Kumkum Bhagya 4th February 2020 written Episode

Kumkum Bhagya 27 February 2020 written update
Kumkum Bhagya 27 February 2020 written update
Kumkum Bhagya 4th February 2020 written Episode
Kumkum Bhagya 4th February 2020 written Episode

This is Kumkum Bhagya 4th February 2020 written Episode.

Kumkum Bhagya 4th February 2020 written Episode

On Kumkum Bhagya 4th February 2020 written Episode: Ranbir saw  Prachi’s calling on the mobile phone, and he rejected the call.
Prachi thought he was arrogant and thinks about talking to him in college.

Rhea asked him to drop her by the college.
Ranbir said, why not and asked her to come?

Pallavi asked Rhea to take care of him. Rhea said,  I will be with him 24 hours. She became happy and thinks he didn’t take Prachi’s call.

Prachi waited for him outside and thinks about talking  to him.

She hopes his anger is lowered today. Rhea and ranbir come home. Rhea says my car was not working. Ranbir says I know you don’t want to make me feel alone. Rhea says you know about my feelings for you. Ranbir doesn’t hear her and looks at Prachi who is standing there. Ranbir goes ignoring Prachi, while she calls his name. Rhea tells Prachi that Ranbir doesn’t want to

talk to him and asks her to stop chasing him. She comes to Ranbir and tells that she explained to Prachi not to chase him. Nick comes to college and asks friends to brief him about the college updates. They tell about Ranbir’s arrest. Nick asks where is Ranbir? Ranbir is walking thinking of Prachi.

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Aryan comes there and hugs him. Ranbir says he can’t bear that Prachi doesn’t believe him. Aryan asks him to control his feelings. Ranbir asks how? Nick comes there and says sorry to Ranbir. He then asks about his case and says that girl broke our friendship and ruined you. He says she must have told something else if she wanted to send you to lock up, but molestation? He whispers something in his ears and says prachi is a MMS material. Ranbir beats him for talking bad about Prachi and asks him to leave. Aryan takes Ranbir to a classroom and asks why you got angry. Ranbir says I can’t bear what he said and he was saying dirty thing. He says I love her and can’t hear anything bad about her.

Shahana is sitting there. Ranbir asks her not to tell this to Prachi and says she will feel bad. Aryan asks her to tell everything to Prachi, as Ranbir is bad in her eyes and Maya is very good. He asks what is Prachi’s problem, what does she think of herself and if she wants to do this then why she said that Ranbir is a good guy in Police station. He asks her to tell prachi not to come infront of him and says if she comes infront of him then he doesn’t know what he will do. Shahana asks him to shut up and says Prachi is not with Maya, but with Ranbir. A friend asks Ranbir to play football. Ranbir says he will talk later.

Prachi comes infront of him and asks him to hear her. Ranbir says he don’t want to talk to her. Prachi takes him to class room and asks if he thinks she is a small kid and mad not to see truth or lie. Ranbir asks her to leave his hand. Prachi says I will twist your hand and is not afraid. Ranbir says this is your problem. Prachi gives him her swear. Ranbir stops and closes the door. She says I didn’t know that you believe on swear. Ranbir says I don’t believe on swear, or God. Prachi tells him that she believes him and asks him to look in her eyes. She says I know that you haven’t done anything with Maya, you haven’t molested her. She says what is important is I trust you. Ranbir gets emotional. Prachi tells that she saw Maya trying to commit suicide infront of the office and says she saved her.

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She said that Maya is after you and wants me to get you punished. She says someone is behind her and wants me to get you punished. She says I know why she is lying, but I know that you can’t do this. She says you are right, infront of me, you can’t do this with any girl and can’t touch anyone without permission. She says sorry and says I didn’t know that you will react this way and I was acting.

She tells that she told Police officer that she saw him going to room with Maya and kissing her. Ranbir says I didn’t kiss her. Prachi says listen to me, I am not with Maya, but with you. I am acting so that I can know her strategy and can save you from her conspiracy. Ranbir gets teary eyes and thanks her for trusting him and showing faith in him. Prachi wipes his tears and says you have become understanding. Ranbir says my mummy also says that. I shall go and tell them that you are with me. Prachi said nobody shall know until I find out the truth and asked him to promise that he will not tell anyone. She says she will maintain distance from him and his family. He asks what is her plan? Prachi says they will talk out and asked him to go and she will come after 2 mins. Ranbir tells that she didn’t force him to come, he came with his wish. Prachi looked at him.

This is the end of Kumkum Bhagya 4th February 2020 written Episode.

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