Lady Luck Friday 13th December 2019 Update On Zee World

Lady Luck Friday 13th December 2019 Update On Zee World
Lady Luck Friday 13th December 2019 Update On Zee World

This is Lady Luck Friday 13th December 2019 Update On Zee World.

Lady Luck Friday 13 Dec. 2019 Update On Zee World

Inder happily informs Vasundhara that they got outhouse permission and soon they will get water and electricity permission. She says it is a good news. She then tells Bhoomi that she will give her 3 months to fill kalash/bowl and if she fulfills all her challenges, she can add 1 fistful of rice in it and if she does not, she will remove 1 fistful of rice. IF she does not complete challenge, she will stay in outhouse alone without Maan. She says her first task is to keep moun vrat/silence for 1 day. Ugly suman gets happy hearing that and returns kalash to her. Bhoomi feels devastated.

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Surbhi calls ugly suman, but she does not pick it. Varun comes. She says she thought whole night and realized that renovation is waste of money and their relationship matters. she asks him to freshen up

while she prepares him breakfast. He thinks she is weird. She then relaxes wearing mask. Ugly suman calls and tells about Bhabhimaa’s challenge for Bhoomi that she should fill kalash in 3 months, else leave house. She will not let him fill kalash and will clear Surbhi way to come back here with Varun.

Maan gets ready for office. Bhoomi gives him files. He says he does not need her help. He then starts searching important service tax file, but does not get it. She finds it and gives it to him. He takes it and leaves without speaking.

Surbhi gets Varun’s friend’s call informing her that he and other friends will come her home for dinner tonight. She gets tensed. Varun takes call and asks if she will prepare food. She says yes.

Ansh hears Latha telling Bhoomi about her maun vrat. He scolds Bhoomi to stop her drama as she cannot win badi maa’s heart with it. She thinks she is not doing any drama.

Surbhi gets tensed thinking how to prepare dinner for Varun’s friends. She goes to kitchen and sees Dhara preparing food. Dhara asks if she has any work. She says yes and asks her to go and rest as Varun’s friends are coming for dinner, so she will prepare food. Dhara asks her to call her if she needs help. Surbhi says she will and sends Dhara. She then puts nail polish on hand, wraps it with kerchief and shouts. Dhara, Janaki, and Daadi come hearing her shouts. She shows fake blood and falls unconscious.

Vasundhara calls ugly Suman and says her guru sent milk in a pot and asks her to boil it for sweets. Ugly picks it carelessly. Vasundhara asks her to be careful and not let even a drop out. Ugly walks out and sees Latha and Bhoomi drawing rangoli and says they are enjoying, but bhabimaa gave her hard work. Latha says she will help her. Ugly says she does not need help. She then gets idea to break Bhoomi’s moun vrat.

Surbhi acts as feeling week, but wants to prepare food. Janaki and Dhara ask her to rest while they prepare food. Daadi asks if she has severe pain. Surbhi says a lot. Daadi says it will be late till Varun comes, so she will bandage her wound. Surbhi says she wants only Varun bandage her as it will be romantic. Daadi asks if she has gone mad.

Ugly keeps milk to boil, breaks gas knob, and then shouts. Latha and Bhoomi run in. Ugly says she got back sprain due to carrying milk pot. Latha asks her to rest while Bhoomi boils milk. Ugly asks bhoomi to be careful as bhabhi maa asked her to prepare pooja kheer with this milk. She then thinks bhoomi will see milk spilling and will definitely call for help. bhoomi sees milk boiling and tries to switch off gas but knob is broken. She does not find cloth and gets tensed. She tries to pick hot pot with bare hands.

This is the end of Lady Luck Friday 13th December 2019 Update On Zee World.

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