Made For Each Other Wednesday 16 September 2020 Update.

Made For Each Other Wednesday 16 September 2020 Update.
Made For Each Other Wednesday 16 September 2020 Update.

This is Made For Each Other Wednesday 16 September 2020 Update.

The Episode starts with Prerna getting Anurag’s call. She says I think I shall take this outside, else you will hear our talk. She opens the door. Mohini asks what did you tell Sonalika. Prerna says you will know it soon. Mohini asks Komolika what did Prerna say, its all a lie. Komolika says nothing, do you want to tell me about Anurag and Prerna’s past, she came for some work. Mohini says nothing. Komolika asks her to go. Mohini thinks to do something to stop Prerna from coming here. Prerna sees Komolika and shuts the door. Prerna calls Anurag. He says I m showing you that man, who did the accident, can you identify him, I m connecting video call. Prerna says yes. Komolika thinks what is she taking, she can’t take a big risk with his life. Rohit hides from Anupam. He calls Komolika. She disconnects. Anupam goes back. Anurag asks will you identify him. Prerna asks where are you. She sees the man and says yes, its him. Komolika looks on. Driver runs. Anurag beats him. Prerna asks him to be careful. Ronit gets his car there and shouts. Driver runs to the car. Anurag shouts stop. Driver gets inside the car. Ronit drives out.

Made For Each Other Wednesday 16 September 2020 Update.

Anurag stops them and pulls the driver out of the car. Ronit shouts Monty…. Anurag sees Ronit. He recalls Ronit and holds his head. Driver gets in the car. Ronit leaves. Anurag’s phone falls down. Prerna sees Anurag falling. Anupam comes. Ronit and driver run away. Anupam gets shocked seeing Anurag. He goes to Anurag and asks what happened. He sees Prerna on video call. He asks her not to worry. Anurag says I m happy. He says we have to catch him soon. Mohini says Prerna… Prerna says sorry to not listen to you. Mohini says don’t act good, you are showing you are a sacrificing idol. Prerna says I left the house for Anurag, he is my child’s dad, I will not leave the child’s rights, you talk of love for Anurag, you can do anything for his happiness, understand where his happiness lies. She goes. Komolika looks on.

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Anurag and Anupam follow the truck. The truck stops at the signal. Anurag goes to catch driver. He asks who are you. The man says I got this truck as gift, they gave me the keys outside the mill. He recalls Ronit giving the keys to the man and asking him to keep driving it. He says one who wins will get 1 lakh. The man says give me the money. Anupam says he fooled you. Anurag and Anupam meet the detective. They say about the attacker. Detective says I will meet you with proof. Anurag says I want to know Prerna’s husband, it will be great if you find out, just come to me with info. Detective says have faith, everything will be fine. Driver says you said I will get money, they tried to catch me. Ronit scolds him. Komolika recalls the slap. Ronit calls her. He asks her not to come to the mill. She asks him to be quiet. He says I care for you. She says Prerna was talking to Anurag on video call, I know everything. She throws the phone. Ronit says you want money right, come, I will give you.

Prerna says shall I call him or not, if he is sleeping, so what. Anurag says someone is trying to harm Prerna. Komolika says Prerna won’t get any rights. Prerna says I have right to call him. Anurag calls her. She says you won’t believe it, I was going to call you, what happened there. Anurag says I saw some guy, I felt I knew him, I felt dizzy, I couldn’t recognize him. She says please be careful, I was worried for you, at least for my sake. He asks why are you saying this, why this worry for me. Komolika asks do you really worry for me. Mohini says I will find a solution. Komolika says Anurag isn’t away from Prerna, she is everywhere. Mohini gives her the keys. She says its our farmhouse keys, its time we go there to stay, we will handle everything, you and Anurag will unite there.

This is the end of Made For Each Other Wednesday 16 September 2020 Update. 

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