Made For Each Other Friday 14 August 2020 Update

Made For Each Other Friday 14 August 2020 Update
Made For Each Other Friday 14th August 2020 Update

Made For Each Other Friday 14 August 2020 Update: The Episode starts with Komolika moving her foot away. She thinks some other day, else you will get a chance to spoil our suhaagraat. She says I will just come. Prerna goes thinking of Anurag. She hires a taxi. Komolika shuts Anurag’s laptop. He says I was doing imp work. She says I know, it’s our suhaagraat today. He says I know what is suhaagraat but… She says it’s okay, sit, we will sit and talk, we will understand each other. Prerna thinks Anurag didn’t want this but Sonalika…. Komolika says our likes and dislikes, I know you are the shy type. He says ya, I mean. Komolika closes eyes and goes to kiss him. He says I feel awkward. He gets away. Prerna thinks I m so jealous, Durga Maa does something that nothing happens between them.

Komolika acts and says my foot tripped, its paining. He takes her to bed. He falls over him. Humma humma….plays…. She gets close. The wire gets pulled and break. The fire catches up. He sees the fire and gets shocked. He pushes her away and says one second, something is burning. He blows off the fire. He switches off lights. He says its short circuit, stay here, I will call Debu da, relax. He goes. She gets angry and ruins decorations. She says Prerna did this intentionally, I m not going to leave that girl.

Veena and Shivani get ready. Prerna says get Ragulla for me, I want to have sweets. Kaki says it means she will get a baby boy. Prerna says that’s it, I want to have sweets, its a girl, I know I feel it. Shivani jokes. Kaki says I will also come along. They leave. Prerna takes her purse. Komolika comes. She asks why did you do this, why did you burn my suhaagraat bed. Prerna asks what. Komolika says you knew it was imp day for me. Prerna says I didn’t do this.

Komolika says liar, you are lying again, yes you are a liar, I think you like Anurag, am I right Prerna Sharma. Prerna recalls Komolika. Komolika says Anurag is my husband, you spoilt my night.

Prerna gets dizzy. Komolika says you have many talents when you are free, you plan to ruin others’ plans, this time you are caught, you won’t get saved, maybe you have a crush on Anurag, don’t forget that I m his wife, it’s my last warning, stay away from him, you can’t think what I can do with you, I will ruin you. She goes. Prerna recalls Komolika’s words and says Komolika….

She gets Anurag’s message… get the file which you took home yesterday. Moloy asks honeymoon? Anurag says yes, there was an electrical issue. Moloy asks what, Prerna had decorated your bedroom for suhaagraat, it’s awkward. Anurag says yes, she is sweet, I want electrician’s number. Moloy says I will go. Anurag goes. Moloy thinks Mohini, I need to talk to you again, you crossed your limits. Mohini asks where is Anurag. Komolika says he would be in his room. Mohini says he isn’t here. Komolika says maybe he is in his study, we were going to begin our suhaagraat and everything got ruined by a short circuit. Prerna looks on.

Made For Each Other Friday 14 August 2020 Update: Mohini sees Prerna and asks did you burn it, apologies. She goes. Prerna goes inside the room. She keeps the file. Komolika thinks she is behaving weird, something is going on in her mind. She stops Prerna and says you were spying on me, right, tell me clearly. Prerna says no, I was trying to know, I think I know you already. Komolika worries. Servant says Mohini is calling Sonalika. Komolika goes. Prerna thinks when I said I know her, her face got pale, I have to find out. She goes and checks the cupboard. Komolika says did I warn Prerna in my own way, she is thinking something. She asks did you call me. Mohini says yes, it’s my friend’s daughter’s Sangeet, I want you to look the best. Nivedita says we can go shopping. Komolika says sure, will Anurag also come. Mohini says of course. Komolika thinks it means a romantic evening, I won’t lose the chance to get close to Anurag. Prerna thinks good that bed for burnt, none has the right to get close to Anurag, I m sure there is something wrong.

Anurag asks what are you doing. Prerna says I came to take red saree, I couldn’t find it. He asks did Sonalika tell you, what did I tell you, you will just do my work, you are mine, I mean you are my secretary….Komolika comes. She asks what’s going on. Prerna says I was about to leave. Anurag asks why are you asking as if you are interrogating. Komolika asks Prerna do you want to have a picnic in this room, just joking. Prerna says Anurag, the files you asked, I kept there. Komolika thinks you ruined my suhaagraat, you will be punished, be ready. She puts her foot in front. Prerna stumbles. Anurag holds her and shouts. He says you should be careful, baby…. what if you had fallen down, the baby would get hurt. Komolika says it’s my mistake, I was going to take the phone. Anurag says but Prerna should be careful.

This is the end of Made For Each Other Friday 14 August 2020 Update on starlife.

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