Married Again Wednesday 11th December 2019 Update On Zee World

Married Again Wednesday 11th December 2019 Update On Zee World
Married Again Wednesday 11th December 2019 Update On Zee World


This is Married Again Wednesday 11th December 2019 Update On Zee World.

Married Again Wednesday 11 Dec. 2019 Update On Zee World

Riya asking Shivam to think of Preeti’s love. He says I support love, but she did wrong to do this thing, we lost respect, she would have told me, I m her brother, why did she hide, this is small city, every neighbor know this, they will create problems, it will affect Nimmi too. Riya says its my mistake too. He looks at her. She says whatever Mohit and Preeti told on radio, it was not intentional, I knew it yesterday about them. He asks what. He shouts and everyone downstairs hear them.

Riya says I knew they love each other, I have seen them at radio station and told them to tell family, else I will tell them. He asks why did you hide this from me. Nandu goes to corner and cries. Shanti taunts Kaushalya. Pari takes water for Shivam to hear the conversation.

Riya says I wanted to tell you, but Preeti stopped me. He says Preeti is young, she does not know, you should have told me. Riya says I was scared. Pari comes inside and shouts Riya knew it, even then she had hidden this.

Riya asks what is she doing here. Pari says I came to give water. Shivam says you did big mistake Riya. Riya says yes, now think how to handle situation. Shivam says we would have not faced this today. Shanti, Raghav and Kaushalya come there. Pari tells them that Riya knew all this and she has hidden this, she gave time to Preeti. Shanti says so you were teaching this to Mohit, you lied to me.

Preeti thinks everyone is sad because of her, she will die now.Shanti scolds Riya and asks why did she hide this. Kaushalya asks Riya did she know this. Riya says yes, I gave them time to tell family today, I did not know all this will happen. Shanti says I asked her twice, will you bring Raghav on road. Sarla comes inside house. Shanti says Riya is breaking relations, and now wants to send Preeti and Nimmi out, to dominate house. Preeti takes the lantern and takes glass piece.

Shanti says I will kick out Riya from here. Raghav stops Shanti and asks whats Riya’s mistake in this. Sarla sees Preeti from the window, that she is about to cut her nerve. She screams and Preeti stops. Sarla asks them to come fast and save Preeti, see what is she doing. They all rush. Pari likes the drama and Rani taunts her. They both argue. Shivam breaks the door and they all stop Preeti.

Preeti apologizes to them. Riya makes her drink water. Shanti sees Sarla there and asks them to go. Pari asks how can we go soon. Shanti asks her to leave, her inlaws will be waiting. Pari says I feel sad for Shanti and I hate Preeti, Nani is nice and would do your love marriage like mine. Pari, Rani and Sarla leave. Sarla cries.

Everyone cry for Preeti. Pari asks Sarla to come, no one cares for them. Sarla says Shanti insulted me again. Pari comes home with Sarla and says where will I sleep, this houses is small. Sarla says you raised up in this house. Rani says she won’t give her room, will Pari give her room to us if we go there. Pari asks Sarla to kick out Rani and they argue. Sonal says I will sleep in hall. Pari says mummys, I need my special room. Rani says I will kick you out Pari.

Shanti sits crying. Riya comes to her. Shanti stops her there. Riya asks whats your problem, what did I do. Shanti says you came here and I got cursed, you broke my sandals and then made me fall from rickshaw, you made me do my daughter’s visarjan, then controlled Shivam and Kaushalya. Raghav is taking your side, this is my Angna, you made this house peace ruined, peace will return when I send you from here, I promise I will do this.

Riya says whatever is happening is not because of me, you are the reason for all this. You force everyone to think like me, you don’t want anyone to love you, you want them to be afraid of you, I will unite and run this house by love, truth and freedom. She challenges that Shanti can’t kick her out. She says I will stay here in Mere Angne Mein. Shanti says you are challenging me. Riya says yes and turns. Shanti holds her hand and says you can’t make this house yours, you can’t change this family, I have my life to them.

Riya asks what did you teach them, hatred, you did not give them independence to live. Shanti says you will teach me how to manage home, I will show your true face and see how they all kick you out. Riya says yes, I started knowing you now, you forgot that I taught this family to identify them, I will run this house. Shanti asks are you threatening me. Riya says no, I m explaining you that world is changing. Shanti says I will see what you change, I will kick you out, this is my promise. Riya promises she will stay here in her Angna.

Sarla says I saw Preeti and saved her, and Shanti insulted me. Pari says they are all drama people, I will call my husbands and tell I m staying here. She calls Sujeev and says mummys asked us to stay here, and puts blame on Sarla. Sujeev asks her to take care and ends call. Sarla and Rani’s call bore Rani. Pari gets Vyom’s call and talks nicely. She says I m staying at mummys’ house. He asks did she get her clothes. She says I have my old clothes, I will come tomorrow. Rani comes and taunts her.

