King Of Hearts Tuesday 24th December 2019 Update On Zee World

This is King Of Hearts Tuesday 24th December 2019 Update On Zee World.

King Of Hearts Tuesday 24 December 2019 Update On Zee World

The Episode starts with Police dropping Roshni to isolated place. Sid comes there, dressed nicely in suit. Roshni asks what you are doing here? Why you have done drama at home? Sid smiles and asks her to come with him.

He takes her to beautifully decorated place…..Mere Khuda plays……..Sid tells Roshni that the stones there are the milestones related to their life chapters. He reminisces their first meeting, candy floss etc. He says when I met you for the first time, you was angry. He says all those moments on this tree.

He says best part of my life was to see you in wedding dress with sindoor, mangalsutra etc. He says I got married once, and all those memories will remain in my heart. Roshni gets emotional. He shows her tree of relationship and says this is everything to me. He says our middle class life, we have seen happiness and sadness together, our first child and Ayesha.

He says this tree symbolizes this and challenges that this tree will stand strong and will never fall. Roshni looks at the empty tree and asks why is this empty? Sid says this is a tree of darkness. This is the black part of our life, bad memory which I want to plucked out of my memory. He says this tree symbolizes DD’s death, your accusations for me, then you coming again with different name and then marrying someone else infront of me. Roshni asks why did you do this suddenly. Sid says I have a reason . He holds her hand and takes her to show the notice. He says whenever there is dense darkness then we shall understand that light is nearer. He says sun is sparkling on our relation an says Sid have just Roshni in his life.

He shows the notice to her, and says there are only happiness in our life. Roshni reads it and says we are married even now, our divorced never happened…..She gets emotional. Sid bends down on his knees to propose her with a ring.

He says I have two questions for you, do you love you, and second can you spend rest of your life with me. Roshni cries and hugs him emotionally. She apologizes to him repeatedly. Tu Hi Tu plays……….. Sid says I am sorry and apologizes to her. He says I will tear this paper and let the things be as it is. Roshni beats him teasingly and hugs him. Roshni asks if Maa knows about it. Sid says yes. Roshni says even though we are husband and wife, I can’t leave Neil. Sid says you have to leave him and says Neil loves Ria only.

He never loved you, and sees her in you. He says if you don’t leave him then their love will not find a way. Roshni says then why this is happening? Sid says he has a plan to know Payal Walia and says she is responsible for his condition. He says we have to behave as enemies infront of everyone. Roshni agrees. He is about to kiss her, but Roshni stops her, says Neil thinks me as his wife, it is wrong to kiss someone else wife. Sid thinks when will Neil move from their way. Mitul comes to the Police station and comes to know that Roshni is not there. She calls Payal and informs her. Payal gets angry and says if this info is wrong then….you will not be spared. She thinks about Sid’s arrogant behavior and gets angry.

This is the end of King Of Hearts Tuesday 24th December 2019 Update On Zee World.

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