Kulfi the singing star Wednesday 4th December  2019 update on starlife

Kulfi the singing star Wednesday 4th December  2019 update on starlife
Kulfi the singing star Wednesday 4th December  2019 update on starlife

This is Kulfi the singing star Wednesday 4th December  2019 update on starlife.

Kulfi the singing star Wednesday 4 Dec. 2019 update on starlife

Mohendar says kulfi I’m your father from today, i’m able to do the entirety for you, a father has to do and i’ve achieved for sikander, I made him sikander Singh Gill, and could make you a movie star and if I don’t i will surrender my tune, Kulfi and Sikander bowled over. Amyra sees all this.

Amyra says mom this is exceptional, dad has to return to me now, uncl ehimself called kulfi his daughter and i’m dads handiest daughter, lovely says Amyra all is very complex now, amyra says send Kulfi away once more, display your magic once more. Mohendar asks gunjan now not to just accept whatever from sikander, gunjan says i can assist you however, Mohendar says i’m able to’t let Kulfi go through anymore, and no longer her talent as properly, gunjan thinks I guess he is right and the poor female wishes us, gunjan says but girls are released together.

lovely says Amyra you are sikanders most effective daughter proper, now forestall taking into consideration all this, amyra sees Sikander and calls him, sikander asks what do you get by way of getting this, how oftentimes I ought to give an explanation for you, you black mailed me, promise me you’ll never do all this, amyra thinks do whatever dad you’ve got finished what I wanted you to.

Kulfi asleep with Mohendar and gunjan, sikander receives her out quietly, Kulfi hugs seeing sikander, sikander says I’m sorry I hurt you, the whole lot changed in an afternoon, but you dint be scared you are my lioness, Kulfi says is it true which you aren’t any greater my baba, sikander says I’m your on,y father, Kulfi says but uncle, sikander says due to the fact he loves us, and that i harm you two so he’s giving me punishment on my mistake however i can’t unfastened you, and don’t fear i can persuade uncle, Kulfi and Sikander nod off.

Sikander hears some noise and is going out, he sees Mohendar speaking to media, Mohendar says kulfi is my daughter, her uncle has finished lot for her it her fathers time now, I feel Kulfi may wander away below sikanders stardom, and reputation and so my daughter kulfi will sing by myself, media asks does sikander partialate between his daughter and yours, so this choice, Mohendar gets kulfi on media, Media sees Sikander and asks what’s his plan for amyra. Amyra and lovable see media, and helpless sikander. lovely asks Sikander why did he stored quite and didn’t say that he’s going to launch amyra too, sikander says what’s wrong with you, they each are my daughters, what’s we and them, lovely says open your eyes, this residence is divided.

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Sikander says lovely I made statement because i used to be helpless, amyra did incorrect, she overlooked my love, she has crossed all limits, I had promised kulfi to provide her, her rights, however in this residence, amyra has to accept Kulfi is my daughter, cute says I trust and that i won’t take anything away from kulfi, what amyra is lonely, and when you have to pick out kulfi, I must select amyra due to the fact she is alone, sikander says I stated that in anger, but both are mine, i will’t pick every person of them, and as far as fact, i will strive that there’s no distinction within the women and kulfi will get her rights.

Gunjan says kulfi Bebe always stated there has been good awaiting me, however I didn’t know it might be this excellent, Mohendar and gunjan say please accept as true with us we will never will let you down, Kulfi burdened. Mohendar sees sikander and says all your desires had been by no means fulfilled because a person couldn’t satisfy them however i’m able to. Sikander says you can’t separate my daughters, Mohendar says you have got misplaced her when you didn’t supply her your call, Mohendar doesn’t permit sikander to go near Kulfi.

Kulfi the singing star Wednesday 4th December  2019 update on starlife


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Mohendar says to Sikander he has lost all rights over Kulfi and pushes him away, Mohendar says kulfi I have sworn to keep you happy and make you a superstar and if not will have to give away music I need your help for it, focus on music and not sikander, stay away from sikander, and takes her away. Sikander says she is my daughter and nothing can change that, I will keep my both daughter together won’t give up.

Mia asks Jimmy to give her some time to figure things about confusion, Mia looks at show and says Sikander will spoil my planning, Vikram says this is what he always does. Mohendar says kulfi like it’s difficult to you it’s for me too, please trust me, I’m your Baba, gunjan says call him your baba, Kulfi says I love you both and trust you too, but this is not happening from

me, sikander hearing them, gunjan says no worries time will change things, Kulfi thinks how will time change I finally found my baba, sikander walks to them, gunjan leaves with Kulfi,sikander says to Mohendar please don’t do this to me, I’m your brother, if you behave this way, this house will break, Mohendar says I have sworn for my daughter kulfi and I won’t break my promise.

Vikram walks in, and hugs Sikander and says I will train kulfi now, Mohendar calls kulfi out, Kulfi says I know him from music school, Mohendar says he is your new teacher, Kulfi says no my guru is my Baba, Vikram says meaning, Mohendar says she is my daughter, and Mohendar says listen to me do as I say I’m doing for you, Kulfi says but I have always seen him as my guru, sikander says please don’t do this to her, Mohendar says kulfi is my love and dream punishment to you, you remember my promise right, I will have to give my music, Kulfi thinks I had taken him as my father and guru even before I knew the truth, what will I do now.

Vikram says Sikander so sad, everything away from you in a snap, Mohendar asks kulfi to take her gurus blessings, kulfi takes Vikram blessings and thinks whatever may happen my guru is my Baba, always.

Vikram says to kulfi, Kulfi all my students are superstars, so do as I say, but before we begin let me understand what music means to you, Kulfi says I like music the most, Vikram says kulfi this is not done, we want fame, money, you can’t sing anywhere, and if you want all this do as I say,Kulfi says I don’t want fame and money, I didn’t say no to uncle because I love me, I love music, I don’t want to sing for money, Vikram says then no one will know you, Kulfi says I don’t sing for others, I sing for myself, for my peace, Vikram says kulfi why don’t you understand there’s no connection between singing and peace, leave all these thoughts, if you want to go ahead in this industry, get strong, think by brains and not heart, grab opportunity, and from today you will sing on,y when I will ask you to and you need grooming, new look.

Gunjan says kulfi look I made all your favourite dishes, Kulfi sees upset sikander, Mohendar says I will feed her myself. Amyra sees sikander looking at Kulfi and says dad you didn’t taste this, have it, Kulfi says I’m full, I’m sleepy and leaves. Sikander says I’m done too.

Sikander with Amyra, he sees she is asleep, he slowly sneaks to kulfis room, he stands outside it, says even I’m hungry, Kulfi opens the door, both walk to kitchen, sikander hugs her.

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