Made For Each Other Update Thursday 13 February 2020

Made For Each Other Update Thursday 13 February 2020
Made For Each Other Update Thursday 13 February 2020

This is Made For Each Other Update Thursday 13 February 2020.

Made For Each Other Update Thursday 13th February 2020

On Made For Each Other Update Thursday 13th February 2020:The Episode started when Ronit was saying I’m  that focussed, Prerna has spoiled our deal, do you realize that. Prerna thinks if he reveals everything, it will be a problem. She says Mr. Bajaj we don’t have time for this. Mr. Bajaj says he will pay for this.

Made For Each  Other Update Thursday 13 February 2020
Made For Each Other Update Thursday 13 February 2020

Ronit says you cheated me, you chose to accept Prerna’s deal instead mine. Anurag asks what deal are you talking about. Ronit says so you don’t know what I m saying, she destroyed everything, I hate you Prerna, Komolika gave everything for Anurag, Prerna came in between and stolen Anurag, now she has come to ruin my deal with Mr. Bajaj, she looks innocent, but she is so smart, she was going to marry Anurag and then accepted Mr. Bajaj’s proposal, I will tell you why.

Prerna slaps him and says that’s enough, I have told Anurag why I married Mr. Bajaj, for money. Ronit says congrats, you guys are so smart, I should pick up the hints. He pulls Prerna and says I will break her neck, step back and shut up, if you act smart, Prerna is gone, you want to save her. Goons try to come in and knock the door. Ronit says go and open the door, Mr. Bajaj you will lose if the queen is dead, I will give you a hint, get me go out of here if you are really smart. Mr. Bajaj removes his coat and catches Ronit.

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He hits on Ronit’s shoulder and faints down. Mr. Bajaj wears his coat back and says there is a sensitive nerve on the neck, hitting it lightly makes the person fall unconscious, I will call the police, stay here.

He goes out and asks the goons to choose well, ten years if they run and five years if they surrender. The goon says we are ready to surrender. Police comes and arrests them. Inspector gets Ronit out. Ronit stares at Mr. Bajaj and goes. Anurag and Prerna come out. Prerna says if Ronit told everything, Anurag would have known everything. Mr. Bajaj says I have hidden Ronit’s passport and threatened his dad too. Anurag says his chapter is close.

Mr. Bajaj says thanks for saving my wife, its time your chapter ends too, she is my responsibility now. Anurag says Mr. Bajaj, I will always be part of Prerna’s life, even if you or Prerna don’t approve of it, Prerna is my life. Mr. Bajaj says I deal my way, trust me, you won’t like it. Anurag says you have already ruined everything.

Mr. Bajaj says this is just the beginning. Anurag sees Prerna. Dil tutta ve…..plays…. Anurag goes. Prerna thinks I can’t give you hopes Anurag, I have to wait, Anurag and I have no future today. Anurag thinks its going to be you and us this time, we will be together. Mr. Bajaj says we have to wait here until our car arrives. Prerna thinks Anurag you have to go away from my life, now its not possible that we meet.

Anurag sits sad. Nivedita asks what happened. Anurag says don’t say there is something odd about Mr. Bajaj, he had hit Ronit, he was very precise. She asks what will we get talking about this, we should head back to Kolkata. Anurag says I won’t go until she is here. She says Prerna has left in the morning. He asks she left? Where? She says I don’t know, I saw the bell boy keeping her luggage in the car.

Made For Each Other Update Thursday 13 February 2020

He recalls telling Prerna that Switzerland is one the the most beautiful places of the world, Rhine falls is the most special thing, you will love it, we will spend our honeymoon in Zurich and then go to another city, Interlaken. FB ends. Anurag cries.

Anupam says he is so heartbroken. Nivedita says thank God, Anurag doesn’t know that Prerna has gone to Interlaken, he can’t find this. Anurag thinks of Prerna and walks on the roads. Mr. Bajaj hears the man instructing him about paragliding. The man asks why do you want to risk your life. Mr. Bajaj says there is no fun without danger. Prerna recalls Anurag telling her about paragliding.

Anupam asks Nivedita is she fine. She asks where are we going. He says you will feel nice. He holds her hand. Mr. Bajaj sees Prerna looking at the sky. He says wow, Mrs. Bajaj, seems like you are very scared seeing that, you and my manager have same expressions. She says its not so tough, we were going to do this. He asks who is the other person. She says it doesn’t matter, Anurag and I. He asks really, I m sorry I thought you were joking, one needs an x-factor to do anything dangerous, you seem like you are afraid of heights, I don’t think you two could do anything adventurous. She says you think just you have guts. He says do it for your love, deal? She says I will try paragliding and fly, so that you think twice before challenging me. She goes. Made For Each Other Update Thursday 13 February 2020 ends here.

Mr. Bajaj and Prerna go for paraglides. Anurag comes home and hugs Mohini. Mohini thinks is Anurag drunk. Anurag says I will find Mr. Bajaj’s weakness soon, then my work will begin.

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