Mismatched Teasers November 2021

Mismatched Teasers November 2021
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This is the official Mismatched Teasers November 2021.

Monday, November 1, 2021

Episode 9.

Anokhi studied the surprising truth about Babi while Ramesh insulted Aastha. Elsewhere, Sabherwal made an unexpected decision about Shaurya’s marriage.

Episode 10.

Ramesh has a surprising explosion while Shaan reminded some beautiful memories of Aastha. Then, Anokhi rebuked the king because of despair.

Tuesday November 2 2021

Episode 11.

At Shoki’s wedding, Monty couldn’t look away from Anokhi and tried to start a conversation. Elsewhere, Shagun met Shaurya for official work.

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Episode 12.

Devi tried to convince Shagun to attend the farewell ceremony of Shagun. While the Groom family met Anokhi, Shagun Shagun, Shagun.

Wednesday November 3 2021

Episode 13.

Shagun asked Shagun to rethink his decision to leave the country for Ph.D. Elsewhere, Anokhi tried to stop Vineet from Babi’s attack.

Episode 14.

Anokhi was torn between his dream and parental pressure about his marriage. Elsewhere, Devi asked Shagun with Shagun.

Thursday 4 November 2021

Episode 15.

Anokhi still insisted on writing an entrance exam for the Saberwal Institute. Then, he submitted a special request before the Monty family.

Episode 16.

Aastha gave anokhi a piece of important advice about life after marriage. Then, Anokhi studied the worrying truth about Monty.

Friday November 5 2021

Episode 17.

Anokhi was forced to marry Monty despite gathering evidence of his mistake. Meanwhile, Shaurya submitted a request before Aastha.

Episode 18.

Babi knows about the true color of Monty from the sound record on Anokhi’s phone. Then, Babi and Rama gave Anokhi’s extraordinary idea.

Saturday November 6 2021

Episode 19.

Babli appeared with the idea of ​​saving anokhi from marriage. While Monty was drunk, Anokhi quietly escaped from the wedding.

Episode 20.

Ramesh learned that Anokhi had escaped from marriage. While Monty’s parents insulted him because of his outrageous actions, Anokhi hid from the king and vineet in Shaurya’s car.

Sunday 7 November 2021

Episode 21.

The Monty family created a scene while the king grew suspicious about Babi. Then, Aastha was looking for Help Shaan to receive Anokhi on Sabharwal College.

Episode 22.

Aastha dropped Anokhi at the train station and gave it in cash. Then, Anokhi faced the problem on the way to Chandigarh as police looking for him.

Monday 8 November 2021

Episode 23.

At the Saberwal Institute, Shaan passionately waited to meet Anokhi and continue with the entry. Elsewhere, Bhalllas threatened Aastha for helping Anokhi.

Episode 24.

Anokhi tense about spending the first night alone in Chandigarh. Elsewhere, Rama decided to leave home when Bhalllas accused him of helping Anokhi.

Tuesday 9 November 2021

Episode 25.

Rama Consoles Anokhi while Aastha made an extraordinary request for Shaan. Then, Anokhi spent the night at the Sabherwal Institute Library.

Episode 26.

Shaurya taught anokhi and asked him to leave the campus place. Then, he came home and faced Shaan about receipt of Anokhi, called him aastha doll.

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Episode 27.

Anokhi meets Shaan at The Sabherwal College. While Anokhi landed in a troublesome situation, Shaan decided to do something unthinkable.

Episode 28.

Shaurya spoke to Inspector and got Anokhi released from the police station. Then, Anokhi prepared for the interview at the Institute Sabherwal.

Thursday 11 November 2021

Episode 29.

Shaan spent time for breakfast with Anokhi while Aastha cared about her. Later, Sabherwal began their interview with Anokhi.

Episode 30.

Shaurya bombarded anokhi with questions, but he managed to break the interview. Then, Shaan told Anokhi that he was chosen by college.

Friday 12 November 2021

Episode 31.

Bhalllas was surprised when police officers arrived at their residence. Meanwhile, Anokhi met Babi at Vineet’s house and spent time with him.

Episode 32.

Anokhi questioned Shaurya about his relationship with Aastha, while the king tried to get the last arrested. Then, Babi offers to help Anokhi.

Saturday, November 13 2021

Episode 33.

Babi was petrified when Vineet found his gold bracelet with Anokhi. Elsewhere, Shaurya accused Anokhi of theft when he saw his watch with him.

Episode 34.

Facing the fire from Vineet and Shaurya, Anokhi decided to give up on his dream and leave the place. Then, Aastha came to find the sad anokhi.

Sunday 14 November 2021

Episode 35.

Aastha’s efforts to produce fruit after Anokhi entered the campus. While Vineet created a big scene, Alok faced aasta fierce explosion.

Episode 36.

Aastha and Shaan enjoyed their time together at the Saberwal Institute Library. Meanwhile, Anokhi faced an unexpected situation at Vineet’s house.

Monday, November 15, 2021

Episode 37.

Anokhi and Babi convinced Vineet and his parents to let the former stay under their roof. Meanwhile, the Shaan family has mixed feelings about the return of Aastha.

Episode 38.

Kitty, Bebo and their gang embarrassed anokhi on campus. Then, Anokhi faced Shaurya for questioning his abilities.

