Lies Of The Heart Friday 15 May 2020 Update

Lies Of The Heart Friday 15 May 2020 Update

Lies Of The Heart Friday 15 May 2020 Update on Zee world.

Shashi is getting restless thinking if there is any effect on Urmi or no by now. Her husband comes there and asks what’s going on in her mind. She sends him away saying she wasn’t feeling good so she came out.

Lies Of The Heart Friday 15 May 2020 Update

Lies Of The Heart Friday 15th May 2020 Update

Shaurya is making a drawing on Samrat’s plaster while Samrat is watching Urmi. He shows drawing to his parents and both say very good together.

Lies Of The Heart Friday 15th May 2020 Update

Samrat calls Shaurya to him and asks him to ask Urmi what she wants on her birthday. He asks and Urmi replies nothing. Samrat tells Shaurya to say that everyone takes something. He says that to Urmi and she says she has everything.

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Shashi comes in and asks Urmi how she’s feeling. Samrat says he’s injured on bed and she’s asking her. Shashi says Urmi does so much work so she thought to ask her. Samrat tells her to stop her drama and go to sleep, he knows very well that she’s acting. He will have to show her to doctor and get all junk out from her dirty mind. Shaurya laughs. Shashi says good night to both and leaves.

Gaurav’s mum is serving dinner to him and Asha. Gaurav seems to be frustrated. Dadi comes there and asks what happened? They didn’t eat at party or food wasn’t good. Both stay quiet. Dadi whispers to Gaurav’s mum that Asha must have done some silly thing.

Amrit is looking at some papers when a staff enters without knocking. He gets mad at him and asks him to leave. He again looks at the papers and smiles. He says soon all Samrat’s property will be his and he will be on street, begging with his entire family. He just has to sign the papers.

Doctor is doing Samrat’s checkup. He tells doctor that he wants the plaster to be removed. Doctor tells him to be patient. If everything is okay after a week, then he will remove. Samrat says only one week, after that he will remove himself. Tauji asks him to be stop being childish. Doctor tells Urmi that she’s taking good care of him, but seeing his stubbornness, she will have to take extra good care.

Later, Urmi is doing Samrat’s shave while he watches her. Then she gives him a bath and he again continuously glares at her. He makes her wet with his hair too, but there is no effect on her, she just continues doing her work. Later, she opens his head bandaid and takes care of his wound. She gives him medicine and he coughs. She takes care of him. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his chain. She removes it and leaves. Samrat smiles looking at her. A week is over and his plaster is removed. Later, Amrit comes with the files. Urmi comes and dries her hair. Samrat gets distracted as he glares at her. Amrit quickly takes his signatures on the property papers. He comes out smiling. Tauji comes there and he gets scared, but Tauji leaves. Amrit smiles and says Samrat doesn’t know what papers he signed. He put full stop on his life by himself.

A servant passes from there. He stops him and asks if he has any manners or no how to behave with boss. He asks him to say namaste to him if he wants to continue working. The servant does it and leaves. He gets happy and then calls to registry, but he’s told that nothing can be processed before Monday. He looks down at Samrat’s parents and says they have 2 more days to enjoy.

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The drama continued to unfold on Lies Of The Heart Friday 15 May 2020 Update when Samrat tells Tauji that he’s trying his best but it has no effect on Urmi. Tauji encourages him in his poetic way to keep trying. Urmi will melt down. Tauji is happy knowing Samrat is at least making efforts. He leaves.

Urmi’s parents come to Samrat’s house. Shashi tells them that Urmi is not at home. They say Samrat called him here. She asks why he would call them. From upstairs, Samrat tells his mum she doesn’t need to know that and calls Urmi’s parents to his room. All get worried wondering if anything happened or what.

Shashi brings them to Samrat’s room. He asks Shashi who called her here. She says she just came like that, to drop Urmi’s parents. He tells her to leave now then and asks her to close door. Urmi’s parents get worried. They ask him if Urmi made any mistake. He tells them that Urmi shall not find out what he’s going to say. If she does, then it won’t be good for them.

This is the end of Lies Of The Heart Friday 15 May 2020 Update.

Precap: Urmi gives sweets to everyone. Samrat’s dad asks her if anything is special today. She is hurt as no one remembers her birthday.

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