Lies Of The Heart Saturday 23 May 2020 Update


Lies Of The Heart Saturday 23 May 2020 Update on Zeeworld

Servants and family members all are singing praises of Urmi for making entire family eat together. Shashi gets irritated and sends the servants to work. She wonders what black magic Urmi has done on everyone.

Lies Of The Heart Saturday 23 May 2020 Update


Amrit sits on a laptop to transfer all Samrat’s funds to his name, but he doesn’t have password. He has only 3 tries to guess. He thinks most men would give wife name, but that’s not in Samrat’s case. He enters Shaurya, but it doesn’t work. He then thinks Samrat loves himself the most, so it could be his birthday. He doesn’t remember it, so he calls Aditi. Urmi hears her talking on phone and wonders why Amrit needs Samrat’s birthday. Amrit says he’s updating his diary with everyone’s birthdates. Aditi tells him. His birthdate doesn’t work as password either. He has only one try left and he decides against guessing. He looks at camera and thinks of seeing what Samrat enters through camera.

Lies Of The Heart Saturday 23 May 2020 Update
Lies Of The Heart Saturday 23 May 2020 Update

Asha is not coming out and all family members are confused/worried. Gaurav comes and she comes out running. Gaurav has something in his hands. Anu checks it and it’s Gajra. Asha gets happy knowing he brought it for her. Karan comes there which surprises Anu. All ask him why he came here. Karan says he joined Anu’s institute lately and she is not coming, so he came to check if she’s okay. Dadi asks her she never told them about it. Anu says what was to tell in that? Karan further says if she has problem with him coming there, then he will go elsewhere. Asha interrupts and says maybe God brought them together again because they are made for each other. Anu gets irritated. Asha goes on that she will also fall in love with him, just like Gaurav fell in love with her.

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A parcel comes for Samrat. He doesn’t open in front of Urmi. She tells him there should be nothing hidden between them. If he loves her, then he’ll open. He still doesn’t. She gets upset.


In night, Tauji asks Samrat if he now realized what he was missing. Samrat says yes and tells him about another surprise for Urmi. Tauji tells him to keep it up.

Lies Of The Heart Saturday 23 May 2020 Update

Samrat comes out from the bath. Urmi asks him why he didn’t tell her. He says he has a surprise. She says if that was the surprise? She goes back to work and ignores him. He tries to talk to her, but she doesn’t respond and is about to leave. Samrat acts of having pain in his leg and she comes back running. He gives her the parcel and says that secret was for her only. She opens and it’s a nighty. Urmi feels awkward. He asks her to wear it. She first says no, but he convinces her. She goes to change. Samrat sprays perfume on him and gets ready. Urmi comes out in the nighty and he glares at her.


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