Made for Each other Sunday 21 June 2020 update 


Made for Each other Sunday 21 June 2020 update On Starlife

The Episode starts with Anurag asking Prerna to go home and take care. Prerna goes. Komolika looks on. Prerna thinks of Komolika. She thinks am I thinking right. Anurag says Sonalika, you should be careful, Prerna was moving ahead, your foot came in between, if she fell down. She asks are you thinking it still. He says yes, we have to cautious. She says I already told sorry. He says sorry doesn’t work. She asks why so much concern. He says I was thinking what if Prerna fell down…. I need some fresh air, sorry. He goes. She says you don’t know its your baby, even then you worry so much, your blood is pulling you, I can’t accept things going out of my hands, I have to do something.

Made for Each other Sunday 21 June 2020 update 

Its morning, Prerna wakes up by Anurag’s call. He says I m sorry, I should have not behaved this way, you are taking care of your baby, I feel responsible for you and your baby when you are at my home, I want to take care, I love kids, I love to play with them, I was protective about your baby. She says I know. He says thanks, you take care, when I m not there, I will take care of you when you are here. He ends call. Komolika gets angry.

Made for Each other Sunday 21 June 2020 update 
Made for Each other Sunday 21 June 2020 update

She says this baby is the reason that can unite Anurag and Prerna, I will remove all reasons, even if its this baby. Prerna says Anurag scolded me and called to say sorry, he saved me and baby from getting hurt, I was going to fall down. Shivani says fine, take rest. Prerna says how did I fall, I m not in initial months that I feel dizzy, something is wrong. She thinks of Sonalika. She says she did this. Shivani asks who. Prerna says I m sure, Sonalika….I feel she is Komolika. Shivani gets shocked. She asks how is this possible. Prerna says she was getting angry on me, her words, body language matched Komolika, there can’t be anyone like Komolika.

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Shivani says I was going to call Sonalika, if she is a nice girl, she will leave Anurag on hearing your and Anurag’s story. Prerna says don’t call. Shivani calls Komolika and says I m calling from a bank. She tricks her to get her details. Komolika says I know fraud people like you, don’t call me again. She ends call. She says fraud people, fake calls, I don’t need money, I have hidden my ids that’s on Komolika’s name. Nivedita comes and asks are you coming in function, mom wanted to confirm. Komolika says yes, confirm. Shivani says Komolika used to talk like that. She gets Vishal’s call. Vishal says its my Sangeet today, you have to come. Shivani says no way. She sees Prerna and says fine, Prerna and I will come. He says I have to call Anjali now. He ends call. Prerna says no. Shivani says we will spend time together, baby will enjoy, please. Prerna says fine, and hugs her. Nivedita compliments Sukriti and asks where is Vishal. Mohini, Anurag and Anupam greet Vishal. Sukriti introduces Vishal. Mohini asks where is Sonalika. Komolika comes.

Mohini introduces her as her Bahu. Vishal welcomes Prerna and Shivani. He introduces Shivani as his friend. Anurag sees Prerna and smiles. Vishal asks do you both know each other. Shivani says very well. Mohini and Komolika get angry. Shivani thinks she doesn’t look like Komolika, but she will have something like her. Komolika says there is no dance in Sangeet. Anurag goes after Prerna. Waiter says this chair is for you, Sir has sent it. Shivani says he is my fav. prerna says mine too. Shivani says I m observing Sonalika. Prerna says keep a watch on her in a way that no one doubts. Anurag comes and asks Shivani to take care of Prerna.

Made for Each other Sunday 21 June 2020 update 

Komolika says we have come in Sangeet, you are still talking to your secretary. She takes him. She dances with him on Aaj phir tumpe pyaar aaya…. Prerna looks on. Anupam sees Prerna’s reaction. Sonalika hugs Anurag. Everyone claps for the couples. Prerna stops Shivani and says if she is really Komolika, you don’t know what she can do. Shivani says I will keep an eye on her from far, bye. Prerna thinks she will put us in problem. She sees Komolika and thinks she looks Komolika by every action. Waiter steps on Komolika’s dress. Komolika gets angry. She sees Prerna and calms down. Waiter apologizes. Prerna thinks Sonalika suppressed her anger like Komolika, if she is Komolika, she will react.


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