Kundali Bhagya 11 August 2020 Written Episode

Kundali Bhagya 11 August 2020 Written Episode
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Kundali Bhagya 11 August 2020 Written Episode: The episode started with Dadi and Kareena blaming Preeta on seeing Police there. Ramona says Preeta wants to stop this wedding so she would have lied to them and asks Police to not believe them. Karan says they came to arrest him so he will go with them but after completing the wedding. Police says they didn’t come to arrest Karan. Preeta says this is the problem with Luthra, without knowing the truth starts to blame others and says she didn’t call anyone. He asks where she went in between the wedding if she didn’t call them then.

She recalls how she started to cry without her knowledge and leaves from there before anyone notices her. She decides to witness Karan’s wedding even though he is marrying the bad girl whose thinking and actions are so evil. Preeta replies that she need not inform him about everything she does and she didn’t try anything to stop his marriage. Rishab asks Police why they are here. Police inspector says they were following the kidnapper’s boss and they got the information that person is inside the Luthra house currently.

Prithvi says if Sherlyn took Preeta easily then they won’t be in winning side. She says he is giving unnecessary importance to Preeta and she is dumb like Preeta and yells at him for coming here and says it’s his another mistake. She asks what he will answer if he gets caught. He shows the mask to her. She makes fun of his mask. He says he came to finish the job which has been ignored because of her overconfidence.

He says until Preeta is here she will try every possible way to stop the wedding. She gets irritated with him and asks him to stop talking about Preeta saying she can’t stop this wedding. She says she doesn’t have time to hear his stupid stories. He says he is sure that Preeta won’t let happen this wedding. She says already Karan and Mahira would have completed the rituals and asks him to witness hiding from everyone.

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