Mehek Sunday 28th June 2020 Update


Mehek Sunday 28th June 2020 Update on Zeeworld

Shaurya comes to Mahek, he grabs her hand and drags her from there. Shaurya brings Mahek in lobby, he looks at her with hatred.

Mansi says to family that Karona is critical, we shouldnt have filed police case, Ravi says why? should we bear again what we had to 12 years back? we just filed case, and this police’s doing, Mansi says its not law but we have done all this, Shaurya took our family members and we are taking away his mother? what is difference between him and us? Balwant looks on.

Mehek Sunday 28th June 2020 Update

Shaurya says keep your tears safe, if anything happens to my mother then you will what I do, you said you can never forgive me but now I wont ever forgive you, if anything happens to her then you will see my such cruel face, you will need tears then. Mahek says I didnt want to see all this,

Mehek Sunday 28th June 2020 Update
Mehek Sunday 28th June 2020 Update

I was going to take case back, she puts hand on his shoulder and says give me a chance to explain, Shaurya jerks away and says you want to stab me again? I keep apologizing to you, I begged you, I cried you, I did everything but you didnt budge, I did mistake 12 years and I am ready to get punished but you people were not satisfied with that so you dragged my mother in it, my mother didnt do anything wrong, she was just protecting her son, that son which is not even her own, she is in hospital because of me. Shaurya says to Jeevan and Kanta that you must be happy now, first sending my mother to jail and now to death bed, are you satisfied with justice now? Mahek cries. Shaurya comes to her and grabs her arms, he says I snatched your parents so you snatched my mother from me? revenge is done right? tic for tac, Sharma family you won, now be happy, clap now, he grabs Mahek and says you never wanted to forgive me right? now I wont forgive you and your family ever, you didnt do good by sending my mother to death, I have just shown love to your family till now but now I will just have hatred for you people, he says to Mahek that maybe this is in our fate, he punched wall angrily, Mahek sees his hand bleeding, she tries to touch it and is horrified, Shaurya angrily storms off from there. Mahek breakdowns, Kanta hugs her, Mahek falls to floor.

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Shaurya says to doctor that I am taking my mother to hospital, I have talked to commissioner. Doctor says she is on ventilator, Dolly says Shaurya can bring any facility to her. Inspector says to Shaurya that Karona is stillunder house arrest, she cant leave country, Shaurya says your police custody have done enough bad to her, you must be getting commissioner’s call to provide security to my house. Shaurya sees Mahek standing at corner, He says to vicky that arrange for bringing Karona to home, he glares at Mahek and says nobody ohter than family members should get close to Karona Maa, nobody, he leaves. Grandma says to Svetlana that one thing good happened with this truth coming out, that is Shaurya hating Mahek now. Svetlana says Shaurya’s anger will burn Mahek’s family, we just have to sit and clap.

Mahek comes to Sharma house. Ravi says to family that this is Mahek’s house, she has nothing to do with Shaurya then why did you let her go there? PD says I sent her, she is an adult now and she is married in that family, Balwant says I dont accept this marriage, her relation with Shaurya is a lie, every relation with Shaurya is lie.

Mehek Sunday 28th June 2020 Update

Karona is at Shaurya’s home. She is on ventilator, Shaurya sits beside her and recalls how Karona had to bear insult and pain, Shaurya murmurs that loving Mahek was my biggest mistake. Doctor comes there and checks Karona. Shaurya asks when will she be fine? can I take her out of country? Doctor says I cant say anything, some people recover from ventilator and some doesnt, keep a close watch on her. Mahek comes there and says we are all here to take care of her, everyone glares at her, Mahek is pained to see Karona’s condition, doctor leaves.Rajesh says you cameback here? why dont you leave us alone? Mahek starts coming close to Karona but Shaurya stands infront of her, Mahek says please let me stay with Maa, please let me take care of her. Shaurya says why? arent you satisfied with all this? you said that how I would feel if what happened with your parents happen to my parents, see it happened with my mother, she is on her death bed, Mahek says please, she folds her hands. Shaurya says get lost with your fake sympathy. Shaurya drags Mahek, Mahek says you are thinking wrong about me, Shaurya says now I understand what you really are, Mahek says we should think about Maa, Shaurya says did you think about her before filing case on her? I am here to take care of her, you are an outsider and should remain outside house. Shaurya drags Mahek out of house, he angrily throws her out, Mahek is stunned, she sadly looks at Shaurya, Mahek says your anger and hatred is justified, you have given me pain too, shaurya turns to leave but Mahek grabs his hand and says let me stay with Maa. Shaurya says she is fighting for life because of you, she slapped me because of you and she is in this condition why? because your family wanted revenge, I did mistake when I was a kid but your family is mature and they did that with her because she wanted to protect a child that isnt even hers? leave from here Mahek, I dont want to talk to you. Shaurya closes door on her face, Mahek cries and bangs on door. Mahek sits outside door and cries, she recalls Shaurya’s words and cries more, she recalls her moments with Karona, how she always supported her. Mahek gets Mansi’s call, she takes it and tells her everything.

Mehek Sunday 28th June 2020 Update

Mansi says to family that Mahek is coming back, Shaurya didnt let her come in house. Ravi asks if they are satisfied now? now send her again and get more insulted, if you people have brains now, then these are divorce papers, make Mahek sign them and get her free from Shaurya. Kanta says to Ravi that is he out of his mind? Karona is fighting for life and you are talking about divorce? PD says it will be Mahek’s decision if she wants to take divorce from Shaurya or not and if she wants to take divorce then we will all support her,


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