Married Again 2 Monday 9th December 2019 Update On Zee World

This is Married again 2 Monday 9th December 2019 Update on zee world.

Married again 2 Monday 9 Dec. 2019 Update on zee world

Riya talking to Preeti. Kaushalya interrupts them and sends Riya to give her old clothes for donation. Kaushalya goes. Preeti calls Nimmi and tells her that Riya is trying to know. Riya gives her old clothes. Shanti says Kaushalya has kept children’s clothes here, kids will need it, what shall we do, shall we give it to them Riya. Riya says yes, kids need it. Shanti sends her and hides the clothes. Kaushalya gets glad as this will divide Riya and Kaushalya now.

Sujeev and Vyom play. Sharmili asks Vyom where is the manager. Vyom says he will come. The manager comes. Sharmili asks Kaka to bring juice. She asks him to make some property to Vyom’s name. The manager says either Sujeev should have a child or Vyom should have a child and then give him to Sujeev, so that Sujeev names property after Vyom’s child.

They get shocked. Pari hears them and is shocked. She says I can’t have child with Sujeev and can’t bear Vyom to have child with someone else.

Rani wakes up Amit and says she made Gajar halwa for him and requests him to eat it. Sarla comes and eats the halwa. She asks Amit to sleep.

Shanti is awake at night. Mohit is troubled by Nandu’s snoring and gets up. Riya recalls Mohit and Preeti. She thinks to tell Shivam, but what if he overreacts. She thinks to talk to Preeti once. Preeti thinks to tell Mohit that Riya doubts on them and he should talk to Dadi. Riya does not find Preeti in her room. Preeti asks Mohit to talk to Dadi. He says I will convince Dadi, don’t worry. She cries and says I love you and do not want to lose you. They hug. Riya comes and asks what are they doing. They get shocked.

Riya says all this is wrong, Mohit will leave this house tomorrow, our house does not hace place for liars, else I will tell everyone. Mohit and Preeti request her not to tell anyone. Mohit says I love Preeti. Riya says relations are not made on lies. Mohit says I was waiting for right time. They ask Riya for some time, Riya also did love marriage with Shivam. Riya says I have problem with your lies, tell them the truth, Preeti go to your room. Mohit asks Riya not to tell anything to Preeti. Riya says I have given you 24 hours ..

Shanti comes and asks whats happening here. Why is Mohit here, he opened the rope. Riya sees Preeti. Preeti hides before Shanti sees her. Riya says I was talking to Mohit to get his sleepwalking treated. Riya goes. Shanti asks him to sleep and tie rope. Preeti goes to room and calls Nimmi. She says Riya has seen me and Mohit, she gave us one day time. Nimmi says go and see did Riya go to provoke Shivam. Preeti says yes, I will see. Preeti sees Riya sleeping and thinks to talk to Shivam. Mohit worries as its just 24 hours now. His leg kicks Nandu and jokes on his perfect stay here. Nandu says they are very humble people. Mohit asks him to open the rope, he is not getting sleep.Nandu says fine, I will ask Shanti and come. Mohit stops him and asks are you mad, I will adjust. They sleep.

Its morning, Shanti talks to pandit. He gives her some tips of prosperity and blessings. She gives him 20rs Dakshina and pandit argues. She takes 20rs back and gives him lecture. She leaves. Mohit gets Preeti’s call and sees her. Mohit goes and calls Preeti. He asks her to talk to Shivam. She says fine and asks him to talk to his parents. She goes to see Shivam. She says he is still sleeping, I have to tell him before Riya does. Shanti meets Kaushalya on the way. They talk and take rickshaw to come home. Mohit and Preeti talk and Riya comes to them. Riya reminds Mohit to tell everyone about him and Preeti, else she will tell. He says I will tell them. Riya takes Preeti. Nandu asks Chunnilal to exercise. Mohit argues with Nandu. Nandu says Dadi will come late, till then I will end my exercise.

Married again 2 Monday 9th December 2019 Update on zee world

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Shanti and Kaushalya come home. Shanti scolds him seeing him in vest. She says we have daughters and bahu in our house, go and wear clothes. He says sorry and runs. She scolds him calling him shameless. Preeti thinks to talk to Shivam when he comes from bath. Mohit greets Shanti and says I have come to say something imp. Shanti asks what. Mohit says I wanted to say, I want to buy saree for Shanti, will she come. She says I will not take bribe, I know everything. He thinks does Dadi know everything, Riya would have sent you. Preeti looks for Shivam and asks Kaushalya. Kaushalya says Shivam has gone to office. She worries and takes tea for Mohit and Nandu. She says Shivam has gone to office, and cries being afraid of Riya. He says if Riya sees us, it will be another issue. Nandu says tea is nice. She leaves. Nandu thinks his day will be good seeing Preeti.

Shanti hears Mohit and Nandu talking. Riya tells Preeti that its wrong to lie at home, its not wrong that you and Mohit like each other, but hiding identity and staying here is wrong. Preeti says Mohit and his family have problems. Riya says I don’t trust him, the guy who lies to stay here will not support you. Preeti asks why, you have did a lot to marry Shivam, truth looks bitter, you insulted everyone to marry Shivam and since you came in this house to create an issue daily by targeting anyone, and now me.

Preeti says rubbish and Riya raises hand. Kaushalya comes and stops Riya, asking why did she raise hand, even I did not slap my children till now. Riya says I m her Bhabhi and will stop her if she is wrong. Preeti says so now Riya will teach us what to do. She leaves. Kaushalya asks Riya to scold them but not raise hand, end this matter now. Riya says sorry.

Kaushalya goes to Shanti and says don’t know what happened, Riya was raising hand on Preeti, I held her hand and stopped her. Shanti says how dare she…. Kaushalya stops her. Shanta asks her to keep an eye on Riya, I have seen Riya with Chunnilal, she was talking to him at night, I don’t know what was she talking, I m like your mum, its not late, we will get new girl for Shivam, you just say yes, we will leave Riya at her dad. Kaushalya says no. Shanti says I m joking. Shanti sends Kaushalya and smiles. Kaushalya comes and says I m not getting those clothes and asks Riya about the children’s clothes. Riya says I felt it was for donation, so I donated. Kaushalya gets shocked and cries. Shanti looks on happily.

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