Kulfi The Singing Star Update Wednesday 12 February 2020

Kulfi The Singing Star Update Wednesday 12 February 2020
Kulfi The Singing Star Update Wednesday 12 February 2020

This is Kulfi The Singing Star Update Wednesday 12 February 2020.

Kulfi The Singing Star Update Wednesday 12th February 2020

On Kulfi The Singing Star Update Wednesday 12th February 2020: The episode started when Lovely says Amyra I’m going for good, behave yourself, listen to your dad and make mom proud, Kulfi gets scared of Lovely, Lovely says please take care of your sister, Im sorry I did very bad with you.

Kulfi The Singing Star Update Wednesday 12 February 2020
Kulfi The Singing Star Update Wednesday 12 February 2020

Sikander says Lovely I have said it before and will say again, I will wait for you. Police take away Lovely. CM asks Jimmy to announce the winner, Jimmy says the winner is The Bajewalas, Kulfi Amyra and friends very happy and cheer for Sikander, Jimmy very angry, Amyra and Kulfi hug eachother seeing Sikander gained his confidence back. Jimmy says enough I wont let this happen, this competition is mine, Sikander you will never rise to what I have sent you to and will rot there, Sikander says you want some water, Jimmy says go back to your dirty chawl. Sikander says I don’t want your competitionor your award, I have my girls with me, I sang for god and my girls, so your price doesn’t matter and should I reveal that you are also behind Amyras kidnap and CM’s murder plan, Pratap arrests Jimmy.
Jimmy says who will believe you, what proof you have, no you don’t, CM says I will hire enquiry about this, take Jimmy under custody and inform police about it, Jimmy says let me tell you siknder you will find no proofs about me and also you will get nothing and will make your life worst than what it is now, so keep this name in mind Jimmy Gazdar.

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2 months later:
No lights in chawl, Shantatai tries to convince Amyra to have food and Amyra denies, himmat says we wont leave Sikander let them try as much as they want, we are all with Sikander and will support them, go tell them. Yusuf asks where Is Kulfi.

Kulfi outside Chawl, Sikander walks to her, Kulfi hugs him and says when will our problems stop, Sikander says god is just testing us don’t worry.

Sikander walks inside the room, Sikander asks any updates, Sandy says we tried so many times but they are not ready to return out electricity. Police inside the chawl take their positions. Himat says Sikander we are not giving up and so wont you.

Yusuf says lets have food cmon, Police enter the room with Guns and ask everyone to freeze, Sikander asks whats wrong, there are kids here and do you have any warrant, Inspector gets whole chawl outside and says you are behind some big plotting, check every house here, Himmat says this is their new way to trouble us, and remember Sikander wont leave this place, we wont leave his side, Sikander says don’t you feel shame, that you are troubling these innocent people, Inspector says Jimmy sirs Son is missing and we suspect you, Sikander says im not behind this, Inspector hits Sikander, and says beware I have eyes on you.

Kulfi The Singing Star Update Wednesday 12 February 2020

Kulfi taking care of Sikander, Sikander leaves the room. Sikander remembers meeting Jimmy and Jimmy telling him he has been free from all accusations and now he will make his life hell, Jimmy’s men comes to chawl and threat other tenants if they don’t throw sikander and his daughters out, they will have to bare lot of consequences. Chawl people don’t don’t agree, slowly their electricity and water is cut, and threatened this shall continue if Sikander isn’t thrown out of here.

Kulfi sees Sikander walk out with a bag and thinks where is Baba going so late and follows him. Sikander says Jimmy you have turned me into an animal but I have to do this for my daughters and my people, Kulfi follows Sikander, Raju says kulfi what are you doing here so late, Kulfi says I thought Baba is here, Raju says no he isn’t he must have gone somewhere else and leaves, with Kulfi.

Sikander wears his mask and walks inside warehouse to a tied up boy, Sikander says eat this, he says sir Jimmy Gandhar is my father he will pay you as much as you want please leave me, Jimmy begs police to get his son back.

Jimmy’s son begs to leave him, Sikander says you are here all because of your father, just shut up and have food. Police say you agree to kidnappers demands and we will try to find clues out of it and get to him.

Sikander makes call to Jimmy and says listen carefully, if you want your son alive, start returning to people the wrong you have done, give back what was there’s or else he won’t be alive. Jimmy’s son says my parents must be worried tensed let me go, Sikander says these are your fathers deeds you are here, just shut up and closes his mouth and leaves. Jimmy says I will manage th8ng Amy crocked ways now.

Raju meets Sikander and says you are doing this for society and your daughters and you need courage for this, I’m always with you, don’t worry, lock the warehouse.

Sikander wakes up and sees girls aren’t around him, Kulfi and Amyra walk in and wish him good morning, Amyra asks when will we have electricity back, Sikander says soon, Sikander checks his bottle and asks where is water from this, Kulfi says I threw it, it was smelling was there anything else, Sikander says no nothing, I will be right back and leaves. Kulfi surprised by his behaviour.

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Sikander rushes out. Himmat guiding women on what to cook, goons walk in and spill the water, Himmat and Shanta tai scold them, they get into each house and start throwing things and shatter the whole chawl, Sikander fills his bottle with water and adds tablet and drinks it. Kids and women get scared.

Sikander remembers a scenario where Himmat calls all society members as her family and introduce them to a builder who is willing to pay 50 crore for this and will give each one of you house and 2 crore each but one condition Sikander should be thrown out. This is the end of Kulfi The Singing Star Update Wednesday 12th February 2020.

Pre cap : Kulfi gets in argument with goons and says let me show you whole society Jimmy’s son is nowhere here.

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