Married Again Wednesday 6th July 2022 Zee World

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Married Again Wednesday 6th July 2022 Zee World: Yash is stunned to find suraj giving a sack and ansh’s garments to someone on the opposite side of the entryway. However at that point figures out that it is the auditor, who has
been called by suraj to give ansh’s garments, with the goal that the sniffer canines can have the whiff of his garments and follow him sooner. He understands his misstep in his assumption and when suraj returns, he is sorry. Suraj doesnt say anything and leaves.

Yash denounces himself for having questioned suraj when as a matter of fact he also was learning about ansh. He tells arti too about his bias against suraj and what he had simply seena nd is loaded up with regret at his misstep. Arti says that it is incredible disappointment when you figure out you hav ebeen off-base about your close to ones. Arti says that she comprehends what he’s going through however have confidence that whatever happenes, happenes for a long term benefit, which for this situation is that suraj still loves and hs extraordinary worry for them very much like he used to do before and they also regard him in similar way as they did previously. Yash grasps arti’s hand saying that he was miserable and like without fail, she upheld him once more. She is praised on her energy saying that he is fragmented without her and inquire as to whether she would perpetually be with him and she gestures in a yes. He expresses gratitude toward her for this.

Arti is miserable taking a gander at ansh’s photographs in the collection. Yash also sees her like this, and taking the collection from her and keeping it to the side, he puts arti to rest and afterward strolls to the window and sits despondently.

The following morning, akash is shown chatting on the telephone saying that he has done what was needed and that he would go determine the status of the youngster from the indirect access as told to. As he enters, ansh who was alert professes to be snoozing. akash remarks that given his will, he would give ansh back to his mom however his work cannot be impacted by such feelings and that he ought to leave, in the wake of finsihing his work. he videoshoots ansh and afterward begins the PC to make a compact disc out of it. Ansh wakes up, sets to the side the rubik’s 3D shape, finding akash occupied in his own work of naming for the album, that it doesnt seem to be, his folks care for him, or, in all likelihood they would have done what was requested them.

Married Again Wednesday 6th July 2022 Zee World:  In the interim ansh views scratches and remembering them as of his dadaji’s vehicle, he chooses to put the finder alert with the goal that everybody including his folks can come looking ou for himself and salvage him. True to form yash hears the clamor and comes near the vehicle, yet before ansh can holler to him, akash puts his hand on ansh’s mouth. Yash comes upto the shade behind which ansh is kept hostage and is going to open it up, yet all of a sudden, akash stops the identifier alarm, which redirects yash’s consideration as he begins naturally suspecting who could be behind this messing with the vehicle keys. As yash disappears from the shade, akash gags ansh to prevent him from making a clamor and panics him into quietness.

Yash spots akash, putting the cd on a table in his home however doesnt see his face and pursues him, missing him a couple of times lastly gets up to speed with him and grabds him from behind. However, akash breaks himself free and moves against a wall and yash, however he tossed a glass bottle at his feet, at long last loses him, gasping to get his own breath.

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Yash places in the cd with arti and the dubeys watching. In it, akash’s voice blasts out saying that today he may be resting in harmony for the present, yet ansh wont live to see the following day if they dont do everything he says to them to do. He tells yash to separate from his better half and that the papers have previously been arranged for their benefit. They are stunned to hear it. Arti and yash check the papers out. He additionally lets them know that yash ought to separate arti in the following 24 hours and get hitched to suraj’s preferred gil in the following 7 days, to see ansh alive. Arti is in a shock to hear this. yash solaces her idiom that she shouldnt be terrified as what he needs won’t ever occur. He says that he would get ansh to them in the following 24hours and asks arti assuming she confides in him. She says that she in all actuality does yet cant disregard this as well. Yash embraces his better half and the screen freezes on his strained face.

Precap: Yash lets the reviewer know that he had severed a glass bottle at the hijacker’s feet when he was climbing the wall and he would have most certainly supported wounds and gone for treatment to some close by facility. He goes to the emergency clinic close by with the investigator and is let by the specialist know that a patient like that arrived, and is being dealt with this moment. Yash runs towards the wards to find out.


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