Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 11 August 2020

Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 11 August 2020
Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 11th August 2020

Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 11th August 2020: On Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 11 August 2020, The Episode starts with inspector saying we got footage from your company, there was no name, it’s fine, we will check this footage. Malkhani comes. Anurag says I got proof of Prerna’s innocence. Malkhani says smart boy, good. Inspector checks footage and says someone had targeted her in your company. Anurag says yes, can I take her with me now. Inspector says okay. Anurag holds Prerna’s hand and takes her. She says I will manage, it’s okay. He says now it’s okay, what happened, are you hungry, come let’s eat something at the canteen. She thanks him.

He says you should say thanks, someone is after you in office, I m there, you will stay with me always, don’t worry, be like my shadow, you were just my secretary, from now you are my personal secretary. She says I resigned. He says you were going to resign, you didn’t resign, you can’t resign until I find your replacement, you talk so much, its good I came here before interrogation else policemen would have been troubled. She laughs.

Komolika comes downstairs. Mohini compliments her. Komolika says thanks, I love your necklace. Mohini introduces her to guests. Komolika says I want you to give me sindoor, I will get blessings and love. Kumud says I wish I had a son, I would have got him married to a pretty girl like Sonalika. Mohini applies sindoor to Komolika’s maang and face. Komolika too does the same rituals. Everyone fulfils the rituals.

Komolika says Tapur, your engagement has happened, very soon you will get married. Nivedita asks how did she know this, I don’t think anyone told her. Komolika sees Nivedita and says Mohini told me. She goes. Nivedita thinks how did she feel I m thinking this. Komolika thinks to celebrate to make Prerna out of her way. She throws sindoor in the air and smiles. She applies it to her arms. She thinks of Anurag. She dances. She says this sindoor is Maa Durga blessing, its all mine now, only I have right on this, Anurag is just mine.

Anurag gets Prerna home. He asks shall I lift you in arms and take you, what, I m joking, come. She says you said we are going to have food somewhere. He says I like home-cooked food, you should try Bengali food, I will introduce you to my family as my new personal secretary, you have to work from here also. Everyone gets shocked seeing them. Anurag and Prerna step inside the house, walking over the sindoor and leaving footprints. Kumud says it’s like a wife steps in a home with her husband during Grah Pravesh. Mohini gets angry. Komolika looks on. Anurag says look at our footsteps, it’s together. He smiles. He says Prerna saw the sindoor on the floor, she insisted me to remove shoes, that’s why forget that, why are you so silent.

Mohini asks what is Prerna doing here. He says I got her here, she is stubborn, she wasn’t coming, I got her to eat homemade food. Komolika thinks police took her, it means Anurag got her out, I m not going to forgive you for this, he will get punished. Nivedita asks Prerna did she come here on his saying. Anurag says sorry, I forgot to say, she is my personal secretary from now on, she will work from here also. They get shocked. Anurag says let’s eat some food, then we will start work. He asks Mohini to serve food. Mohini says of course. Komolika says I will just come. She goes away and shouts why is Prerna here, she should have been in jail, Ashish would know. She calls Ashish. The servant sees her. She acts normal and says I had seen a lizard.

the episode continued on Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 11 August 2020 as Anurag says much work for the day. Moloy and Anupam come. Moloy asks how are you. She says I m fine, I wanted to call. Moloy says I had called you. Anupam says you look good. Anurag says don’t you think she changed. Moloy says because of us. Prerna says no, you did it right. Anurag asks what. Anupam says Moloy has affection for her. Anurag says why do I feel like he did some mistake and apologizing, what did he do. Anupam says he has some guilt, Rajesh died in his car. Anurag asks Prerna to forgive Moloy, it was an accident. Prerna says I know, I wish this never happened. He says yes, I wish that too. Anurag says I will drop you home, come. Prerna says no, it’s okay. Moloy says Anurag is right. Prerna thinks I don’t want to tell him that the house got burnt. Anurag says I m your boss, you have to listen to me. Komolika gets angry.

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