Lies Of The Heart Update Monday 2 March 2020

Lies of the heart update Friday 24 April 2020
Lies of the heart update Friday 24 April 2020

This is the written episode of Lies Of The Heart Update Monday 2 March 2020 on zee world

Lies Of The Heart Update  2 March 2020: While urmi’s parents are discussing with the family how to arrange that kind of money, urmi’s masi comes forward for help. Urmi very worried remembering her sauma’s demand, and her family’s concern. She thinks that she would have to find a solution, and is tensed and distraught. She dials samrat’s number, remembering her moments with him.

Rashmi’s mother is chatting with samrat’s mother, when samrat and ishaan comes in and his mother teases him about the shopping. ishaan says that this would have to be done for the new wife, so that he gets love in return. his mother gets tensed, and asks whats he got. Samratv says that its a diamond set for urmi, worth lakhs. while rashmi’s mother and others are excited, his mother is shocked to desperation.

she manages to say that its very beautiful. all compliment his chocie, while ishaan smiles. but he grows tensed, when they start talking about how urmi mustnt have even dreamed of such a costly gift. samrat’s mother tries to get it for herself, by saying that she wanted something like this for herself at the marriage. ishaan says that samrat has taken it for someone special. Lies Of The Heart Update Monday 2 March 2020

Samrat’s mother goes on a long story of her needs are never taken care by his father anymore. samrat gives in and asks her to keep it, if he likes it. Ishaan tries to say that its for urmi. His mother gets tensed, and has to say for formality sake, that he should give it to urmi. samrat says that urmi can get another one, and that she should keep this. Ishaan tries to say that its for urmi, but samrat says that they would go shopping some other day. he leaves. She pretends to be very shy and humble, modest but actually very overjoyed that she bagged that set.

urmi calls up samrat saying that she has something to say to him. He asks howcome she hasnt slept yet, as its quite late. She says that its been very late. he asks her to say clearly. She is unable to say anything, while he gets impatient.he asks what. She hesitatingly says that she cant marry him. Samrat is shocked. He asks if he heard it right. She cancels the phone, bursting into tears. He is baffled, how could she say this to him. He thinks how dare she rejected him, and hence calls her back in a rage.Lies Of The Heart Update Monday 2 March 2020

 She sees samrat’s call, and ignores it. he keeps trying frantically, so that he picks up once. He throws away the phoen in anger, boiling in rage. He goes on to shout at everyone in the family, asking everyone to come and collect downstairs right now. all are tensed, while he is highly rude and impatient. his father tries to ask, but he responds back curtly. ishaan comes and asks what happened, so late in the night.

He asks him to sit down. They all assemble and ask whats the matter. Samrat tells everyone about urmi’s call, downsizing her and asking them the reason for this kind of behaviour from her part. samrat’s mother is shocked at this, while ishaan is distraught. Lies Of The Heart Update Monday 2 March 2020

he wonders how this happened, and maybe this is a misunderstanding, as she cant do it. samrat asks them the reason. His father is baffled too. His mother tries to say that maybe this is her revenge after he rejected her once. Rashimi’s parents say that urmi isnt that type of girl. Ishaan clarifies that urmi didnt even know that samrat had refused. Ishaan asks samrat to atleast clarify.

he tries to dial her number, but samrat forcibly stops him. Relatives ask samrat why did urmi refuse and why didnt he clarify it with her. samrat says that this isnt possible, as she wont get another guy like him, as he’s like a lottery ticket for her, and she wont let him go, and hence wants to know the helpless reason for which she did this. His father asks whats the reason. samratv asks whats happened in this house, that led to this, and asks who poisoned urmi’s mind, that led to this. samrat’s mother tries to cover up saying that nothing like that happened, and he is trusting urmi more than he should. His father asks shashi, his mother if she had a talk.Lies Of The Heart Update Monday 2 March 2020

 she denies. ishaan tells about their gay time in the morning. His father gets an idea. His father asks his mother where had she gone after the Havan. She is tensed, while samrat insistently asks her where had she gone. she says that she had gone to urmi’s place, and hesitatingly tries to sugar coat her entire thing, and what she asked for. Samrat asks insistently what did she ask for. she hesitatingly says what she demanded, and tyhat all were happy and agreeing to it. They are all shocked. and that this wasnt a sufficient reason to refuse marriage for them.

Her husband reprimands her for doing something like this, without even thinking about their financial condition, and the burden she brought upon them. she listens silently. Samnrat’s father asks her to apologise. But samrat asks her not to do anything like that. all are tensed. Ishaan says that they have to patch up for what wrong they did. samrat asks them to go off to sleep. ishaan is surprised, while all are confused. Lies Of The Heart Update Monday 2 March 2020

ble, all are discussing to arrange money, from the gold loan. buaji also pffers to help, but she is told a strong no. Saroj asks trisha about urmi. Befor she can answer, urmi comes down. She tells her family sternly, at the dinner table, that she wont perform this marriage with samrat. they are all shocked and distraught. the screen freezes on urmi’s stern face.

