Mehek Tuesday 12 May 2020 Update

Mehek Tuesday 12 May 2020 Update
Mehek Tuesday 12th May 2020 Update

Mehek Tuesday 12 May 2020 Update on Zee world: On Mehek Tuesday 12th May 2020, Shaurya lifts her unconscious in his arms, Shaurya asks Mehek to open her eyes. Shaurya brings her out of forest, he tries to locate some help.

He brings her to his car and lies her in backseat, he says i wont let anything happen to you Mehek, he cries for her. Shaurya takes tissues and puts at it her wound on stomach, he tries to stop bleeding, Mehek breaths heavily, Shaurya finds water bottle in car, he says nothing will happen Mehek. He sprinkles water on her face and asks her to open eyes, he tries to make her drink water but she lies limply.

Mehek Tuesday 12 May 2020 Update
Mehek Tuesday 12th
May 2020 Update

Shaurya sees his car’s tyres punctured, he kicks it in frustration, he doesnt find his phone in pocket. He comes in jungle and looks around for phone, he finds his phone but its not working, Shaurya leaves it. Shaurya comes to Mehek again in car and says i wont let anything happen to you, he tries to stop any car to help them, he pleads and begs cars to stop, she will die but nobody stops. Shaurya brings Mehek out of car, he runs from there with Mehek in his arms. He tries to wake Mehek up but remains unconscious.

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Jeevan is crying and searching for Mehek on road. Ravi and Kanta comes there. Kanta comes to Jeevan and says you knew it was Shaurya’s trick all along and you kept sitting in room? Jeevan says i didnt know Rohit and Ajay were here too. Kanta says i just know that its either Shaurya’s fault or your fault, nothing should happen to her, Ravi says i got to know that they took Mehek to Faridabad, lets go there. They sit in car and starts driving trying to Mehek.

Mehek Tuesday 12 May 2020 Update on Zee world
Shaurya is walking on road with Mehek in his arms. He stops one car and begs him to help but man drives away. Shaurya sits down and asks Mehek to her eyes but she doesnt. Shaurya lies her on road and says nothing will happen. Shaurya tries to take lift from anyone but is unsuccessful, his head is bleeding and paining too. he hugs Mehek and looks around. He sees Guradvarah on far end of road, he lifts Mehek and starts taking her there.

Ravi and Jeevan arrives near forest, they find Shaurya’s car on side of road.
Shaurya comes to Guradvarah with unconscious Mehek in his arms. He pleads them to open doors, she will die. Priests open door for Shaurya. Shaurya sits on floor with Mehek bleeding, he pleads priest to save Mehek, he says save my Mehek.
Ravi and Jeevan sees no one in car, they search for Mehek around, he shout for her but doesnt find her. Ravi says this car’s tyre is punctured, Kanta cries and sees blood stained tissues in car, she hysterically cries and says God i want my daughter back, they all cry for Mehek, Kanta breakdowns. Ravi screams for her, Jeevan is helpless.

Shaurya lies Mehek in room at Guradvarah. Priest says hospital is far away from here and we cant leave till morning comes out, Shaurya says why not? bring any ambulance or something, priest says there is protest going on highway, we cant reach there now, and she is not in condition that you can lift her and run with her to hospital, have faith in God and we will try our best, he goes to bring medicines. Shaurya helplessly looks at Mehek, he rubs her hands and says i wont let anything happen to you Mehek, open your eyes, we didnt equal our things. He cries for her and cleanse her wound with antiseptic.

Priest says she has lost so much blood but still breathing, it seems like some strength is preventing her from giving up, if blood stops oozing out then she will be saved. Other man asks Shaurya if he should dress his wound? Shaurya says no, she should become fine first, if she becomes fine then my wounds will be healed too.

Shaurya says to Mehek that our fight is remaining, you cant leave me till we complete our fight, you cant leave me, i wont let you leave me. Priest gives kaada to Shaurya and asks him to give to Mehek, its good remedy. Priest says to Shaurya that you love your wife a lot, dont give up, keep trying, love has strength and God will listen to your true love, prayers have great power so pray, Shaurya sadly looks at Mehek and tries to make her drink kaada.

