Lady Luck Monday 20th January 2020 Update on Zee World

Lady Luck Monday 20th January 2020 Update on Zee World
Lady Luck Monday 20th January 2020 Update on Zee World

This is Lady Luck Monday 20th January 2020 Update on Zee World.

Lady Luck Monday 20 January 2020 Update on Zee World 

Surbhi reminisces Pavitra’s insult and thinks why is she feeling bad.

Bhoomi enters and says she still loves bhai/Varun, so she is feeling bad. Surbhi asks her to stay away from her. Bhoomi says Pavitra is technically Varun’s wife and will make her more jealous. She can help her reunite with Varun.

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Surbhi shouts again to stay away from her. Bhoomi walks out saying she will reunite her bhai and bhabhi for sure. Varun passes by and says he will never accept Surbhi again. She reminds him howmuch he was tensed when Surbhi rejected him first and after marriage, how he fulfilled all her demands and took care of her. Varun starts thinking..

Pavitra gets jealous seeing Suman laughing seeing comedy on TV. She starts yelling that she is a waste body and could not spy on Vasundhara and Bhoomi well, now Vasundhara is acting as accepting fake girl as Bhoomi. Suman says she cannot understand… During their conversation, Pavitra gets an idea and leaves laughing.

Pavitra sees Bhoomi cooking in kitchen and to send her out yelling at Latha to go and press her new saris. Bhoomi says she will. Pavitra yells and sends them both. She then enters kitchen and also sends servant to help them and inform her if they speak about her. Once he leaves, she mixes laxative in Vasundhara’s khichdi and smirks thinking badi maa will not reach court today.

During breakfast, Pavitra smirks seeing badi maa/Vasundhara eating khichdi. Bhoomi gives badi maa sweets. Pavitra thinks she should force badi maa to eat more khichdi to get diarrhea and asks badi maa to eat more khichdi. Badi maa says she is done and she can eat more. Pavitra says even she is done.

She starts getting diarrhea, makes weird faces and runs into her room. Bhoomi laughs. Pavitra repeatedly goes to bathroom and thinks Bhoomi replaced badi maa’s khichdi… Bhoomi continues laughing.
Yuvraaj performs Divya’s death anniversary pooja. Servant gives him courier envelope. He opens envelope and is surprised to see Bhoomi’s pic. He removes garland from pic and says pooja paid him well and hs is Divya is alive.

Vasundhara asks Bhoomi how did she know about Pavitra’s plan. Bhoomi says she doubted Pavitra when she sent servant behind her and realized she wants to stop badi maa from reaching court to strengthen her case. She then saw jamal gotta/laxative in dustbin, so she threw badi maa’s khichdi and mixed jamal gotta in Pavitra’s food.

Pavitra gets very weak after bouts of diarrhea and yells she will not spare bhoomi. Bhoomi enters, force feeds her medicine and says it is sleeping pill and she cannot reach court. Pavitra yells she will be shocked tomorrow when her husband Yuvraj comes.

Ansh yells at Bhoomi and says he does not know why she is helping badi maa and if she harms badi maa, he will not spare her. Badi maa comes down with Agram and Inder and asks if they care ready, they can accompany her to court. Ansh looks at Bhoomi and says he will come in his car. Badi maa leaves.

Ansh then starts agruing with Bhoomi again. Bhoomi says their motto is same to save badi maa and family and whatever she is doing, he would have done 6 months ago. Pavitra tries to brainwash him against Bhoomi and says imposter will dupe them and escape with money. He says if she is done, he will go now and leaves.

Yuvraj travels in his car looking at Divya’s pic to hospital to meet Maheshwari. Driver enquires and informs him that Maheshwari is in ICU room. Yuvraj reaches Maheshwaria’s room, locks door, and with his cruel drama shouts why did not he inform that Divya is alive.

Prajapati family reaches home from court happily and Agram says it is good judge gave judgement in their favor in 1st hearing itself. Ansh asks why are they getting happy when fake Bhoomi won case, she will show her true colors now. Badi maa says she trusts Bhoomi completely.

Agram asks what next. Suman loudly asks servant to get them pakoras and tea. Badi maa says her tigress roared after many days.

Pavitra enters with Varun and asks how dare they are to enjoy snacks and tea being her servants and asks if they forgot about the debt they have to pay her. Bhoomi asks them all to sit and says Pavitra she forgot that court gave judgement in her favor and made her 50% owner of this property, so she forgives their debt. Everyone smiles. Pavitra fumes.

Yuvraj continues torturing Maheshwari and removes his oxygen mask. He gasps for air. Yuvraj then makes him sit on wheelchair and takes him from ICU room to store room, nobody bothers to notice them.

Pavitra shouts at servant to take back snacks and tea. He stands silently. Bhoomi says he will not listen to her and says she would have learnt some manners, now nobody will listen to her and she should hire new servants. She can also start working herself now as she prepared laddoos the other day. Pavitra thinks let her fly until her husband comes here.

Yuvraj takes Maheshwari to store room, touches his feet, says he will go now. Maheshwari gasps for air. Yuvraj says he wants to meet him next time, but cannot as he will be in heaven. He locks door and leaves while Maheshwari pleads for help and dies. Yuvraj smirks and says he is going to meet his wife now.

This is the end of Lady Luck Monday 20th January 2020 Update on Zee World.

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