Kundali Bhagya 3 February 2020 Written Episode

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This is Kundali Bhagya 3 February 2020 Written Episode.

Kundali Bhagya 3 February 2020 Written Episode 

Episode Start with Ramona reveals to Prithvi somebody would doubtlessly think about Preeta. Prithvi goes to look Sherlin being pointed by Ramona and miracles consider the possibility that Sherlin discovers him asking about Preeta.
Ramona brings Sherlin out of a gathering of women and gets some information about Preeta. Sherlin thinks about whether this is Prithvi. Prithvi strolls straight out of the corridor. Out of nowhere there was an assault of covered looters in the lobby. Rishab attempts to forestall the disarray while everybody went around. Prithvi covers up under a table to spare his life. One of the looters hold Rishab on firearm point.
Kundali Bhagya 3 February 2020 Written Episode
Kundali Bhagya 3 February 2020 Written Episode
Dadi reprimands Shrishti for every one of her responses. Rakhi attempts to quiet her down. Shrishti mentions to them to acknowledge what they consider right. Dadi demands what they are stating is correct. Rakhi asks Shrishti to do what they desired and evacuate Maira’s henna.
Shrishti offers them to check the oil and not accuse her later for. Dadi minds the oil. Shrishti wipes the henna through cotton and oil. They notice the henna shading was blur. Shrishti says Maira’s henna is incredibly dull. Karina had said the quicker the shading, more love there is between life partners. She leaves the room.
There was a projectile shot in the lobby. Preeta and Karan were going to enter and were alert. Shrishti was surprised, so were the women in the rooms. The burglars grabs and gathers mobiles. Karan doesn’t let Preeta enter the corridor and hauls her outside. She freezes that there must be some issue inside.
Karan says they have firearms and there can be anything, he asks about any elective passage. Preeta diverts towards a window from kitchen. They affirm there wasn’t anybody. Karan wasn’t prepared to let Preeta in, and he would go alone to deal with. Karan swears her on his life. He gives her the telephone to call him if necessary.
Sherlin was covered up under a similar table as Prithvi, isolated by blind. The burglars requested the jewellry from women. Rishab detects a telephone lying just around Kritika. Kritika peruses the sign from Rishab and signs Sameer to pass the telephone on. Sameer comprehends Kritika needs to pass the telephone to Rishab.
Kritika tosses the telephone yet it falls under the table. Sherlin got the telephone and chooses to toss it back, imagine a scenario where somebody detects her. The telephone hits Rishab’s foot. He comprehends somebody helped him. He sits to make a call.
Sherlin laments tossing the telephone, however she could have called police. A looter spots Rishab deciding and gets him. Another spots Sherlin’s hand and hauls her out.
Rishab thinks Sherlin tossed the telephone to support him and was gotten, how he can support her. There, Sherlin thinks Rishab more likely than not tossed the telephone and got her captured. The burglars’ friends go to the corridor saying they cut the CCTV wires and telephone associations. Rishab demands them to save everybody, there was a Mehndi work going on. The burglar giggles that there must be a lady of the hour also.
Rishab offers to pay them more cash than all the gold, on a condition they don’t hurt anybody. They request money. Rishab says he has no money, he can move cash in their records. The burglars state they aren’t insane to get captured. Karina comes as Rishab’s guardian angel however was irritated. Rishab and Sameer charge at the gunned men angrily. The looters at last got Rishab, tying him with a seat and his mouth tied. One of them request Sherlin to abandon her jewellry.
Prithvi got an opportunity to escape from the corridor. He finds a spot to cover up and goes to the husband to be’s room.
Two men go to the hallway. Prithvi conceals himself behind a stool and remembers them as the burglars. They pass by Prithvi leaving a veil on the floor around.
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