The doctor checks Sunehri and asks Sharmili to take her out in fresh air. He leaves. She asks Mama to get medicines and take Sunehri in lawn, Pari is not at home. Pandit comes and gives pics of girls for Vyom. Sharmili does not like any girl and says I m finding some girl, her pic is not in this. He asks how can this happen, I will get more pics. He leaves.

Shanti comes to Preeti. She talks to her and asks why did she not tell her before, she would have got her married. She gets angry and leaves. Vyom calls Pari and says he is missing her a lot.

They have a romantic talk. She asks him to come near her home and she will meet him. He says wait there, I m coming. Sharmili hears this. Kaushalya and Raghav are worried and have a talk. He is angry. Riya comes to Shivam and hugs him. She cries inconsolably. He asks what happened, did anyone tell you anything. She says I love you a lot and always tried to support you. He says I m also with you always, She says I just know we have to understand Preeti now. He says I trust you, I know you will do right, Dadi has gone to talk to Preeti. She says I don’t trust Dadi. He looks at her. She says I mean Dadi will not understand Preeti.

Sarla scolds Rani. Rani argues and asks Pari to come out, its her room. Sarla pulls Rani away. Rani screams. Prabha comes to balcony and asks the neighbors to see what is Sarla doing with Rani.

Ashok comes and asks Sarla to leave Rani. Prabha calls inspector to come to railway colony fast. Prabha says Sarla is torturing my niece, I will not leave her. She says she called police and now Sarla will get arrested. Sarla argues with her and calls her shameless. She turns good to Rani and asks her to sleep in room, but there is a condition. Rani agrees for any condition. Amit comes home. He asks whats happening now. He asks Rani not to break her swear on him. Sarla asks Rani to do as she says. Rani agrees. Ashok asks Sonal to sleep with Sarla and he will sleep in hall. Rani and Pari argue. Pari refuses to open the door.

Sharmili thinks to teach a lesson to Pari tonight. Sunehri bangs the door. Sharmili calls out Mama and Vyom and says I think medicine effect got less. They open the door and see the drawing on the wall. They wonder where did she go.

Sunehri runs out and they all run to catch her. Raghav tells Kaushalya that it will be tough for Nimmi also now. Riya comes and asks him to get Preeti out of room, she is crying. He says I can’t see you always going against Shanti, I know you are right, but when you and Shanti get against, I will favor Shanti.

Married Again Wednesday 11th December 2019 Update On Zee World

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Raghav asking Riya not to go against Shanti and worry for Preeti. Riya asks them to forgive Preeti. He says we will forgive her when we find right. Sunehri runs out and everyone catch her. She says you killed my husband and screams. Police passes by and hears her scream. Sharmili and Mama bring Sunehri inside. Police comes to their house and asks Mama who was shouting. Mama says I was playing. Sharmili gets tensed. Vyom ties Sunehri by ropes.

Sharmili acts mad to fool them and screams for help. The inspector leaves. Riya comes to Preeti with food. Shanti wakes up and calls out everyone saying Riya has come to make Preeti run away. She asks Raghav and Shivam to come fast. Riya and Preeti get shocked. Riya says I have come to give her food. Shanti says I told them

not to come in this room, I m tired. She says I get insulted in this house everyday, I m leaving home.

Raghav and Shivam stop her. Raghav asks Riya why did she come there. Riya says I just went to see Preeti. Preeti says she came to give me food. Shanti says tell me, what to do. Riya says Preeti was getting unwell, I went to give food. Kaushalya asks Riya not to do anything, they can’t bear any drama now.

Raghav says I know Riya cares for Preeti, but we will deal with Preeti, going against Shanti is not right, Shanti raised everyone, let her do what she wants, no need to interfere always. Riya says I just went to see Preeti. Shanti asks why, don’t you trust me, I will not stay here. Shivam asks Riya to come with her. Shanti sleeps with Preeti. She goes to shut the door. She sees Shivam and Riya arguing. Riya sees Shanti smiling and thinks Shanti is finding chance to make me fall in their eyes, I have to think and plan my steps.

Inspector asks constable to keep an eye on Sinha house. Constable says I trust them, Sunehri Mata darbar is organized here, people here can’t do anything wrong. Sunehri calls for help. Sharmili stops her and also calls for help. Inspector asks Mama to take care of Sharmili and leaves. Sharmili looks for Vyom. She sends Sunehri with Mama and asks him to give her injections. Pandit comes to Sinha house and inspector talks to him. Pandit says he has come to get proposal for Vyom. Inspector asks him is there any mentally ill person there. Sujeev comes and hears this. He scolds inspector and breaks vase. Inspector says there is something here. He leaves.

