Lies of The heart Tuesday 24 March 2020 Update


Lies of The heart Tuesday 24 March 2020 Update: Lies of The heart  24th March 2020, Urmi talking to her mother in law as why she lied regarding name and palna as it was not given by her sister in law.

Urmi’s mother in law turns talks and says it was for child she lie. Urmi says its ok but a lie is a lie.

Trisha and Anushka talks to each other and feels delighted but Urmi’s father gets tensed to see Trish in their house as Samrat does not likes her at all and he fears that Trisha’s presence must not effect Urmi in her house.

Samrat calls home and Urmi behaves with attitude on picking up call.

Lies of The heart Tuesday 24 March 2020 UpdateSamrat’s mother talks to Samrat and realise he will let her go easily if she says sorry and thus ignites Urmi not to say sorry.

Urmi leaved Samrat’s room at night witjout saying sorry on which Samrat boils with anger.

samrat’s father noticing Urmi sleeping downstairs and calling Samrat in anger.

Samrat warns everyone not to come between husband and wife and taunts that he has already spoilt Diwakar and now they will spoil his wife.

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Diwakar comes from upstairs and speaks loudly for speaking ill words to hI’m. Diwakar says Samrat considers him spoilt because he keeps his wife with love and respect his parents.

Lies Of The Heart Full Story

After fight Samrat takes Urmi to room.

In morning Samrat asks Urmi to say sorry for his happiness and Urmi does that.

Samrat’s mother tries to ignite Samrat but gets upset to know that Urmi said sorry.

Rashmi takes her husband to Samrat’s hotel for lunch where Samrat welcomes them.

While talking Samrat comes to know that Rashmi has nor given Palma to baby neither she kept her name Mandira.


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