All are shocked at urmi’s descsion, when she tells that she has told samrat even. She is reprimanded by her parents, who are shocked. she defiantly says that she told samrat that she wont marry him, and that they shouldnt try to purchase happiness by crediting for their house jewellert. she says that she wont be able to be happy, to achieve which, their family toiled hard. Lies Of The Heart Update Monday 2 March 2020

she says that samrat’s parents emotionlessly tried to make a deal of this marriage. Granny reprimdns her for this kind of mature act. buaji too begins to be angry at her. rashmi reprimands urmi for talking this brash with samrat, and that now nothing in the world can get her married to samrat. She says that now urmi would have to sit at her home, unmarried forever. her father too is very angry at her.

meanwhile, they are surprised and tensed when they find samrat, ishaan and samrat’s mother at their doorstep. They go over to greet them. They tell how they had been scolding urmi, and ask samrat not to feel bad about urmi’s words, and try to cover up for her, that she’s immature and deosnt behave maturedly. Meanwhile, samrat is eyeing trisha tensedly.

Lies Of The Heart Saturday 29 February 2020

urmi has her eyes lowered. gaurav asks samrat’s mother not to worry, as they are arranging for what she wished for, and they dont want her to be disappointed.

 samrat stops them with his hand. all are tensed. He asks his mother to speak what she came here for. She is hesitant but he asks her to go and say very clearly what she has come here for. When she doesnt, urmi’s mother is tensed. Samrat again coaxes his mother to say and all shall listen. She manages to speak that her demand was very unjustified and that she shouldnt have placed this demand, and asks for forgiveness. urmi’s parents ask her not to embarass them. samrat’s mother says that out opf her idiocy they had to go through all this trouble. she asks urmi’s parents to forget about her demands completely. samrat asks them not to interrupt so that once samrat’s mothger is done, all would realise who is actually embarassed. Lies Of The Heart Update Monday 2 March 2020

she places all the credit to samrat who made her realise her mistake. She says that she feels guilty of herself, but is proud as hell of samrat. urmi brightens up hearing this about samrat. Samrat still eyes trisha tensedly, while she too gives him a cold glance. She asks urmi’s father to forget about gold chain, and make a flower mala instaed. all smile and laugh at that. granny calls urmi and asks her to take her mother in law’s feet, and a gem of a husband, and emphasise that she is the luckiest girl in the world, to be married into this family.

urmi comes forward shyly. She touches her feet, while feeling happy for samrat. ishaan also credits samrat for his behaviour. urmi apologises to samrat, while trisha remembers samrat’s curt words. samrat laughs it off saying its okay. Ishaan lightens the mood saying that their relation is forever. it is suggested that urmi makes halwa for everyone. she shyly goes into the kitchen, while there is visible tension between trisha and samrat. He intentionally dips his hand in the juice, and then asks for trisha to show his to the bathroom. trisha has no option but to say yes.

As she shows him the bathroom, samrat laughs evilly, while asking her to be smart while playing, thinking that she instigated urmi against his mother. he asks her to be careful of who she is playing against, while she is confused. he again reminds her that this marriage would happen. She tries to tell him, but he ignores her. she is tensed.

later, urmi again gets to making samrat’s sweater, while remembering the morning’s event. Her mother finds her lost in samrat’s thoughts. urmi is shy as she sees her. she comes to urmi’s side, and sits beside her. she compliments the sweater while urmi asks if he would like it. she assures urmi that the love she is placing in it, he would love it. She tells urmi that she’s very lucky, to have a husband like samrat, as he proved today that he is a very good man, and understands everyone’s pain. Lies Of The Heart Update Monday 2 March 2020

Urmi says that he is at a high pedestal in her eyes too. She says that they are indebted forever for him, and asks her to reciprocate for him, by being beside him, just like he was today, despite standing against his family. She says that its a wifely duty to be by the husband’s but its her good luck, to be by samrat’s side.

 she says that she’s assured that in that house, samrat would walways be by her side, and nothing can be more satisfactory than that. they hug each other. urmi says that now she too is relieved of all doubts about her new home and now she has to do her part of the duty, by reciprocating the love that she is showered by, and she would always want that noone in that family is in pain. urmi’s mother says that gold would be by her side in this endeavour. She asks urmi to get ready for the evening function. Lies Of The Heart Update Monday 2 March 2020

samrat, in his room, is very upset and tensed. ishaan comes in and finds him like that. he says that he was looking for him everywhere, and teases him for being lost in urmi’s thoughts. samrat doesnt respond. Ishaan says that he’s very happy at his behaviour and feels very proud of him. He says that people talk big, but he did it, as this step relaxed urmi’s family. ishaan is all agag that urmi’s love changed him, and melted him, and asks that he did fall in love finally. samrat says that he still doesnt know much about him, and asks ishaan to watch and see how he changes, or the world around him changes, according to him. Ishaan agrees and teases him.

Ishaan plays the role of the MC, while urmi is happily listening, and trisha and samrat cross eyes curtly. samrat thinks that trisha will try again to break this marriage, but tonight he would forever seperate urmi from trisha. the screen freezes on his tensed face.

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