Married Again Update Saturday 18 January 2020 on Zee World

Married Again Update Saturday 18 January 2020 on Zee World
Married Again Update Saturday 18 January 2020 on Zee World

This is Married again update Saturday 18 January 2020 on Zee World.

Married again update Saturday 18th January 2020 on Zee World

Finally raj wins the round by putting sindoor on sarita’s forehead blindfolded. As he opens his eyes, he sees sarita, who he successfully adorned as a bride, amidst huge claps. The MC says that its obvious who has won, and calls on arti to announce it formally. She coems and announces Raj and Sarita as the winners of the competitionj, while kamla and sohan are irritated.
All clap for them, while they stay on the stage, and other couples get down. They chat up with arti, who expresses her happiness, at them having won this, despite such tough competition. she wishes that they should be togethre for the next 7 births, and maybe he doesnt know it yet, but would soon.
She says that marriage doesnt mean realisation of their dreams, but that two imperfect people perfectly complete each other. She says that every relation starts with freindship, just like theirs.
Married Again Update Saturday 18 January 2020 on Zee World
Married Again Update Saturday 18 January 2020 on Zee World
raj says that she’s a very good friend of his, and after ten years, he has set foot on the stage, and she deserves the credit for that.
Arti assures sarita, that soon the day would come that raj would confess his love for her, and says that just like yesterday, raj refused for divorce, and he would refuse for the punar vivah too. sarita is hopeful. The MC whispers something in arti’s ear.
Arti says that before she rewards the winning couple, she wants to call upon the sponsor of this competition, Mr. Vikrant Suryavanshi, amidst huge and a thunderous applause. He is introduced by arti, to raj and sarita. They greet each other. She says that they arent blood related, but they grew up in the same orphanage and he’s like a brother to her. Vikrant wishes them the best of marital life, as ideal couples are hard to be seen. The award ceremony starts.
kamla and sohan bicker on each taking the credit for raj winning the competition. Sarita happily accepts the trophy, while vikrant eyes sarita. After receiving the award, she sees raj tensed. When she asks, he says that those people who havent a single moment as husband and wife, won the title of Mr. and Mrs. Bhopal, and its ironical that when they are seperating, they are meant to be together and made for each other.
They are hogged by journalists, who ask raj questions. Raj gives the entire credit to sarita, who is repsonsible for bringing back the college days, and for winning this show. Sarita too gives the same credit to raj, for being responsible for her most precious success ever.
The other participants start creating an arguement with raj and sarita, that this is a sham, as those who are filing a divorce cant have won the competition.
A man tauntingly accuses raj of being impotent and that being the reason of their divorce. Raj is hurt, while sarita is shocked. Sarita asks him to shut up, and stop pointing a finger at raj, and what they do, its personal to them, and she’s responsible for the Punar Vivah proposal, and asks if they have the guts to find a suitable groom for their wife.
But the wife asks what right do they have to take this trophy, when she herself is opting for a punar vivah. Arti and vikrant are catching up, where arti thanks him for being an inspiration to millions, and setting an example to overcome all odds, and succeed. vikrant says that he’s getting very late for a meeting. Arti says that he’s just a succeeful man, but he shouldnt forget that he’s a person and a father too.
Vikrant says that everyone has to pay a price for being big. Arti asks what if those he has lost, turns out to be more precious. vikrant says that he has so manu people under him, and all depend on him, and if he stops, they would too. arti says thats the big picture, and has he ever bothered for his personal life’s happiness. Vikrant says that these talks for people who are still in the past, and once bitten, he’s twice shy, and he doesnt want to waste time in these things anymore. He leaves in haste. Arti is informed about the problems inside and taken aside. Arti comes and finds sarita and raj being cornered, about their relation. Arti is shocked too see their reactions.
A woman says that this is the best sham ever, where the couple thats divorcing is getting the best couple award. sarita says that she doesnt need this trophy that comes at the insult of her husband. arti comes and talks to the other couples, citing their honesty in this competition, as only they were the peopl who had the compatibility. She says that now they know that their relation is going through a rough patch, and still won a competition, due to their sheer understanding.
She asks them to look into their own lives, and wonder why they didnt win it. She asks them to leave and pondre on their own lives, before commenting on others, wishing them the best of luck for the next year’s competition.
They all leave, with bowed heads. Arti asks Raj and sarita to forget everything, and asks raj to remember that despite their relationship, sarita preserved his respect. raj is in introspection.
raj and Sarita reach home, and are greeted by their family, who congratulate them and demand for a party. Kamla comes in angrily, and asks them to go inside and sleep. They are all amused at their fate in the competition. raj asks them to shut up, or else kamla will hear and come angry at them again. He asks them go and sleep. After all leave, raj takes her to the room.
Later, raj says that first he would meet the boy, and then make sarita meet him, as he doesnt want sarita to get insulted.
sarita, who has come in with tea, and listens to his phone call, wonders what kind of game is he playing, yesterday Win, the next day Loss, one day hope, the other day despair. raj tunrs out to find sarita, and is surprised. But he says that he was wishing for tea. He is about to take it, but accidentally spills it on his finger, and sarita immediately comes to his rescue by blowing air on his finger. raj sees the concern, and says that he’s alright now. As sarita goes, raj wonders what was sarita going through. As sarita comes back asking what was he talking about, raj diverts the topic, and tells about what he had decided.
Raj says that he would take her to the same restaurant where she had run away from. Sarita says that means she’s going to a date with him. raj says that its more of a grooming session, where she would become confident of meeting her prospective groom. sarita gets tensed. raj leaves for the shop. Sarita says, that whatver be the reason, he would be with her. She says that those people worry about the future, cant live their present, while she wants to live every moment with raj compeletely.
