Mehek Monday 29th June 2020 Update


Mehek Monday 29th June 2020 Update on Zeeworld

Ravi says to family that we took decisions when emotions were running high and they were wrong, whatever happened with Karona in police wasnt our fault. Mahek comes there, all get worried seeing her. Ravi comes to Mahek. Ravi says to Mahek that I have arranged divorce papers, if you decide to take that action then sign them and I will handle everything. Sonal says to Mahek that everyone is in anger rightnow. Jeevan says to Ravi that dont do all this rightnow, give Mahek more time.

Mehek Monday 29th June 2020 Update

Mahek sees divorce papers on table, she gets tensed seeing it. Mahek holds papers and tears them to pieces, all are shocked. Mahek says I cant sign divorce papers and nor can I leave that house, especially right now when they need me. Ravi says this is your mistake, all family members start giving her some suggestion, Mahek looks on.

Mehek Monday 29th June 2020 Update
Mehek Monday 29th June 2020 Update

At night, Mahek is looking at board on which Shaurya dedicated to her mother. Kanta comes there and says its not easy to bear all this, strongest people can fall down in these conditions but you are a brave girl, Mahek hugs her. Kanta says dont worry, God will make everything fine but remember everyone wants your good, those who wants you to take divorce and those who are asking you to take more time, they both want your good but decision is yours. Mahek says I dont understand if God is taking my test or is it some joke, what Shaurya did was wrong but what Ravi and Balwant did was wrong too. Punishing one person who did wrong and taking side of other who also did wrong is not right, I cant forgive Shaurya not because he got in accident 12 years back but because he hid everything from me, he could have told me everything before sitting in mandap with me, I am angry with Karona Maa too, what she did 12 years back to save her son was wrong, everything wrong is happening, Shaurya mistakenly killed my parents so we sent his mother to death bed as revenge, now its his turn, he will give us pain again and we will take revenge again, this cycle will keep going on but till when? will we both be satisfied after destroyed each other? I lost my parents 12 years and today I am going to lose my mother again, till when there will fire in place of fire? someone has to stop it so I wont leave Shaurya’s side now, I wont leave him till Karona doesnt become fine completely, Karona Maa is in this condition because, taking care of her is my duty, Kanta says all family members are going to fight with you on this decision, Mahek says I know but if you have truth in heart then everyone will understand eventually, Kanta says you have become so mature, how will you go there? Shaurya wont allow you in his house, Mahek says he has married me, I will see how he doesnt let me in. Mahek looks on determined.

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In morning, Shaurya calls doctor and says I have done things you asked me to do, he ends call. Shaurya holds Karona’s hand and says you have to become fine, I have to talk to you. Shaurya hears noise. Shaurya comes in lounge and sees Mahek there, Svetlana says you came again? do you have shame? get lost from here. Shaurya comes to Mahek and says I told you to not enter in this house? Vicky says let me talk to her, Shaurya glares at him. Mahek says to Shaurya that your anger and irritation is problem inbetween us, let me be with Karona Maa. Shaurya says let alone thinking about taking care of her, you cant even see her face, if you dont go then I will throw you out, she pushes her away. Shaurya turns to leave but Mahek says you can call police or security but I will not move from here, Shaurya grabs her arm and says get lost, Mahek pushes him away and says this is my house, dont forget it, first of all you married me infront of world so you cant throw me out like trash, secondly you named this house to me, I am owner of your money, property and wealth and if anyone wants to leave then they can leave this house including you too. Shaurya glares at her, Mahek bumps his shoulder and goes upstairs after silencing everyone. Shaurya fumes in anger.

Mehek Monday 29th June 2020 Update

Mahek comes to Karona’s room and sees her lying on bed unconscious on ventilator. Mahek gets sad seeing he condition, Mahek sits beside her and says Maa, forgive me, your jokes, your smile, I miss everything, I need you to bring everyone on right path, please become fine soon, she cries. Mahek puts Ganesh idol beside her bed, she is about to lit diay but fire blows off, she gets tensed. Shaurya comes there, Shaurya says so this is your house? you showed your real colors now? till yesterday you said that you have no interest in my property and now showing rights on it? fine enjoy your wealth but this is my mother’s room so get lost from here, Mahek says Shaurya.. Shaurya says shut up and leave from here, Mahek says I didnt come here to snatch your wealth, Shaurya goes to sit beside Karona. Mahek lits diya. Mahek says I have already lost one mother but I cannot lose another mother because of our childishness.

Svetlana says to grandma that Sharma family didnt want property but did you see Mahek imposing her right on property? I will make Shaurya hate Mahek so much that He will kill her and go to jail and then I will have all this property, Grandma says you are trying to do it for years but you didnt get anything, what new you are going to do? Svetlana gets an idea and says Karona didi.. Mahek has taken her responsibility and if anything happens to her then Mahek will be responsible for it, Shaurya wont be able to control his anger and Mahek will go back to her family.


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