Made For Each Other Friday 20 November 2020 Update

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Made For Each Other Friday 20th November 2020 Update: On Made For Each Other Friday 20 November 2020 Update, The Episode starts with Anurag saying she would be celebrating with her family and friends, she has won, I lost, her happiness is priceless if you make someone happy, then its biggest happiness. Prerna thinks Anurag would be in pain today. Shivani thinks your happiness doesn’t reflect in your eyes like Anurag’s pain is reflecting. Prerna says I m not upset for him. Anurag says I m not upset, I m ruined, there is no sadness because she is happy. He asks Prerna are you happy. He says love means to make your loved one win, I want to see her happy.

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Prerna says I will be happy if he gets ruined. Shivani says you aren’t happy, its hard to hate someone you love the most, you can’t be happy about Anurag’s pain. Samita talks to Bappa about meeting two people today. Mr Bajaj comes home to meet Komolika. She says you here.. He says I had messaged you. She asks why did you want to meet me. He says I wanted to warn you, think ten times before saying anything about my wife, I know you are frustrated, I have no interest in seeing your face. She says if an intelligent man falls in love, he loses his intelligence.

He says I know Prerna, that’s my truth, don’t blame Prerna, that’s a warning, sorry to disturb you, I can’t come tomorrow, we have Prerna’s achievement party tomorrow at our house, you won’t be happy to know. He goes. She thinks what did she do now, that I don’t know. Anurag stands under the rain and recalls Prerna. Ek damage….plays… His friend asks him to come. Anurag says she has taught me to enjoy the rains. The guy asks who. Anurag says Prerna. Shivani says Prerna, you like the rains, right. Prerna recalls Anurag. Anurag gets inside the car and says Prerna got me out of the car and made me stand in the rain, I just looked at her, Prerna and her smile, it was beautiful, I fell in love with this rain, she taught me to find happiness in small things, I changed then, I m sure that she is still seeing the rain, the difference is, we are at different places. Prerna and Anurag hold the raindrops in their hands. Mr. Bajaj comes home and sees Prerna in the balcony. He smiles seeing her. He comes to her and holds the raindrops. She turns and sees him.


She says Mr. Bajaj… He says its tough to stay away from you. He goes. Anurag’s friend brings him home. Komolika thanks Sid. Anurag is drunk. He asks Sid to come with him, they will talk more. Komolika says its okay, thanks for bringing him home. Sid goes. She asks him if he met Sudeep. Anurag says we will talk tomorrow. He shuts the door. She says tomorrow won’t bring a good morning for you. Anurag thinks I want to be with Prerna’s memories, I miss her a lot, she will always be my life. Main tumhara raha….plays… He thinks of her. Prerna asks why did you say that its not easy to stay away from me.

The episode continued on Made For Each Other Friday 20 November 2020 Update as Mr. Bajaj says I had to say a dramatic line, so you came after me, I saved myself from a tedious job, I didn’t say anything wrong, its true that I can’t stay away from you, its your success party and I will be with you, you got all the answers. She asks what shall I say. He says say something which I don’t know. She says I felt… He says that I love you so much that I can’t control my feelings, its true that I love you a lot, but its also true that I know to control my feelings. He gives the coffee. She says you know my answer, thanks. She goes. He says you don’t know that I love you even more now, I can’t stay away from you, I can’t lose you, Anurag can’t come back in your life.

Its morning, Anurag wakes up. Komolika knocks the door. He opens the door. He says I swear, I don’t remember the night, forget it. She says yes, forget it, the matter is the same, I know you are scared that I m upset. He changes and comes. He says its called blackmail marriage. She says I just wanted this from you. He says I could do just that. She says I want power, I don’t want to get into love, I know what happens with lovers, let’s talk about work, what did Sudeep say. He gets Chatterjee’s call. He says yes, I m coming. He says I have a meeting with an investor. He goes. He asks Kaushik to come fast with him.

Kuki greets everyone. She says I missed you, dad. Bajaj says me too. He joins them for the breakfast. He says I missed this a lot. Veena says Prerna got us here. He says I don’t think she did anything wrong, I wanted to meet you all, if she is here, then it’s better that her family stays with her. Shivani says I m done. She goes. Prerna looks on and says I will just come. He says I hope you know about Prerna’s achievement party. Mahesh says yes. Kuki asks him to have some more food. Mr. Bajaj says I m done, did you read the newspaper, someone will be shocked. Komolika reads about Prerna’s company deal. She shouts Anurag.

This is the end of Made For Each Other Friday 20 November 2020 Update on Starlife.


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