Lost in Love On Star Life Friday 8th July 2022

Lost in Love On Star Life Sunday 10th July 2022

Lost in Love On Star Life Friday 8th July 2022: Virat lets Pulkit know that he will be locked up and strolls towards him. Sai stops him and inquires as to whether she can see capture warrant. Virat cautions to ease off or, more than likely he will capture even her for supporting a crook and meddling between police activity. Devi demands Virat not to capture her significant other and requests that Sai make sense of Virat. Pulkit says Sai had previously informed him about these phony reports and whoever have made them need his criticism, so he will show him truth. He shows unique structure.

Virat considers Pulkit’s significant other’s name to be Devyani Chavan in it. Sai says this is a similar report which she found in school. Devi inquires as to whether he figured out truth, will he let her wed her significant other. Pulkit’s companion inquires as to whether he figured out truth. Virat (grant victor of world’s most moronic cop) says examination has recently begun and inquires as to whether he arranged this phony archive. Pulkit says the one which he is holding is phony all things being equal. Sai cautions Virat that Pulkit and Devi are grown-ups and are wedding tenaciously, so he can either go to marriage as Devi’s sibling or leave from here. Pulkit says Sai is correct and requests that he go to wedding as sibling or leave with his loved ones.

Ninad says they won’t leave without their little girl. Bhavani strongly attempts to drag Devi and requests that Ninad and Omkar help her. Devi stands up to. Pulkit cautions her to ease off or, in all likelihood he will neglect to regard her. Virat says until he is demonstrated guiltless, he can’t wed Devi and orders his subordinate to capture Pulkit. Sai safeguards Devi and Pulkit and says until he has any confirmation he can’t capture Pulkit or take Devi from h ere. Madhuri and all visitors make a circle around Devi and Pulkit. Virat cautions Pulkit that he won’t extra him and not let him ruin Devi’s life, he will get back with evidence and capture him. He leaves with his group.

Bhavani orders Sai to clear out and let her remove her girl. Sai cautions her to dare not approach Devi. Bhavani says she is stressed for her girl. Sai asks where was her anxiety previously, they all understand how she managed Devi. she asks panditji to finish the marriage with seventh phera. Pulkit’s companion says they won’t let even military stop this wedding. Devi and Pulkit finish seventh phera and panditji says wedding is finished. Everybody applaud while Bhavani and her manikins leave seething. Sai supplicates god to keep his favors on Devi and Pulkit. Devi says thanks to Sai for her assistance. Sai bappa and bappa’s pappa honored her today. Pulkit says thanks to Sai playing out his and Devi’s wedding.


Bhavani with her manikins get back. Ashwini gets some information about Sai and Devi. Bhavani hollers that Sai demolished her family’s pride. Ninad hollers that Sai got Devi and Pulkit wedded restricting them and even Virat, and so on. Ashwini says how might she when even she figured out proof against Pulkit. Bhavani says it was her theatrics, she got Chavan family’s little girl wedded to a worker’s child and demolished Chavan’s family’s respect. Sai requests that Devi have food with Pulkit jiju while she gets back and bear family’s rage. Pulkit says the flash which she set by angering Virat and his family won’t quiet down with such ease. She requests that they partake in their post wedding minutes and leaves. Sonali asks Bhavani when she called Pulkit, for what reason didn’t he come and when Sai upheld Bhavani and apologized her, for what reason did she adjust her perspective. Pakhi (hanging tight for her discourse opportunity) inquires as to whether Sai did that. Omkar says OK and it was Sai’s theatrics. Bhavani shouts that Sai generally attempted to demolish their family’s respect and succeeded today.

Lost in Love On Star Life Friday 8th July 2022: Ashwini gets some information about Virat. Omkar says he has gone to police headquarters and should be coming.
Bhavani sees Virat coming and goes about as feeling lightheaded. Family races to her followed by Virat who says Sai fouled up and he won’t extra her.

Precap: Virat yells no one will talk about Sai in Chavan Nivas from hereon as Sai is out of his life and heart now. Sai rings entryway chime.


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