 2020
Monday Update On The Inseperables 24 February 2020

All are shocked. Dadaji and inder chachù decides to Go check. When viren says he’ll come with them, vanshika stops him saying it’s a very sensitive issue. Seeing you virat ‘ll burst out. So let others Go. Viren is sad hearing that. Jeevika says she’ll go with them. But swamini bua stops her saying manvi ‘ll get emotional On seeing jeevika. Both virika are upset. Dadaji, swamini bua and inder chachù leave to outhouse.

Virman are talking when the bell rings. Dadaji,
chachù and Sb enters and ask about why police came there. Manvi tries to hide the issue. But virat tells them everything. He was taking tuitions for a kid at a home. And how he had to borrow 5k from the lady of the house. And he had to drop the job due to the lady’s bad behaviour. And she came here. Manvi tries to covers up saying they returned the money and now there are no problems.

Dadaji says he’s ashamed of virat’s doing. Swamini bua is sad that her niece had to do such a silly job for 5k. Inder chachù says, if he wanted money, he could have asked him. You had problems with Viren, not me. I ‘ld have lend you the money. Virat protests saying he just took up it as a job. Didn’t think whether it was small or big. Dadaji says. Virat is out of his minds. So he asks manvi to return home.

Sb also asks her to come back and holds her hand. Manvi leaves sb’s hands and says she can’t come leaving virat alone. She had always listened to buaji. But not this time. She goes to dadaji and says when my husband is going through a tough time, i ‘ve to support him. It’s my responsibility as a wife. Please don’t force me. Dadaji, sb and inder chachù leaves from there.

In virika’s ROOM, jeevika is looking at a picture of the two brothers and two sisters they took when they went to hrishikesh to fix virman’s marriage. Jeevika has flashbacks and is sad. Viren enters and jeevika shares how she’s upset about not being able to help virman in this tough situations.

Viren says he hopes manvi doesn’t end up in any big problem due to virat’s immature behaviour.
At the outhouse, manvi asks virat what’s he thinking. He says she should Go back to vadhera mansion. But she protests saying, during their marriage she promised to be with him always.

He says he also promised to keep her happy. But he’s not being able to. She assures him that she’s really happy with him and ask him to have his paneer makhani before it becomes cold. Virat has food.
Jeevika is upset about not meeting manvi today.

She decides to call her up. At the same time manvi also decides to call jeevika. And the phone appears to be engaged. They try together again and the phone is engaged this time also. Viren comes there. And jeevika finally texts manvi saying she wants to meet her.

Manvi is in kitchen, and virat is near her. She hides from him and replies that she wants to meet her too. Jeevika replies to meet at the basket ball court behind the home tomorrow morning. Manvi replies ok.

It’s morning. Manvi goes to virat and wakes him up saying it’s already 8. He says it’s only 8. Manvi reminds him of the audition. He protests saying there is time. But manvi says he needs time to get ready.

She had prepared hot water for him and everything else is also ready and makes him get up from the bed. Manvi makes virat ready quickly. Gives him breakfast and finally sends him for the audition. She looks at her watch and it’s already 9. She thinks jeevika might be waiting for her and rushes to meet jeevika.

Jeevika is waiting at the basket ball court. Kids are playing there. Manvi comes there. And jeevika asks whether everything is fine. Buaji told me everything. Manvi breaks down and hugs jeevika. She tells her that i got really scared when i saw the police. I thought they’ll arrest him. But i somehow managed myself.

Otherwise virat ‘ld also break down. Jeevika consoles her and asks her not to worry. Though they had left the home, the entire family ‘ll be there to support them if there is any problem.

Manvi says she’s not worried as she knows jeevika di ‘ll be there with her always. Manvi tells jeevika about her new job in the flower shop. Jeevika is sad first. But manvi tells her you only taught me that all job has it’s dignity. Jeevika says she’s proud of manvi’s big decision. Jeevika asks whether virat knows about it.

Manvi says virat doesn’t let me do anything at home, then how ‘ll he let me work outside. She asks jeevika not to tell anything to virat or other family members. Jeevika assures her everything ‘ll happen as she wishes. Duo hug.

Manvi reaches the flower shop. Dilkush uncle is fighting with a customer regarding the price of flowers. Manvi says she’ll handle it and tell the customer that, you can take the flowers without paying a penny. But if your guests likes the arrangements then you’ll ‘ve to pay the amount uncle quoted. Customer agrees to it.

Manvi asks uncle to note down his address. And she goes out to bring some flowers kept outside. Then the customer receives a call from a guy named dinesh. He tells him about virat. And virat ‘ll sing in the party. The guy tells dinesh to ask virat to come and meet him in the flower shop.

Monday Update On Inseperables 24 February 2020 
Dinesh calls virat and asks him to meet the guy at the flower shop. virat thanks dinesh for giving him the opportunity.
The guy tells manvi he’s a little busy. He gives her his card and asks her to take care of the arrangements personally. She agrees to it. He gets out and looks for virat.

Virat calls him. They meet outside the shop. The guy tells him that the party is at 7 and ask him to reach at 6. Virat assures him that he’ll reach and entertain everyone. Mr. Sanghvi leaves. Virat is about to see manvi. But a truck comes in between and they don’t see each other.

