Kundali Bhagya 12 February 2020 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya Written Update 18 August 2020

This is Kundali Bhagya 12 February 2020 Written Update.

Kundali Bhagya 12th February 2020 Written Update 

On Kundali Bhagya 12th February 2020 Written Update: The episode started when Sherlyn praised Mahira for her intelligent plan. Mahira told Sherlyn that she hates Preeta so much and can do anything to keep her out if sight.

Kundali Bhagya 12 February 2020 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 12 February 2020 Written Update

She said that Preeta redundantly refused to love Karan before and then returned in his life to snatch her happiness. She doesn’t want anything such to happen. She tells that once Preeta gets convicted, then everything will get fine. Sherlyn asks her to stay away from the court for some more hours, so that Karan falls helpless. She assures to manage Aroras and Luthras. The court hearing begins and scares Sarla further. Mahira doesn’t turn up.

His lawyer Rakesh asks the judge to give the verdict, since Mahira will not withdraw her complaint at any cost. Preeta’s lawyer Ravi wants the court to stop the judgement until Mahira comes. Sherlyn lies to the family and attends the hearing. She is happy to testify against Preeta. Sarla awaits Karan, who promised to save Preeta. She doesn’t want Karan to shatter Preeta’s hopes. Karan thinks who had kidnapped Mahira. He searches for her. Mahira finds Karan reaching the place.

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She asks the hired goons to tie her up and make the kidnapping look real. She wants them to stop Karan for more time. Karan falls into the drama. He believes Mahira. Karan bashes up the goons and rescues her. The goon hits on his head to faint him for hours. Preeta senses Karan is in trouble. She tells Shrishti that Karan isn’t fine. She wants Shrishti to call him. Mahira slaps the goon and shouts on them for hitting Karan on his head. Karan hears Mahira’s conversation with the goon. He asks Mahira if she is involved with the goons. She gets panicking. Preeta wants to get Karan’s welfare.

Rakesh asks her to stop her drama. He tells that Preeta is misleading the court and trying to escape. Sarla and Janki defend Preeta. Preeta wants to see Karan once. She gets insulted. Rishabh takes a stand for her. Sherlyn enjoys Preeta’s plight. She wants Aroras to get more humiliated. Sherlyn is glad that Mahira is winning the case. She gets a huge shocker on seeing Karan getting Mahira to the court.


She asks Mahira to do anything, but not go in. Mahira tells her that Karan got to know everything. She had tried to fool Karan once again by another drama. Karan gets tricked by Mahira’s new drama. He saves Mahira from the goons, feeling she was in real danger. He forgets that he had overheard her conversation with the goon. Strangely, The new drama erases his memory of the first drama.

Sherlyn asks her to not help Preeta. Karan asks Mahira to fulfill her promise. Mahira fakes unconsciousness to trouble Karan. Karan wants Mahira to get up and withdraw the case. Shrishti tells the judge that Preeta is blamed, when she is innocent, she would have got injured in the same accident. Rakesh doesn’t think Shrishti is saying the truth. Rakesh asks judge to punish Preeta. Ravi awaits Karan, who told he would bring Mahira soon. Sherlyn gives the statement against Preeta. She also provides fake evidence. She requests the court to punish Preeta right away. Judge declares Preeta as a convict.

Kundali Bhagya 12 February 2020 Written Update 

Preeta and her loved ones worry when the judge announces her punishment. Sherlyn and Kareena turn happy. Karan struggles to get Mahira inside the court, Preeta’s fate helps her. The court case gets adjourned for a day. Rishabh rushes to find Karan.

Preeta meets her family. They have an emotional breakdown. Karan meets Preeta. The family gets to see Mahira unconscious. Mahira acts innocent. She reveals her unexpected kidnapping. Rishabh can’t believe it. Sherlyn insults Sarla and predicts a long punishment for Preeta. Sarla reprimands her in anger, but fears the worse for Preeta.

This is the end of Kundali Bhagya 12 February 2020 Written Update.

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