Kulfi The Singing Star Update Thursday 16th January 2020 On Starlife

Kulfi the singing star update Wednesday 25 March 2020
Kulfi the singing star update Wednesday 25 March 2020

This is Kulfi The Singing Star Update Thursday 16th January 2020 On Starlife.

Kulfi The Singing Star Update Thursday 16 January 2020 On Starlife 

Sikandar tries to know more about Tevar’s girlfriend. He doesn’t get to know more. Lovely prays that her past doesn’t get known to Sikandar. She knows that Sikandar will leave her and Amyra if he learns that Kulfi is his daughter. She gets worried for Amyra. She regrets for her mistakes. She feels helpless.

Cutie asks her to make some sacrifice so that her prayers get answered. Lovely sacrifices food. She tells Cutie that she will fast for days. Sikandar gets help from the old man. He learns the place where Tevar used to work. He thanks the old man. Lovely avoids food. Sikandar comes home with her favorite pastries. She asks him to give pastries to Amyra. He tells her about Tevar’s girlfriend Love. She reacts on hearing the name, and asks if he called her.

Lovely is

tensed. He tells her that he will find Tevar’s girlfriend soon and prove that she didn’t give birth to Kulfi. Kulfi answers Amyra in English and surprises everyone.

Tevar gets happy that Kulfi has become confident and bold. Kulfi gets Amyra’s friends on her side. Lovely gets helpless and hates Kulfi. Amyra tells her that Kulfi has got her insulted today. They get fed up of Kulfi. Tevar trains Kulfi for Rangoli competition and plays with colors. Tevar gets crying on knowing her life’s struggles. He can’t believe that Lovely has given up their daughter this way and made her suffer. He feels bad that he isn’t able to make a place in Kulfi’s heart. He wants to hear her acceptance. He wishes she calls him dad. Mohendar worries Lovely further.

Mohendar tells her that Sikandar will soon find Tevar’s past and girlfriend, by which they can prove Tevar’s lie. Amyra asks Sikandar to become her game partner in the Rangoli competition. Lovely wants Sikandar to stay back at home. Sikandar agrees to be with Amyra. Kulfi gets sad that she is hurting Tevar by not calling him dad. She wishes that she gives happiness to Tevar. Kulfi and Amyra take part in the Rangoli competition.

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Kulfi wishes that Sikandar’s prayers get fulfilled. She meets Sikandar in the temple and surprises him by reading English alphabets. He gets glad to know that Tevar has taught her English basics. He gains strength from her. He promises to make her unite with her real father. Kulfi and Amyra compete in the Rangoli competition. Tevar finds her very talented.

Kulfi wishes to surprise him by calling him dad. Lovely shares her worries with Cutie. She tells Cutie that she can’t keep fast, her mind isn’t working, she can’t solve the mess. Gunjan witnesses this and cries for Kulfi. Amyra gets worried seeing Kulfi’s super Rangoli. She turns jealous of Kulfi’s talents once again. She tries to spoil Kulfi’s Rangoli. Sikandar sees Amyra doing this misdeed.

Tevar gets angry on knowing that Amyra has done this. Amyra hides from him. Kulfi doesn’t want anyone to punish Amyra. Sikandar teaches a lesson to Amyra and ruins her hardwork as well. He ruins her Rangoli design and tells her that he has seen how she has ruined Kulfi’s Rangoli. He doesn’t want Amyra to cheat this way. Amyra gets upset with him. He fails to fill values in her.

He wants Lovely to explain right and wrong to Amyra. Kulfi wins the competition. Tevar and Sikandar get happy for her, while Lovely consoles Amyra. Lovely learns that Sikandar has gone out. She realizes he is close to learn the truth. Kulfi gets upset that she can’t participate in next game, as she doesn’t have her mom with her. Amyra tells her that she can’t snatch Lovely from her. She asks Kulfi to remain a loser. Tevar wants Lovely to participate with Kulfi. He promises Kulfi that he will get her mother. Tevar meets Lovely and insists her to participate with Kulfi, to which she refuses. Sikandar finds out that Lovely is Tevar’s girlfriend. He hears their conversation and gets shocked. He can’t believe when Tevar calls her Kulfi’s mother.

This is the end of Kulfi The Singing Star Update Thursday 16th January 2020 On Starlife.

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