Police stops Ravi and Kanta and says there is protest going on road, we have informed to find Shaurya and Mehek, you have to wait. Kanta says i cant wait, she runs from there to find Mehek. Jeevan and Ravi looks on.
Shaurya lies Mehek’s head in his lap and caresses her head, he recalls their moments, their love confession. He silently cries and recalls their moments after marriage, how Mehek got stabbed to save him. Shaurya cries and says why you did it? why you came infront of me?

Mehek please dont go, dont leave me, i need you a lot, i did so much with you, i dont have right to say this but i love you a lot, i really love you, please get fine for my sake, please dont give up, you cant deceive me like this. Shaurya keep sitting with Mehek’s head in his lap whole night. Morning breaks out, Shaurya sees sun rising, he puts Mehek’s head on pillow and goes from there.

Mehek Tuesday 12 May 2020 Update on Zee world
Shaurya comes to Guradvarah’s prayer area, he close his eyes and prays to lord, he falls to his knees. he says I never requested for anything from anyone, I always snatched what I wanted but today when you are snatching my everything from so i am requesting you, I am pleading to give me my Mehek back, take anything from me in return but give her back to me.

Shaurya comes in prayer area of Guradvarah and prays for Mehek, he spread his hands in prayer, one flower falls in Shaurya’s hand. Priest comes there and says your prayer got fulfilled, Mehek has opened her eyes, Shaurya gets emotional, he wipes his tears and runs to Mehek.

Shaurya comes to Mehek’s room and sees her opening eyes slowly. Shaurya is unable to say anything, he caresses her face, he lifts her and embraces her gently, Mehek looks around and whispers water.. water.. Shaurya lies her down and goes to bring water. Shaurya brings water, he makes her lie on his lap and makes her drink water, he wipes her face as water falls from her mouth, he caresses her cheeks and says thank you..

Mehek says whom you are thanking? Shaurya says dont know, maybe thanking you or maybe everyone, or maybe to God. Priest comes there and says Mehek your husband is unique, everyone loves but he has passionate love for you, he is obsessed for you and God cant deny love like that. Man comes there and informs that protest has stopped and roads are clear so we can take her to hospital. Shaurya lifts Mehek in his arms and says i never gave right to anyone to aggravate me this much but i dont know how i gave that right to you, once you become fine, i will take my revenge, Mehek smiles but gets teary eyed, she lies her head on his shoulder and looks up at him, jo tu mera humdard hair.. Suhana har dard

Shaurya brings Mehek out of Guradavarah. Kanta, Ravi and Jeevan comes there and sees Mehek’s head lying on Shaurya’s shoulder and sleeping. Kanta takes Mehek’s hand, Mehek wakes up and is stunned to find her, Kanta sees Mehek wounded on stomach, she asks Ravi to take Mehek. Ravi takes Mehek from Shaurya.

Mehek Tuesday 12 May 2020 Update on Zee world: Shaurya says be careful, wounds are fresh. Kanta says you must know as you have given those wounds, she asks Ravi to take Mehek to car, Shaurya says this was all because Rohit and Ajay.. Kanta says dont even bring your shadow near Mehek, you didnt leave any chance to hurt, you have done enough, Mehek is in this state because of your stubbornness, stubbornness which you identify as love, if you truly care for Mehek then this time dont even be seen near Mehek, leave her and go away.

Shaurya sadly looks at her. Shaurya says i will go away but not now, as soon as her wounds heal then i will leave her alone but right now she needs doctor, Ravi says dont even touch her. Kanta says we are here to take her to hospital, you are the reason that she has got wounds, dont even be seen near Mehek, dont even think about her now.

Priest comes there and asks Kanta why she is getting angry on him? Mehek got saved because of his prayers, where will you find such loving husband for your daughter? Kanta says husband? he is not her husband, he is black mark in her life, she is in this state because of him, she says to Shaurya that you really care for Mehek then dont you dare to be seen near Mehek from now on, Shaurya sadly looks at Mehek, Mehek tries to speak but cant form words. Ravi and Jeevan starts taking Mehek from there, Mehek sadly keep looking at Shaurya. Shaurya is pained to see her go. Ravi makes her sit in car and leaves from there with Mehek, Shaurya looks on.

