Mehek Saturday 27th June 2020 Update


Mehek Saturday 27th June 2020 Update on Zeeworld

Reporter says that Shaurya’s mother Karona Khanna has got arrested, it is also known now that Shaurya Khanna killed Meera Sharma and Sulesh Sharma in an accident and now is married to their daughter Mahek Sharma. Shaurya sees this news in his restaurant and is stunned. Sharma family sees news too. Shaurya sees people gathering around Karona and trying to hurt her while police is catching her. Karona sits in police jeep, people chant against her.

Karona is brought to police station, media mobs her and asks her questions, Karona hyperventilates. Reporter says they used money to save their son. Sonal sees this on TV and says Balwant took wrong step in anger, Mansi says Kanta and Mahek has gone, everything will be fine.

Mehek Saturday 27th June 2020 Update

Shaurya is driving to police station. Mahek and Kanta is in rickshaw, they passesby each other.

Rajesh comes in police station, he says to Balwant that I wont spare you. He asks Karona to not worry, he says to inspector that I will talk to commissioner. He goes. Jeevan asks inspector why you didnt arrest Shaurya? he did accident? inspector says car was in Karona’s name so she will be arrested. Balwant says to Jeevan that we will follow laws only, I have lost my son so I will take action.

Shaurya comes to police station, he shouts on media that it was an accident, dont talk wrong about my mother, reporter says you cant stop our freedom of speech, you have to answer us. shaurya pushes them away. Shaurya comes in station, Jeevan sees him. Jeevan says to Balwant that media has started covering, its so messy, so much happened with Karona, it was not her mistake, Ravi says if we should consult lawyer?

Mehek Saturday 27th June 2020 Update
Mehek Saturday 27th June 2020 Update

Shaurya and Rajesh meets commissioner, Shaurya asks him to find some solution, commissioner says if Sharma family takes case back then problem will be solved, Shaurya sees Balwant and Jeevan sitting outside, he leaves.

Jeevan says to Balwant that Karona did what every mother would do to save her son, Balwan says I am doing what a father should to killers of his son. Shaurya comes there and says no, he folds his hands infront of Balwant, Balwant looks away.

Mahek comes to police station, reporters gather around her, they ask if she will punish Shaurya? they ask if she has his property? they dont Mahek go inside. Vicky comes there, he protects Mahek and Kanta and takes them inside.

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Shaurya says to Balwant that I should get punished, I am ready to go to jail for life but dont do this with my mother, I will do anything. Mahek and Kanta comes there. Balwant asks Shaurya if he can bring his son and daughter in law back? i am feeling same pain as you feel pain for my mother, I will get satisfied once your family is punished. Shaurya sees Mahek and pleads her to make Balwant understand, Balwant says she will say same thing, they were her parents. Mahek tries to talk but lawyer comes there, he says I am Munawar from CID, Shaurya Khanna you cant force Mahek’s family, if you are seen near them then your case will be more weak, policeman takes Shaurya away. Mahek asks Balwant to not let Karona get arrested, Balwant says this wouldnt have happened if she didnt save her son that time, Mahek says what will you get by hurting our own? Balwant says I will get peace, Shaurya will feel pain seeing his mother in pain and it will give me peace, this is punishment for all mothers who spoil their children, why did she give keys of car to Shaurya when he was not adult? its her mistake, Kanta says this is not solution, revenge is not good, Mahek says Balwant dada you can say anything but I cant let this happen with Karona Maa, I will bring her out of jail for sure, Balwant is stunned.

Shaurya meets lawyer, lawyer says Karona cant be bailed till three days as next two days will be weekend, Shaurya fumes in anger.

Mehek Saturday 27th June 2020 Update

Mahek comes to Shaurya’s house, Shaurya is drinking wine, Shaurya asks Mahek why did you come now? any more punishment you want to give me? Shaurya says my mother stood by you at every moment and your family sent my mother to jail for revenge? Mahek says you are thinking wrong, Shaurya says you and Maa are everything for me, make your parents understand, because of them my mother will live in jail for three days and if anything happens to her..

Karona is in lockup, policewoman asks her to start living in this cell, your time in palace is over. One cell mate asks her if she is same woman whose son killed poor people? who much money did you give to close case? Karona says 75lacs, woman says now I will show you how to crush people, she starts beating Karona and strangling her. She badly beats her.

Mahek says to Shaurya that I wont let anything bad happen to Karona, I will request my family to take case back and if they dont then I will go to police station on Monday and take case back but I wont let anything happen to Maa, Shaurya emotionally gazes at her, he is about to hug her, but he gets call from someone, man asks Shaurya to come to city hospital, Shaurya gets worried and leaves with Mahek behind him.

Mehek Saturday 27th June 2020 Update

Shaurya and Mahek comes to hospital and sees Karona injured, Shaurya asks what happened? jailer says criminals beat her, Mahek tries to touch Karona but Shaurya jerks her hand away and shouts dont dare touch my mother, if anything happens to my mother then your whole family will pay. Mahek breakdowns and cries.

Karona is taken to operation theater. Shaurya’s family comes there. Grandma asks if Karona is fine? Dolly says your wife destroyed your family. Nurse says to doctor that patient is getting more critical. Svetlana says to Shaurya that your mother is in hospital and people are chanting against and this all happened because of your so called love, will you do anything or keep chanting Mahek’s name? shaurya says if you cant keep your mouth closed then leave, I dont need anyone’s suggestion right now, I just want to think about my mother now, Svetlana huffs. Mahek, Kanta and Jeevan comes there. Doctor comes to Shaurya and says patient is very critical so we are putting her on ventilator. Shaurya sees Mahek there, he glares at her. Shaurya asks doctor if he can meet his mother? Doctor says not right now. Shaurya punches wall, he glares Mahek. Mahek winces. Shaurya comes to Mahek, he grabs her hand and drags her from there. Shaurya brings Mahek in lobby, he looks at her with hatred.


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