Lost in Love On Star Life Wednesday 6th July 2022

Lost in Love On Star Life Sunday 10th July 2022

Lost in Love On Star Life Wednesday 6th July 2022: Virat with his group arrives at Pulkit’s home and thumps entryway. He thinks that it is locked. Neighbor illuminates that Pulkit and Madhavi went out and taking a gander at their dresses seemed as though they were going to wedding. Virat inquires as to whether they saw Pulkit’s significant other whenever. She says he remains just with his sister Madhuri and little girl Harini, however who can say for sure what occurs between shut entryways. He inquires as to whether she is familiar with Sangeeta Deshpande. She says she is hearing this name interestingly. He thinks his uncertainty is correct, just Pulkit is familiar with Sangeeta Deshpande.

Sai prepares for Pulkit and Devi’s wedding and expectations Ashwini and Virat will comprehend and excuse her. Ashwini tells Shivani that Sai didn’t actually illuminate where she is going. Sonali shows Sangeeta’s scorched letter to Bhavani which she tracked down in kitchen dustbin. Shivani asks who probably done this. Omkar says clearly Sai probably taken letter and consumed it to eradicate confirmation. Saloni backs him and incites Bhavani. Bhavani says its generally Sai’s arrangement.

Lost in Love On Star Life Wednesday 6th July 2022: Pulkit enters wedding setting on horse with baratis. Devi moves joyfully seeing that. Sai gets blissful seeing her moving. Devi says let us proceed to watch from close. Pulkit’s companion requests to come and welcome baraat. Devi trusts her terrible aayi isn’t here and solicitations Sai to turn into her aayi and welcome Pulkit. Madhuri additionally demands. Virat sees Sai’s telephone turned off and requests that professional figure out this telephone number’s last area. Sai plays out Pulkit’s aarti and washes his feet as indicated by custom. His companion says he is fortunate to get a MIL/saas more youthful than his better half. Pulkit contacts Sai’s feet and says thanks to her for her assistance. Sai says she was her aaba’s daughter till now, however presently she became trouble mother and ML and Aaba should be joyfully checking out at her from paradise. Madhuri additionally commends Sai. Professional illuminates that Sai’s last area is at Pawni Lawnce where capabilities occur. Virat thinks Pakhi was correct.

Pulkit and Devi’s wedding ceremonies start. Sai Madhuri close shade between them for antarpat custom. Devi hops and attempts to check Pulkit out. Pandit chides her. Visitor stops him. Antar pat ceremonial completions, varmala/wreath trade ceremonial beginnings. They trade festoons. Sai asks god to safeguard Devi’s joy and shower his favors on Devi and Pulkit generally and ensure Virat doesn’t respond here till wedding wraps up. Pandit then, at that point, calls lady’s folks for kanyadan custom. Pulkit says just Sai came from Devi’s side, so she will perform kanyadaan. Sai performs kanyadan custom.

Bhavani exhaust before her manikins that Sai thought about removing her little girl. Pakhi requests that she quiet down. Bhavani requests that she call Virat and find out where Sai took Devi. Virat keeps driving towards wedding setting sees still 8 km are left.

Lost in Love On Star Life Wednesday 6th July 2022: Pandit requests that man of the hour put mangalsutra in lady’s neck. Devi stops Pulkit, requests that Sai get her handbag, and taking out Sai’s talented memento requests that Pulkit fix it in mangalsutra and put it in her neck so she recollects Sai generally. He does same. Pandit requests that he apply sindhoor in lady’s hairline. He does same. Visitors talk about lady of the hour is so lovely. Sai performs gatbandhan custom next. Devi and Pulkit perform pheras. Sai supplicates god not to send Virat here till wedding wraps up. Virat arrives at scene. Pakhi calls him and inquires as to whether he is fine as he ventured out from home out of frustration, on the off chance that he figured out Devi and Sai’s area. He says they are in Pavani Lawnce. She says weddings occur there. He says he will quit wedding. Pakhi illuminates Bhavani and different manikins same. Bhavani expresses she with Omkar and Ninad will go there and show Pulkit a thing or two and requests that Pakhi stay at home. Ninad says they will choose how to rebuff Sai. Pakhi says there is no requirement for that as Virat should have previously mulled over everything. Sai gets strained seeing Virat coming.

Precap: Pulkit and Devi’s wedding wraps up.
Bhavani challenges that Pulkit will be rebuffed how he was rebuffed previously.
Virat says he will capture Puikit for drawing an insane lady and wedding her.
Sai safeguards Pulkit and Devi.


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