Tuesday 16 November 2021

Episode 39.

Anokhi ran late for his class while Kitty and Bebo brewed the plan against him. Then, Anokhi opposed Shaurya about her hard behavior.

Episode 40.

Bebo and his friends chose Anokhi and locked it in a room. Then, Bebo tried to talk about the name Anokhi to insult Shaurya.

Wednesday 17 November 2021

Episode 41.

When Anokhi desperately tried to get out of class, Babi faced an insult to anokhi late. Then, Shaurya found Anokhi’s phone in a strange place.

Episode 42.

Vineet and Babli arrived at Sabherwals to seek Shaan’s help in finding Anokhi. Elsewhere, Anokhi was petrified to dip Shaurya after he saved him.

Thursday 18 November 2021

Episode 43.

While Anokhi revealed that he was ragged, Shaurya criticized Shaan for telling Aastha about it. Then, Anokhi destroyed in front of his family.

Episode 44.

Shaurya decided to call a committee meeting while Babi tried to calm Anokhi who was traumatized. Meanwhile, Anokhi grew to insist on punishing the perpetrators.

Friday 19 November 2021

Episode 45.

An unconscious Shaurya will be a holder for Kitty and Bebo when the students left against Anokhi. Then, Shaan supports Anokhi at a committee meeting.

Episode 46.

Shaurya rebuked Kitty and Bebo while Anokhi took a loyal decision to get justice. Later, the outrageous action of Anokhi left Saberwals crackled.

Saturday 20 November 2021

Episode 47.

Anokhi made brave recognition before the media at the Saberwal Institute. Then, Shaan faced Shaurya about Anokhi’s struggle for justice.

Episode 48.

After Shaurya accused Anokhi of tarnishing the reputation of the Institute, Anokhi took a firm stance for himself. Then, he stopped AA from thwarting a girl.

Sunday 21 November 2021

Episode 49.

Anokhi and Shaurya cheats anmol to acknowledge his actions against him and they present evidence. Then, Anokhi proved that he had a big heart.

Episode 50.

Anokhi tried to thank Shaurya while the latter made a new rule for Valentine’s Day party at S.I.C. Then, Anokhi celebrated with Babi by attending a party.

Monday November 22 2021

Episode 51.

Vicky expressed his deep feelings for Babi while Anokhi and Shaurya faced an unexpected situation. Later, Anokhi was surprised to see Vineet in the restaurant.

Episode 52.

Shaurya regrets suspecting anokhi without knowing the whole truth. Then, Shaan tried to defend himself when Shaurya accused him.

Tuesday 23 November 2021

Episode 53.

While Aastha operates from the king to save her life, Shaurya questioned Shaan’s priority. Then, an accident placed Aastha’s life in danger.

Episode 54.

Shaan got a call from the hospital and learned about Aastha was shot. While Shaurya refused to visit him, Gayatri was reprimanded by the family.

Wednesday November 24 2021

Episode 55.

Anokhi was surprised after learning about the critical condition of Aastha. Then, Shaan spent quality time with Aastha.

Episode 56.

Anokhi and Shaan spent time with Aastha at the hospital. Then, Shaan worried his health worsened, and he became a comma.

Thursday 25 November 2021

Episode 57.

The presence of Shaurya by Aastha’s bed made her wake up from a coma. However, the former quickly left the scene when he regained awareness.

Episode 58.

On the hospital ward, Anokhi supports Aastha when he stands on his land before the day of friendship. Shaurya warned Anokhi to stay away from his family’s business.

Friday November 26 2021

Episode 59.

Anokhi begged Pami’s aunt for her job but Kitty and Bebo made her get into trouble. Then, Shaan made Devi conflict with Tej’s decision.

Episode 60.

Anokhi wants Aastha to attend Shaurya’s birthday party. Then, Shaurya was angry when Anokhi rebuked him for his behavior towards Aastha.

Saturday November 27 2021

Episode 61.

An angry Shaurya hurt Anokhi when he gave him a birthday present in the name of Aastha. Then, Anokhi began to avoid Shaurya.

Episode 62.

Shaurya faced Anokhi about trying to avoid it while Devi accused him of manipulating him. Then, Shaurya insulted Aastha.

Sunday 28 November 2021

Episode 63.

Aastha was destroyed because Shaurya did not pay attention to the side of the story. Then, Anokhi and Shaan grow worried about unexpected losses.

Episode 64.

Anokhi decided to file a police complaint about the loss of Aastha suddenly. While Shaurya resolves Anokhi, Ahir plans to look for Aastha.

Monday 29 November 2021

Episode 65.

Anokhi went with the police to look for Aastha. Then, Shaurya was destroyed when he was told that they had found a corpse.

Episode 66.

When the riots broke out in the city of Shaurya and Anokhi went looking for Aastha. When everything released control, Shaurya protected Anokhi from rioters.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Episode 67.

While Anokhi met with an accident, Shaurya blamed herself for not being able to protect her. Then, Anokhi, thanks Aahir for saving his life.

Episode 68.

While Shaurya angry at Anokhi, Shaan put Aastha and come back with him. Then, Anokhi Shaurya criticized for not apologizing to Aastha.

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