Married Again Wednesday 25th December 2019 Update On Zee World

Married Again Wednesday 25th December 2019 Update On Zee World
Married Again Wednesday 25th December 2019 Update On Zee World

This is Married Again Wednesday 25th December 2019 Update On Zee World.

Married Again Wednesday 25 December 2019 Update On Zee World

Vikrant asks sarita to smile, also taunting her that she doesnt want disturbing headlines. the reporter asks her what did she like the best in him. she says that he’s very different, elegant and sophisticated, but she is different from him, as she has never been royalty. Vikrant asks the reporters to leave them alone. his friends ask him to have a dance with her. He extends his hand and asks for the pleasure of a first dance. She hesitantly places her hand in his, and is taken to the dance floor. He takes her strongly. Vikrant and sarita have their first dance. sarita is at discomfort but he forcibly dances with her. raj too is tensed to see this. Raj is uncomfortable with their proximity. Later, after the function is over, vikrant goes over sarita’s mistakes during the ceremony and her hesitation and discomfort with him, and raj’s tensions too. He wonders whether it was just a coincidence, or whether it was sarita’s curt reply.

The family returns home, while kamla and soham are still gaga over vikrant’s grandeur. kamla says that they couldnt find a suitable groom for shiela though. kamla taunts sarita for making the mistake of the ring. The girls are excited for the marriage. They ask Raj about the date. raj curtly says that when he knows he would tell them too. He leaves, while kamla laments as to why is he so restless these days, and how divya shall change all that.

Sarita, in their room asks why is he upset. raj says that he isnt. He begins looking for a change of clothes. Sarita comes to him and starts searching for his nightdress as he wont find it himself. He stares at her, while she asks why is he doing that. He says that he would sleep wearing this only. She wonders whats wrong with him.

Married Again Wednesday 25th December 2019 Update On Zee World

Outside, raj is in tension and upset too at the ceremony, and wonders why is he upset as this is what he always wanted, and what is he feeling all of a sudden. He decides to talk to sarita about this, as she understands him better than he himself, and will tell whats wrong. He goes inside to find sarita asleep, clutching the nightdress, and thinks how much she cares for him, as she didnjt agree without findinbg his nightdress. He takes it from her, and puts her to sleep, thinking that tomorrow he would talk to her. He lies down on the floor, while he doesmt get much sleep.

The next morning, raj is tensed to talk to sarita and asks hre to hurry up. Sarita says that she would take some more time. She comes out, with her hair drier but raj says that he needs something. she offers to go and get tea and coffee. Raj turns off the drier and says that he wants her. Sarita asks what happened today. raj says that he’s feeling something, that only she can tell him. But before he can, munni comes and says that abhi has come, and sarita is happy. Munni says that vikrant too has come. She asks her to come down soon. Sarita is tensed and raj speechless.

As they come down, abhimaan says that he missed her. But sarita teases him saying when did he find the time to miss her. she also asks why he didnt go to school today. He points out to vikrant. She makes abhi pormise that he would finish his studies when he gets home. He complies. abhi says that now mother has his ring, and they can take her home. vikrant explains that she has to get married before she can come with them. raj too agrees. Vikrant says that abhimaan wants his mother to come home soon, and hence he wants the marriage to happen soon. kamla says that they can have the marriage asap, and teases him saying that they can have the marriage tomorrow if he so wants. raj and sarita are tensed to hear this. Abhi says not tomorrow, as its Dahi Handi, and invites them for this. He says that tomorrow he would tell the date for marriage. He asks abhi to come along. abhi says that he has to prepare for the function, hence would leave. Vikrant is about to leave, when his servants get a gift in the house. He says that its an Ac for sarita, as her mind is always hot, and it needs to be cooled down.

Sarita says that raj can get the entire house AC if he wants. Vikrant says that raj may provide this comfort, but not the luxury that he can. He says that he has never seen a person, not being addicted to luxury. kamla says that if she doesnt like, she would take it. He praises her to be an intelligent person, and kamla is hapy. he leaves, also saying that his people would get it fitted. raj too leaves. Sarita wonders why is virkant so hasty in marriage

Raj is very upset and wants to go home soon, so that he can talk to sarita. soham comes while attending to the call. He asks him to pay more attention, while making accounts as discrepancies are surfacing. Soham says that he takes the responsibility of bringing divya to the house, but he should focus. Raj wonders why isnt he happy, and angry hearing that divya is to come.

While washing clothes, kamla sees that the new clothes that shiela had got, are getting worn after a few wears, and instructs her to return only after confirming that the rohan lookalike isnt working there. shiela tkes the clothes and is in tension.

Raj calls out for sarita, but isnt able to find her. She finally comes and asks whats the matter. She asks why is he so tensed. But just then lights go off. Sarita hugs him and says that she’s very scared of dark. Raj says that she shouldnt be, as he’s with her. She asks him not to leave her alone. He says that he would never leave her alone. The lights switch back on. They both grow conscious and break the embrace. Raj leaves.

This is the end of Married Again Wednesday 25th December 2019 Update On Zee World.

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