Arti comes to vikrant’s place to finish what they had started. vikrant says that they should hurry up, as he is very busy. Arti comes to vikrant, saying that she’s come to talk about abhimaan, who needs a mother, for his all round development along with a father.
Married Again Update Saturday 18 January 2020 on Zee World
Vikrant defiantly says that he doesnt need a mother, as then what happened mustnt have happened. arti asks him not to be in a rage, and think positively, as to what yash does for her kids, could she have handled it alone. She says that he shouldnt be once bitten, twice shy, when it come to relationships.
Vikrant doesnt agree as abhimaan wont accept. arti says that evgerything would turn out to be alright after the initial resistance. when she asks for abhimaan, she is told that he has gone for karate with the caretaker, and arti says that this is why he needs a mother. Arti gets a reminder from yash regarding her flight, and is about to go, when she stops to ask him to think on what she just said, and give lots of love to abhimaan. She leaves and he is tensed.
raj gets a phone call, telling him about a prospective groom for sarita, a match thats unmatched, and the most influential person in bhopal. raj says that if they want his wife, then he would have to wait, as they have plans today. The officer complies.
As sarita is looking around for an auto as she’s getting late to meet raj, she sees a child, crossing the road, and a car speeding by.
She saves the boy. sarita reprimands the driver, and once he’s gone, she asks the child too rudely about why was he so careless on the road. Sarita sees the child scared and asks about his mother. But she doesnt find her anywhere nearby. She thinks that his mother isnt here, and she has to take him to the doctor. she starts looking for an auto.
As vikrant gets into his car, he doesnt find abhimaan, and finds sarita taking him away in an auto. He catches the boy, and has a misunderstanding that she was kidnapping the boy, and accuses sarita of being a criminal. He decides to hand her over to the police, despite her many clarifications that she isnt one. The child too tries to clarify but he doesnt listen to anyone, in his rage. They get into the car and drive off.
On the other hand, at the meeting venue, raj wonders why has sarita not come, and if she did, then if she left waiting for him, but deduces that she cant do that. But when she doesnt turn up, he calls up shiela and knows that she left an hour ago. He is all the more tensed.
Just then he hears someone’s accident, and raj rushes to the scene. when he sees the lady, he finds the bouquet and deduces that sarita was here, and wonders where did she go.
The policeman is conscious when vikrant walks in. Vikrant accuses sarita of kidnapping his child, and asks the police that he has come himself so that she isnt let free, and she gets strict punishment, so that even her husband cant save her. sarita tries to clarify but vikrant silences her and abhimaan too, and asks the caretaker to take the child away.
Vikrant asks the police to file an FIR. Sarita tries to clear the misunderstanding.
Behind the bars, sarita hopes that raj would save her. The police assures vikrant that she would be punished. Sarita tries to clear again, but vikrant asks her not to concoct lies. He accuses raj also of being involved, and sarita lashes out at him for not talking about her husband, and look into hismelf first who is nothing but an egoist, self centred person who only is concerned of buying everything through money.
Sarita accuses vikrant of being insensible, and tells that money power isnt everything. Vikrant reminds her of what and who is she talking to. Sarita says that she wont be scared, like his son, and wonders what kind of a life must he be living, feeling scared and unloved by his father. vikrant asks her that a woman who steals children would teach how to raise a child. The police asks vikrant to calm down, and leave while they desl with the lady.
Just then Raj gets a call, and hears sarita’s voice explaining him everything and shocking him too. He asks her not to worry as he would just come. Sarita is somewhat relieved. raj rushes on foot, to the station.
As he enters, sarita is distraught and raj assures her that he would get her out on bail. The police says that a bail is out of the question, as the court would close in ten minutes and therefore she would have to spend the night in lockup.
Shiela tells munni everything about sarita and decides to go to police station. But kamla stops her taunting sarita about doing something wrong again. shiela says that sarita isnt like that. kamla leaves angrily. Munni explains that raj is with her, and he wont come without her and he would get her out on bail. shiela hopes that it be like that.
raj rushes to the court and to meet the lawyer, and explains his haste and the reason for his urgency. But he is sad when he finds that the clock has already struck 5′o’clock. He walks out dejectedly.
vikram remembers sarita’s harsh words. He goes to his child, and finds the child talking to his mother’s pic, about how his father doesnt have time to listen to him, and that he doesnt like it here anymore, and wants to go to his mother. vikrant is moved by this, and comes to abhimaan, and taking the picture from his scared child, he hugs abhimaan tightly, surprising him.
Raj comes and says that the bail couldnt be done and that sarita isnt to be blamed as he had instructed her to do this, and take the child to an isolated location. He takes the entire blame so that she can be freed and he spends the night in jail instead of her. When sarita asks why is he doing this, the police informs that they dont need to sacrifice for the other, as she has been released on bail. The police points out to the child. sarita thinks that finally the father’s misunderstanding must have been cleared. As they are passing by, the child stops her, and holding his ears, he asks for his father to be forgiven.
Vikrant asks abhimaan to come along. Raj angrily goes to reprimand him for his misunderstanding and immaturity, and asks about what about the time that she has spent and the paina nd torture of being in jail, and sarita may forgive him, but he wont ever forget it nor forgive him for this. He takes sarita and leaves. The screen freezes on vikrant’s face.
It begins with Raj trying to make Sarita learn to eat with chopstick. Sarita thinks that she will not learn since if she won’t then no one will like her and Raj will be forced to live with her,
Sarita goes to tailor with Sheila and but in way she sees a poster of talent hunt competition in Bhopal for Director.
This is the end of Married Again Update Saturday 18 January 2020 on Zee World.
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