Lies Of The Heart Friday 26 June 2020 Update


Lies Of The Heart Friday 26 June 2020 On Zeeworld

Samrat is unable to concentrate on the presentation regarding their new project, as he is engrossed thinking about their last spat. He, time and again, finds himself distracted, as his business clients begin to get frustrated with his negligence. saamrat is tensed, when they point out his bad attitude with work, and that they cant take a risk, and its good that they got to know his attitude towards work, before they signed this multi million dollar deal. His clientele leaves, leaving samrat in a state of shock, as he finds himself tensed and boggled and tied in a knot. His frustration is lashed out on his employees.

Lies Of The Heart Friday 26 June 2020

Payyal tries to convince her husband and her mother, who called him, but they are adamant that they dont want any kind of trouble due to her friend. She asks them to keep quiet as urmi can hear from the washroom. Payal tries to convince them but in vain. urmi is tensed as she comes out and hears what they are talking. Payal finds urmi listening to their conversation. Her husband goes to urmi, and confronts her about the same, stopping Payal from talking. payal’s husband tells urmi that they dont want to be in a problem due to her, and hopes that she understands their problem. urmi silently complies. Shaurya looks tensedly at his mother.

Lies Of The Heart Friday 26 June 2020
Lies Of The Heart Friday 26 June 2020

In her room, urmi thinks that she would have to spend very carefully as she isnt left with much money, and if she doesnt land a job soon, she would be in real trouble. payal comes in and apologises that she couldnt help her at all, and she had to leave the house too. urmi asks her not to bother, as she understands her helplessness. payal asks where would she go. urmi says that she has no clue. Payal asks her to go back to samrat, as its the safest here. payal asks her to think about shaurya, and not try and fight against this male chavinistic society. payal tries to get her to compromise just like all women do. urmi says that she doesnt know about everyone, but she wont, as he crossed all limits. urmi says that it maybe a predominant society but she would find her existence and shall show the world that she can make somehting out of herself. urmi says that women have borne hence this trend has continued but once the female raises her voice, things can change. she says that she doesnt want to change everyone, but wants to initiate the change if need be. Payal says that this is extremely difficult, and she alone cant do this. urmi says that she knows that she can succeed, and payal wishes urmi all the best. they hug each other.

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Samrat finds gaurav in a new office, and asks whats he doing here sarcastically. gaurav curtly says that he is here for an interview. samrat asks him not to bother to appear for it, as he shall tell him the result rightaway and thats gaurav shall fail terribly at it. gaurav tells him that if he thinks he can scare gaurav into stopping to help urmi, then he is mistaken. Sanrat asks him to go ahead and help urmi all that he cares, as he knows that in the end, urmi shall and will have to come back to him. Gaurav is in a rage. samrat leaves taunting him.

Lies Of The Heart Friday 26 June 2020

gaurav and Samrat are driving on the road, when they see each oher, with samrat noticing him first, and remembering his fist and his statements. soon it comes down to an unsaid race, in which samrat takes it on his ego to outrun him, and in his bid to do that, he starts gloating looking back, and then hits a pedestrian, and blsames it on him too. But he is shaken from inside, when he doesnt move aftre having fallen down. gaurav, coming from behind is shocked too. Samrat is dazed, and scared that gaurav is coming from behind. He starts the car and drives off. The screen freezes on Gaurav’s tensed face.


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