At vadhera house, viren tells dadaji about the party at Mr. Sanghvi’s place. Dadaji says he can’t come as he’s going to australia to meet his sister. He asks viren to take care of everything as Mr. Sanghvi is not only their client, but is like a family member. Viren assures him that he’ll take care of everything.

Virat brings manvi home and tells her that today doctor had removed her plaster. But she still need to take rest. He makes her sit and goes to fetch water for her. He wants to tell her about the party. But decides to tell her after getting the money.

Manvi is also thinking how to get out of here. What ‘ll she tell virat. Virat goes to her and makes up an excuse that he has to meet a friend. He’s meeting him after a long time.

So he’ll be late to come. Manvi is happy to hear that. She asks him to take as much as time he wants and she is not that kind of a wife who makes it an issue. Virat says to himself that he ‘ll tell her everything, after he returns. Manvi also says to herself that she can’t hide anything from him for a long time. She’ll Say about her new job after she’s back from party.

Viren is being confused about which dress to wear. Jeevika comes and says he’s throwing tantrums like a girl and makes fun of him. Viren says the party is really important for him and he has to look really good.

Viren says he’ll ask virat by mistake and stops in between. Jeevika says he misses virat so much. It was good If virat was also with them. He likes parties a lot.
On the other Side, virat is confused on what to wear as many vip s are attending the party. He decides to wear the shirt viren gifted him. But then changes his mind. He finally gets ready and leaves.


Manvi is doing the arrangements at the party. She asks the workers to be careful with the flowers. Manager of the party comes there and asks manvi to keep flowers close.
Manvi asks him not to interfere in her work. She’s assigned with it. Manager says she’s talking as If she’s an interior designer. Then, another guy comes and tells the singer has come. Manager asks the guy to tell the singer to wait. The guy goes to virat and asks him to wait. Virat and manvi are in the same place, but don’t see each other.

At vadhera house, all come ready to Go to the party. Vanshika says she’s not coming. Swamini insists on coming as dadaji had asked everyone to go. As Mr. Sanghvi is his old client. Vanshika says the entire family is not anyways attending the party.

Manvi says all her works are complete and she’s happy about it. Manvi asks for her payment. And manager behaves pretty rudely with her and asks her to wait in the waiting room. manvi gets annoyed. She asks a waiter where’s the guest room and moves towards there. The whole vadhera family reaches the party.

They are about to see Manvi, but she sees a washroom and go inside. Mr. Sanghvi greets them. He introduces everyone to mr. Sanghvi. And says dadaji had to go to australia for an important work.

So couldn’t come. Mr. Sanghvi asks for his younger brother. Swamini bua covers up saying he went for a vacation with his wife. Mr. Sanghvi asks the manager to take care of them as they are very important guests.

Virat calls up manvi and asks whether she had food. She says she’ll have now. He asks her to have food soon. As he’ll be late to come. Manvi says ok. She’s about to enter the room, where virat was waiting. But a waiter stops her and asks her to go to another room. One guy comes and asks virat to get ready as manager had said all guests arrived. Virat says ok and asks his team to get ready.

Manvi is annoyed waiting for the manager. She decides to go check for him. Manvi gets out of the room. Manvi, virat and the entire vadhera family are in the same room. But they don’t see each other. Virat sees dadaji’s old friend and is worried about him informing at home. He hides from the guy. Manvi can’t find manager anywhere and someone pulls her. It’s jeevika.

She asks what are you doing here. Manvi says she’s in charge of the floral arrangements there. Jeevika tells she has come with the entire family there. Manvi is shocked to know that and says she ‘ll collect her payment and leave fast.

Monday Update On The Inseperables 24 February 2020 
Mr. Sanghvi says like his every party he had done arrangements for entertainment. And this time it’s a new singer. You might have seen him on tv. And virat comes to stage. All are shocked to see him. Virat is about to sing, when he sees the entire vadhera family and gets worried. He first thinks of leaving. But then doesn’t wanna let go off his opportunity. Manvi sees virat and is worried. But jeevika consoles her and says everything ‘ll be fine. Virat prays to god to give him strength and starts to sing. ‘ghoonja sa hei ik tara ik tara. . . ‘ he sings really well. Manvi and jeevika are really happy. After he finishes all applaud for him and viren feels really proud. Chachù, Vanshika and Swamini Bua also feels happy.
Manvi sees the manager and goes to collect her payment. But the manager gets angry on her and asks why did she come to the party when she was asked to wait. Now she’ll not get the payment, but she’ll get punishment. He insults manvi and behaves badly with her. He asks her to leave and He pulls her out. Jeevika tries to stop the manager, but he doesn’t listen to her. Viren comes there and slaps the manager. everyone comes there and viren says how dare you hold the lady’s hand and asks whether he knows who the lady is. He makes the manager Say sorry to manvi. He says sorry and leaves. Virat comes there. And viren scolds virat for what happened. He says. You said you‘ll manvi keep manvi happy like a princess and now someone is insulting her and is pushing her out of the place. i’m not asking you to not let manvi work. But not a work like this where she has to stay outside after 11 and also people insult her. Manvi asks viren not to tell anything to virat as he doesn’t know about her job. Virat gets angry at manvi and starts scolding her. She says she was about to tell him. Viren asks virat not to scold her. Virat asks viren not to talk in between when he’s talking with his wife. And all are upset hearing that.

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