King Of Hearts Wednesday 25th December 2019 Update On Zee World

King Of Hearts Wednesday 25th December 2019 Update On Zee World

This is King Of Hearts Wednesday 25th December 2019 Update On Zee World.

King Of Hearts Wednesday 25 December 2019 Update On Zee World

Payal asking Inspector where is Roshni? Inspector is tensed. Payal asks him to drink water and think about some excuse.


King Of Hearts Wednesday 25th December 2019 Update On Zee World

Bunty calls Sid and informs him that Payal Walia is enquiring with the Police about Roshni. Payal asks Inspector where is Roshni and where do he sent her. Inspector says we are searching her. Payal thinks Mitul was right, they don’t know about her. She comes out of Police station, and sees Roshni coming in her car with lawyer. She asks what do you think that I will be behind bars because of my ex husband or you. Her lawyer shows her bail papers. Naina asks Neil to have medicine. Neil is sad and says he couldn’t save his family and home. He says since I stopped going to office, everything is finished. Naina says everything will be fine. Ria asks the men to

keep the stuff. Roshni comes home. Neil hugs her happily. Ria is taken aback. Roshni asks Ria to take out those stuff. Ria says this house is ours now. Payal comes and says they are workers. She asks Ria, who are these people? She feels pity on Neil and says I have allergy with losers. She asks them to leave.

Roshni holds her hand and says you people will leave from here. Payal says no, you people shall leave and advice her to get Neil treated by a good doctor as the disease is spreading. She says there are many people who roams on road without home. She tells Ria that she will give concession to them for her and says they can stay here but as a servants. Ria says it sounds good. Payal says we need manpower to clean and take care of house/ Roshni asks Naina to get their things packed and says w will leave in the morning. She says we are habitual to live in houses. Ria asks Payal how will we rub it on their faces if they leave. Payal asks if you are falling in love with that handicapped Neil. Ria turns her face and says no. Payal says don’t worry, they will no

Roshni meets Sid in the night and tells that Payal asked them to stay in the house, but as servants. She says are we mad to listen to her. Sid says if you leave then our plan will fail. He asks her to have patience for 2 days. Ria comes out. Sid and Roshni are talking. Sid asks Roshni to give a kiss. Roshni sees Ria coming there and keeps hand on Sid. She signs him. Ria looks at there and finds nobody.

Roshni convinces Neil to stay in the house. Neil feels helpless. Roshni tells Naina that we will manage, else everything will go from our hands. Naina signs her. Roshni tells Neil that she will go and deal with Ria. Naina tells Neil that Ragini is right.

Payal is happy to hear Roshni’s decision and gives her towel asking her to clean the house. Roshni asks are you blind? Can’t you see the house is clean? Shall I clean your face? Payal throws something and asks her to clean it. Roshni calls Sid and asks him to do something as Payal is torturing them. Sid asks her to calm down and wait for the right time. Payal dismisses the servant and says Naina will cook food from today. She asks cook to give apron. She gives apron to Naina and asks her to give food by 8 pm. Roshni says she can’t bear Naina’s stress. Sid says she is misbehaving with old lady and gets angry. Payal tells Naina that she is going to spa and asks her to make fresh carrot juice. Roshni tells Sid that Payal is leaving. Sid says plan have started. Roshni says all the best. Naina looks at the apron and gets teary eyes.

Sid thinks so you will go to Thai’s spa and enjoy. Lets give you fun at Indian span. Payal is at the spa. Sid comes there and says everyone have to leave from here, as I have booked the entire spa. He asks Payal to get the hell out of here and asks who is she? Payal angrily asks who are you? Sid asks if you are losi….Sharma’s dog. He says I have booked the entire spa and asks her to go. Payal wipes her face and shows it. Sid says oh you…he asks what did you see in me that you came running after me. Spa girl asks her to leave. Payal leaves. Sid asks her to clean the place. Spa girl tells that she will do. Sid says not needed and asks them to take a day off, and chill today. He rests on the chair and says Payal Walia.

Roshni sits at Neil’s side and checks his fever. She says Neil…..and goes out. Ria comes inside, sees him shivering and cries seeing his condition. She covers him with blanket and goes. Roshni sees Ria caring for Neil and is surprised.

This is the end of King Of Hearts Wednesday 25th December 2019 Update On Zee World

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