Pandit goes inside house and sees Mama taking some woman and asks Sharmili who was that. Sharmili asks him to mind his business, why did he come back, did he bring pic. He says yes, and shows pics. She says that girl is not in this pic, get all pics next time. Pandit says fine. She says I will give dakshina that time. Sharmili thinks she has to get Vyom married soon.

Police comes to Sarla. Rani and Sarla act normal. Sarla asks Rani did she do anything. Rani says nothing. Prabha says murder will happen here now. Sarla makes Rani sleep in balcony. Rani denies it and says I m sleeping in room. Prabha asks Rani what is she saying. Lady inspector scolds Prabha and Sarla laughs. Sarla and Amit joke on Rani. Rani says she won’t go anywhere leaving Amit. Sarla fools Rani saying big lovers name. Amit laughs. Pari comes and argues with them for making noise. Rani says I will sleep in my room and argues with Sarla.

Pari messages Vyom to meet her, she got chance to go in long drive, and she is waiting. Rani comes to room and sees Pari. She wishes if Pari goes somewhere, she will call Amit in room.

Nandu comes to Mohit and talks to him. He says its your mistake, I was also very angry, I thought to beat you. Mohit says fine, beat me. He drinks and is upset. Nandu says I did not know its you on radio but you did not wrong to stay in that house. Mohit says I loved her. Nandu says but think what will they think. Mohit says I realized they got insulted and cries as everything got ruined. Nandu pacifies Mohit and cries. He prays for Mohit and Preeti as he is scared seeing the situation today.

Pari waits for Vyom’s call. Vyom calls her. She says I m coming and leaves. Rani looks on and thinks to catch her red handed. She thinks Pari’s husband is romantic to come here at night. She goes in balcony and sees someone one. Pari asks Vyom is he mad to stand here, what if anyone sees. They leave. Amit wakes up and Rani smiles. She asks him to come to room, there is big rate in room. He asks where is Pari. She pushes him on the bed and shuts the door. He asks what is she doing. She sings Baahon me chale aao………….. and dances. He stops her and asks is her item song over, open the door, I have to go. She says I won’t open the door, I got this chance by difficulty. He asks what chance, dance is enough, I will shout and call mummy. She says I will do this again and again to woo you. He twists her hand and she gets glad to see his love.

Pari asks Vyom to take her on long drive. Vyom agrees and says I will drop you back home later. They get shocked seeing Sharmili and Mama infront of them. Sharmili asks Vyom what are they doing here, Sujeev is angry at home, and we have to come to find you and you are here. Vyom says I came to take Pari. Sharmili scolds them. She says I will go home and wait for Pari in morning. Pari says I will miss you. Sharmili says I won’t. Pari thinks how will Sarla give her anything. Sharmili asks Vyom to drop Pari home and come soon. She asks Mama to wait, let them go first.

Rani tells Amit that her heart is racing. Pari comes home and scolds them. She says I will tell mummy. Rani says I will also tell Sarla that you went downstairs. Pari says Sharmili and Mama came to meet. Rani says I have seen Pari meeting some guy. Pari denies it and argues with Rani. Amit asks them to keep quiet and scolds Pari. Rani and Amit leave.

Amit goes to balcony and see Sharmili and Mama. He asks Rani not to make her against her family. Rani warns Pari that she will not be of any house if she does this. Pari argues. Its morning, Shanti smiles seeing Riya bringing the tea cup. She taunts Riya. Riya says I will not give you chance to make me leave this house. Shanti add chilli powder in tea. Riya looks on.

Shanti acts and shouts that Riya added chilli powder in tea. Raghav asks what happened. Shanti says Riya has added chilli powder in it. Riya comes and says I did not add chilli. Shanti asks her to get water fast. Riya swaps the tea cups.

Raghav gets water and gives Shanti. She asks why will Riya add chilli. Shanti asks am I lying, you drink and see. Raghav drinks and asks what happened Amma, tea is really nice. Shanti asks him to drink again. He drinks and says its nice. She drinks and gets shocked. Riya smiles. Raghav asks Shanti not to blame Riya for everything, it looks strange, people will say strange things. Shanti says Riya did it. Raghav says there was no chilli, we will go to temple come, you will get peace. Preeti comes and Raghav annoyingly leaves.

Sharmili puts her pic with Sujeev and Vyom. Pandit comes and says I got more pics. Sharmili asks him to keep on table, she will check. He says I will have tea and snacks when you choose pic. He goes. Sharmili checks pics and does not get Preeti’s pic. Preeti is annoyed with Riya.

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