Mehek is brought to Kanta’s house. Doctor checks her and says thank God she got medical attention on time otherwise anyone could happen. Mohit says i will break legs of Rohit and Ajay, Kanta says you wont do that, PD says so we should leave those animals free? Mehek says i wont sit quiet till i punish them, i want to file FIR against them. Kanta asks Jeevan to file FIR, i wish i could file FIR against Shaurya too. Mehek says dont say that, nothing was Shaurya’s mistake.

Mehek Tuesday 12 May 2020 Update on Zee world

Kanta says whenever Shaurya comes near you, it brings pain to you, you are so blind in his love that you cant see it, dont you remember he brought all problems upon you? Shaurya calls Sonal but she cuts his call.
Karona is bandaging Shaurya’s head, Shaurya is busy calling Sonal. Karona says let me bandage your head first then call these important calls, what happened? how you got these wounds? tell me? Shaurya sees Sonal not picking his call, he leaves.

Sonal says to Kanta that Mohit went to police station, they will take time to file FIR. Kanta asks if Mehek’s phone is with her? she says yes, Kanta takes Mehek’s phone from her and says to Mansi that put this phone away after switching it off, Mehek needs rest and i wont want Shaurya to reach Mehek by any means. Door knocks. Sonal opens it and sees Shaurya there. Shaurya says i want to see Mehek. Kanta says i asked you to not come here, why did you come? Shaurya glares at her, he dodges her and goes upstairs, Kanta runs behind him and says stop.

Mehek is in her room, Nehal says what if Shaurya didnt reach in time to help you? Mehek says i wish i could say thanks to him once. Shaurya comes in her room, he sits beside her and asks Mehek are you fine? he puts hand on her face. Mehek leans into his hand and shakes her head. Kanta comes there and pushes Shaurya away, Shaurya falls down, Kanta says what do you think about yourself you goon? you can come here whenever you want? Shaurya says i just wanted to see if Mehek is fine or not.

Mehek Tuesday 12 May 2020 Update on Zee world

Kanta says when you will understand that she will be fine only when you leave her? go and die somewhere away from her. Mehek says please dont say that. Kanta says when you will understand that he is reason behind all your pain? Ajay, media and all other problems were brought to you because of him, his death came to up to him but you stood inbetween them and got hurt. This Shaurya is not only black from heart but even his fate and luck is evil, he is the evil of you life, Mehek is pained to hear all this about him. PD says what language are you speaking Kanta? why you are saying such bad words? cant you see how much they love each other? they put their lives in danger to save one another.

Kanta says you have seen too many films, if this guy stays in Mehek’s life then she will remain in pain only. Mehek says dont say that, if Shaurya was not present last night then.. she grunts and screams in pain. Shaurya runs to her side and cups her face. PD asks Mansi to take Kanta out of room, Mansi takes her away.

Nehal says that Ajay and Rohit should burn in hell, Mehek has injuries on her whole body. Mehek says no they will be punished in this life only, they should pay for their deeds. Mehek says they should be punished in such way that they think thousand times before misbehaving and abusing any other girl ever. Shaurya hears it and thinks about it. Mehek holds Shaurya’s hand and squeezes it, Shaurya looks on and leaves from there.

Ajay and Rohit are with Sheetal, Sheetal says dont worry, i have asked my cousin, he will hide you both in mandir and will make you both go bald and then Shaurya wont be able to find you. Rohit says if there will be any problem? Sheetal says no, nobody will find you both. Shaurya comes there. He brings out iron rod from his car and starts beating them, Shaurya says i will beat you both so much today that you would never ever think about harassing any girl. Sheetal screams for help and says is there no law and order here? Shaurya ties Rohit and Ajay’s hands, he puts them in car and leaves.

Mehek Tuesday 12 May 2020 Update on Zee world

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